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Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole Reveals She Has Breast Cancer

Recently, we found out the sad news that Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Juicy was in the ICU. Updates to her Instagram noted that she was stable and her family promised to keep her fans in the loop. Now another unfortunate health concern is coming out of Little Women: LA.

As reported by Us Weekly, Terra Jole, star of Little Women: LA and YouTuber, revealed she has breast cancer. The mother of three said that she will have a double mastectomy. In a moving post to her Instagram, Terra shared a reel of her calling her mother to tell her the news. She captioned it, “Hardest call I’ve ever made was this video telling my mom for the first time.”

Terra continued, “I had two choices. 1. Hide and not share on social media. 2. Take you along the fight with me. Since our lives have been public for the last 10 years, it’s only fair we make this journey together. More soon…”

The following day, Terra posted another announcement and clarified a few things. She wrote, “Thank you to everyone for such light and uplifting messages. Though this is a huge part of my life currently, I don’t want to solely focus on my cancer journey through this channel. We are so lucky to be in a place in time where breast cancer can be conquered and that’s just what I’m going to do! Instead of fearing the outcome, I’d like to celebrate the strength that so many women make every single year through breast cancer.” Terra concluded, “Every Friday I’ll give updates on the journey which means the rest of the week we’re back to normal family chaos! From our family to yours, thank you! To every woman out there, you’re never too young to have your breast checked! If you feel something say something!”

Unfortunately, Terra previously had issues regarding her breast health prior to filming season 7 of Little Women: LA. She told People in 2017 that her breast was leaking “discharge blood weeks prior to filming.” This was something that played out during the season and thankfully, she was ok. Sadi Terra in the interview, “There is nothing more nerve-racking than waiting for your breast cancer results. All you can really do is stay positive and keep your mind busy. I found myself pushing the family out to water parks and other daily adventures. Things that I knew would be harder to do if facing an uphill cancer battle. Basically, my goal was to spend every free moment enjoying my family and not thinking about what’s to come.”

We are sending Terra our support and healing energy during this difficult time.


[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images]