Brittney “Freakabritt” Guzman made her mark on this season’s Little Women: LA as one of the newest – and youngest – cast members. And she didn’t hold back when it came to confronting castmate Terra Jole. I got a chance to chat with Brittney yesterday about her reaction to the season, where she and Terra stand now, and what she’s been up to lately (spoiler alert: she met Kylie Jenner on Tyga’s video shoot recently and claims she was a total zero!). 

So, do people call you Brittney? Or Freakabritt? “They call me Freakabritt now or Freaka. That’s now my name!”

What did you think of your first experience on reality TV? “It’s been great. Things don’t always seem like they appear. It’s been fun, there’s a lot of drama. At the same time, people will do whatever they can to be the center of attention. And I’m not into that route, unlike some other people.”

How did you fit in on the cast? “Everybody on this show is married and having kids, and I was like 22. I wanted to focus on my career and they wanted me to be in a relationship. But I was the youngest one there, and I wasn’t trying to be tied down!”


What is your relationship like now with each of your co-stars?  “I’ve known all of them my whole life. My mom and dad have always been in the business, so I’ve grown up seeing these girls. Like, one of the girls, I was her flower girl when I was five. One of them was my mom’s best friend way-back-when. So, all these people I’ve known. But now that the show’s happening, I’m not really friends with them like how I used to be.”

“The only person I can call my friend is Jasmine [Sorge]. She’s the realest on the show. She’s so down to earth and she sticks to what she says. She knew how to have her own rebuttals [in reference to Jasmine’s handling of Tonya at the season’s start]. She knew how to stick up for herself. She knew what she was getting herself into!”


Did you know Terra Jole from being on tour with Miley Cyrus together? “Actually, she was never on tour. She did like two shows with Miley, and she was a mushroom. I was the only little person that went on tour with Miley, and I’ve worked with Miley for about two and a half years.”

So, Terra was never on tour with Miley? “No, never. But she likes to say that because she just always likes to one up me as much as possible!”

What pushed you to finally confront Terra? “Well, everybody has different personalities on the show. And I hate fake people. It’s just so annoying when you try to be better than anybody – like, we’re all on the show and we’re all trying to be friends.”

“I just feel like she was always trying to be the center of attention. It’s always about her, she always has to have her 2 cents. And a lot of girls felt that way, but they didn’t have the courage to confront her. Then I was like, “f**k it, then I’ll just do it!” Because this is so stupid. Like, you guys are just gonna be her friend even though you don’t like her? I was like, this is real, and I’m going to tell her because she thinks she can just get by with being so fake.”

Do you think Terra behaves the way she does because she’s an executive producer of the show? “She has producer credit, and it’s only at the end of the credits. But she doesn’t have any say-so on what gets on the show or what gets edited. I asked and she said, “No, I don’t have any part of that.” But who knows with this industry? Anything is possible!”

So she wasn’t manipulating things behind the scenes, then? “Well, kind of. She was always trying to find…the most gossip [so] she can to throw you under the bus when we started filming. So she’ll watch who you’re talking to…to get information on you. Then she’ll bring that up to make you look like a dumb a$$.”

(laughs) “It’s funny. It’s funny. I’m not knockin’ anybody’s hustle.”


How was Elena Gant’s vow renewal? Did you feel comfortable there after you & Terra had your argument at the beach? I felt so comfortable thereTerra’s just a person who talks a lot of sh*t. I was friends with Elena way before “goody two shoes” wanted to be friends with her. So there’s nothing she could do or say that was going to ruin my time at the wedding. So, I was totally fine and totally comfortable. It wasn’t about Terra. It was about Elena’s day. And I didn’t ruin it because I’m not immature. That’s Terra – she’s immature and wants to start drama. I’m not one to do that. I can do that on my own time.”

“Elena knew I wasn’t gonna say anything. Terra just wanted her to be like, “No! Just don’t invite her!””

What did you think of Briana Manson’s secret marriage news? “Well, again, I’m not married with kids. I’m a 22 years old. So, everybody wonders why I’m so quiet when they talk about Briana and Matt; I came on this season – the third season – so I didn’t really know a lot about the situation. I’m not just gonna be like, “well, this is what I think,” or “this is what you should do” when I don’t know these people or what they went through.”

“All these girls already knew Matt’s past, they knew what she [Briana] had been going through with him. So there’s only so much you can say, but she’s a good friend. And it’s whatever she wants to do. It doesn’t matter what your friends tell you because they’re not living your life for you. You’re living your life for yourself. It only matters what you do on your own. It doesn’t matter what people think. “


What did you think of the way you were edited? “They made me seem like the biggest b*tch ever, and I’m totally not! I’m not a confrontational person, so. I don’t like to start drama, but I’m so wild and outgoing and crazy, I wish they showed more of that. But, hey, it is what it is. And that’s what happened, and it’s good.”

What advice did you get when you signed on to do the show? “I got advice that reality shows ruin you! (laughs) No, I heard advice like: just bring it, just show the audience what they want to see. It’s all about drama, it’s all about chaos, it’s all about fun. Just be loud and crazy and say whatever! Have no filter. Say whatever comes into your head. Even if it’s a yes or a no, just say something!”

If there’s another season of this show, would you sign on? “Um, that would be a question I really have to think about. Because sometimes, some people are not for you. You just have to see the stepping stones, put your foot in the door and know that you’re not going to like everything you do job-wise. In this business, you might think, “Well, that was fun for a minute, or that was cool.” Or, “I really like it and might give it another chance.” So, being back next season? I’d really have to think about that.”

What thing(s) would fans be surprised to learn about you? “I’m very shy, but once I’m in my element, I can be very loud and crazy. I do have an emotional side to me and people don’t really see that. They just see that I’m fun and I giggle all the time and I’m crazy, but deep down inside I do have feelings. But I do have sensitivity, I do have emotions.”

Yes, they did seem to touch on your emotional side in the scene where you talked about your ex, right? “Yes. The scene I had about my ex and the one with my dad where he talked about the kids he lost were both very short, and I wished they’d showed more to give a different perspective…on me and what Brittney went through. They should have shown more about my family and more about me, and not so much drama and what happens within the girls.”

Do you have any upcoming touring/dance gigs? “Right now, I’m working on a clothing line and jewelry line because a lot of my fans have been asking for that. They love my crazy style! I’m still dancing in my free time. I would love to go on tour again with anybody, any artist.”


What was your video shoot with Tyga all about? “I had to be a Poltergeist – that movie with the little girl looking at the TV. I had a lot of scenes with him, and Kylie was there. It was a really good video. Really scary!”

Was Kylie Jenner nice? Did you guys talk at all? “We did talk, and no, she is not nice. She’s very rude. She always has a stink face, doesn’t know how to smile. She complains a lot.”

“We were gonna have just some random girl that looks like her, but she was like, “No! I’m the one and only Tyga’s girlfriend, so I have to be there!” So she flew from Vegas (visiting Lamar) just to be at his music video for like an hour or two. “

There are a lot of “little people” shows on the networks these days. What is special about LWLA? “It’s like the Housewives for little people! We can do anything that tall people can do, just in a smaller version. So, you get a different perspective on what little people go through. It’s not just “we’re a little family and we’re gonna show you that we can’t do much” and stuff like that. We can do anything possible. I think this show shows a lot of different things we can do as girls, and friends.”

Shout outs/final words? “I just want to say that I’m always gonna be Freakabritt and I’m always gonna stay true to myself. And I’m never gonna change, never gonna have someone portray me as someone I’m not. And if you don’t like it, then toodaloo! Have a nice day. Leggo my Eggo.”


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