Terra Jole’s friends have been pretty vocal about the Little Women: LA star’s all-consuming stint on Dancing With The Stars this past year. But now that her run is over, Terra reflects on how the group’s relationships have changed – and fractured – since filming. Because she apparently doesn’t get enough camera time to speak her mind on the show, Terra has taken to blogging each week to dissect the drama. And to shade her cast mates (looking at you, Briana Renee and Matt Ericson!).

It’s not all snark for the ladies, though. Terra compliments Briana on her postpartum body, at least: “Honestly, Briana looks great already. She’s got an awesome body that popped right back into pre-pregnancy shape.”


But, hang on! Because Terra’s got more questions for her costars. “I have so many questions for her this episode. Like, are you going to give up on music again, Briana? What if someone doesn’t like your music, can you handle the comments, Briana? Matt, did my ears just hear that you want to fight? You, the man that has been arrested for violence, wants to fight at age 40? Right when I think I have the two of them figured out, they bounce off the wall and turn upside down. Who knows what’s next. Maybe Elena [Gant] will say she wants to make clothes again?! Tonya [Banks] will announce she’s pregnant?! Let’s get weird!”

As for Christy McGinity Gibel, Terra says she has sympathy for her health struggles post-surgery, despite their rocky relationship. She tells PEOPLE, “When it comes to Christy having surgery, I wouldn’t wish any harm on her, ever. I honestly hope she feels better. The best part of this segment is seeing doctors that really know a lot about little people. Cedars is one of the most informed places a little person could go to have surgery.”

Now, we must move back to Terra, Terra’s many feelings about Terra, and Terra’s world collapsing when she was eliminated from DWTS. Because…it’s Terra we’re dealing with here! She begins by describing the girls’ “intervention” with her at the studio. “Next, it’s back to my two worlds colliding. It just won’t stop. I remember this day at Dancing with The Stars rehearsal vividly.”

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Admitting the scene with Tonya was tough to watch back, Terra blogs, “When Tonya came to give me the ‘Elena speech,’ I was kind of over it. It was like I was listening to a broken record. Doctors had advised me that I was okay to keep dancing, so why couldn’t everyone just chill out!!!!? Tonya, look at yourself in the mirror. I’m not the only one that needs to take care of herself! It hurt me that she would go there, when she’s not resting either. She’s going 100 percent and judging others when they try to do the same.”

Moving on to issues of pregnancy and postpartum depression, Terra doesn’t mince words. She writes, “It’s so amazing watching [Jasmine Sorge] in her final days of pregnancy and her sharing her experience with postpartum depression was touching. I never knew that about her and I understand entirely what she went through because I experienced the same emotions after having Penelope.”

As for Briana, Terra snarks, “Briana, just because you have a wacko as a husband doesn’t mean you’re experiencing postpartum depression.” LOL! Okay, Terra – you get mad points for that sh*t.

After commenting on the cray-cray comedy show that Tonya, Elena, and Briana attended, Terra closes with her DWTS elimination…AGAIN. She reflects, “The ending of this episode … not so funny. I don’t want to dwell on my Dancing with the Stars elimination too much. I feel like the episode gives you a complete understanding of how I was feeling. It was so hard to face cameras coming home. All I wanted to do was put my head on my pillow and sleep for a week! I’m just glad that I can now focus on my health and my family. My husband helped me out this entire run and now it’s my turn to help him out.”


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