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Oh Kim D, love her or hate her or secretly relish in her antics as I do, it appears we are stuck with her! Kim is apparently returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey as a full-fledged housewife this season, earning her stripes with last season's stripper-gate set-up. 

In a new interview Kim D is direct, to the point, and makes no secret that she is all about the fame and playing the game! She also has some surprising things to say!

Kim reveals that the show pretty much saved her business which was failing, pre-Housewives. Oh, you don't say? She is now opening a second boutique for all your NJ tackery needs! 



Last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta we dealt with the ghosts of fauxlationships past when Bravo the ladies did everything in their power to force a confrontation between former business partners boyfriend and girlfriend Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson. Much to my dismay, that did not happen. As a small consolation we got several delusional talking head rants from Kenya and one Kenyantrum. 

Before any of that happened Porsha Stewart tried to navigate the nearly impossible task of taking a pregnancy test. EPT stands for Error Proof Test… until Porsha gets her hands on it! Girl actually thought you had to pee for two whole minutes instead of waiting 2 minutes for the results. 

Porsha and Kordell poured over the instructions in panicked frustration for about an hour like it was a map to buried treasure. And Kontroll doesn't want to hire a nanny? Lord help us all… And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Porsha pregnant before? She has definitely done the whole pee on a stick song and dance. Anyway, she's not pregnant. And poor Porsha looked really sad to realize that once again the yams had not worked. All she got for her troubles was some orange poop and one completely apathetic Kontroll. Worst. Reaction. Ever. 



Oh the drama of Real Housewives of Atlanta! In a new interview Phaedra Parks talks her image on the show, the future of her empire and the songs she loves by RHOA ladies. 

Apparently Phaedra is even busier than we imagined! Currently pregnant with her second son, Phaedra is working on a book, her mortuary science degree, a possible spinoff, and is still active in her legal practice. Oh – and she's planning to return to for another season of RHOA! Dang lady, sit. down. Some excerpts are below! 

On being portrayed accurately on RHOA, of which she has a remarkably relaxed attitude: 

"What you have to realize is that it is television. Television is a medium for entertainment, it’s not a documentary, it’s for entertainment and I think you are definitely entertained," Phaedra shares with Complex. 

"It’s an ensemble cast so you’ve got six or seven of us and you’re seeing a limited amount of our time. The show breaks everything down into 10 or 15 minute segments so of course it can’t catch every facet of a person's personality but it is what it is." 



No-ching? This is one commission check it doesn't appear Mauricio Umansky will be cashing! 

On last week's episode of Real Housewive of Beverly Hills we saw Marisa Zanuck asking Mauricio to co-list her inlaws' massive mansion! Well either that was just staged for the show or Marisa and Mauricio had some sort of business transaction gone wrong! 

Marisa's infamous father-in-law Richard Zanuk passed away in July. As a result his manor was up for sale. Marisa and Mauricio agreed to co-list the stunning property for $23 million. The Wall Street Journal reports the property just sold for $20.1 million with Marisa being the sole realtor for the sale!



I know you're all relieved to hear this, but Bethenny Frankel is suriving her split from Jason Hoppy.

You know, the split Bethenny wanted to keep amicable and out of the public eye by having insane divorce demands and talking about constantly!

"I'm doing sorta good and sometimes crappy,"  the former Bethenny Ever After star admits of separating from her husband of less than three years.



Interesting, interesting! Kim Zolciak-Biermann's spinoff premiere date has been delayed!

Don't Be Tardy, the season two follow up to Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding, was supposed to premiere at 9 pm EST on April 9th; the same day Kandi Burruss' spinoff The Kandi Factory premiered at 10pm. 

However Kim just released the promotional photo for her new show on twitter and the premiere date is listed as April 16th – one week later! We confirmed with Bravo's website, which also lists April 16th for the season two premiere! 

Kandi's show is still listed as premiering on April 9th, so nothing has changed there! A promo photo for Kandi's new show is below!


Brandi Glanville book launch of

Brandi Glanville is heading Off-Broadway! The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls star and NY Times Bestselling author announced on twitter that she will be joining Pieces Hollywood, the number one off-broardway play. 

Pieces (as in pieces of a$$) is celebrating it's tenth anniversary this March and Brandi will be signing on as one of the show's host! According to the show's website she will be featured as the Celebrity Guest CenterPIECE! 

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.05.47 AM

As for what the show is about – it sounds right up Brandi's alley!

"Ever wonder what goes on in that pretty little head?  This groundbreaking production features a series of original 'Pieces' delivered by a cast of the country's most dynamic actresses, exploring what it is that defines an attractive woman – from the perks and privileges, to the problems and pressures," says the show's description. 

Congratulations Brandi! She is having one heck of a fabulous 2013 so far! Her book is also rumored as being optioned for a movie

[Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/]



Oh it is a sad, sad time for reality television! Everyone's favorite tinsel-headed, Palms hawking, sleazy chef-lovin, Lisa Vanderpump bashing, catified rubber-faced maven is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

That's right, last week Adrienne Maloof announced she would not return to the show that made her tacky a nation-wide horror and for that we mourn. Or snark. And you know what that means: it's time for a Housewives Retrospective! 

And without further ado, we say good-bye to out first lady of terrible facelifts, Adrienne!


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