Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

While season four of Southern Charm has been rather tame on screen, in the press and on social media things have been rather dramatic. While Kathryn Dennis has done her best to stay out of the fray and not comment on the firestorm, certain things have crossed the line, and she has agreed to sit down and answer some questions, on the record.

Amy F.: Hey Kathryn, I first want to ask you if there is anything off limits? Is there anything you can’t, or won’t talk about?

Kathryn Dennis: I’m not interested in naming names when it comes to those who have gone out of their way to smear me, because I don’t want to give them any press, but it’s pretty obvious who they are, but I’d like to get everything out there, so fire away!

Amy: You’ve obviously seen some of the articles and blogs saying that you are partying, using, unstable, and raging. Is there any truth to any of this? How often do you test, and does the court and/or Thomas Ravenel have access to these test results?

Kathryn: The rumors around town about partying are ridiculous. I have cut myself off from all of those people from when this all hit the fan last May. I fully admit it, I screwed up, but heading off to rehab helped me make a clean break. Ask any bar around town, and they will tell you they haven’t seen me. This is going to be public record soon, and yes, the court and Thomas have seen that I test regularly, and have not failed. The initial source is easy to guess, like in Harry Potter, “he who shall not be named!” Soon, all of the tests and more will be part of the public record, and if certain people have any class, they will be apologizing, because to say those things like that when it’s not true, is so wrong.


Photo by Bravo

Photo by Bravo

Episode three of Southern Charmseason four has now aired, and some fans are disappointed about the amount of screen time that Kathryn Dennis has gotten so far, and it’s starting to look like a repeat of last season, where the bulk of the cast didn’t film with her. But it’s not just fans of Southern Charm that are wondering what’s up, Kathryn is not pleased either.

Kathryn says she is puzzled as to what she was shown in episode one of Southern Charm walking into take a drug test, and literally, the only words she uttered where “I’m Kathryn Dennis, and I’m here for a drug test.” Then, in episode two, Kathryn is seen dropping by Danni’s house to again, talk about drug tests, and then season three, she is again, stopping into an office, this time to chat about getting back into modeling, only to be asked about whether or not her children want to model.


Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

On tonight’s Southern Charm, Landon throws herself a party to show all of her friends that her travel website ROAM was a real thing, and was ready to launch, only to have an unlikely source take the proverbial wind out of her sails. Landon’s former crush, Shep Rose shows up at the party, only to take Landon aside, and ask her if she said some snobby, pretentious things to the friends of his with a real online business, that Landon dismissed as unprofessional. And instead of a mea culpa for acting badly, Landon steps outside her sweet persona, and tells Shep to go f**k himself, and leaves her own party.

Fast forward six months, and Kathryn Dennis has quite a few things to say about Landon, who last week said Kathryn went to a certain rehab facility to “find her next victim,” and “meet wealthy men.”

“Obviously, I wasn’t invited to the party,” says Kathryn. “But considering that there has never been anything on the site for the public to access, I think the party was a fraud, to try and convince Thomas, or other ‘wealthy men’ that Landon actually had a business, or a least a job.”


Southern Charm Savannah

The original Southern Charm premiered this week, but next month, fans will have another bit of sweet tea to enjoy with Southern Charm Savannah. And who is better to give fans a bit of the inside scoop than Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, who recently had the chance to meet with some of the Savannah cast on a trip down south.

Kathryn explained that she went down to Savannah and met up with Southern Charm Savannah‘s Ashley Borders and W. Nelson Lewis Jr. and had a great time. While most of the original Southern Charm cast met just prior to the Bravo show’s launch four seasons ago, Kathryn explains that the Southern Charm Savannah cast have been friends since way back.

“The Southern Charm Savannah cast have all been friends since they were kids,” Dennis explains. “And so they all really know each other inside and out.”


Southen Charm Season 4

**Warning This Article May Contain Southern Charm Season 4 Premiere Spoilers**

It feels like forever since we last saw the Southern Charm crew, and is the usual with the Charleston crew, a lot has happened, especially for Kathryn Dennis since she last graced the screen. And while fans didn’t get a full dose of the leggy redhead in the season 4 Southern Charm premiere, folks were certainly talking about little else. But that leaves us wondering, what does Kathryn think about all of the chatter?

First, Kathryn says that she was glad to see some new blood introduced on Southern Charm season 4, and she wants to stress that she thinks that both new guy, Austen Kroll and new gal, Chelsea Meissner will be a welcome addition to the show.

“Austen is a great guy, and a sweetheart,” says Kathryn. I just hope he isn’t too sweet and naive for the show!”


Courtesy of Bravotv

Southern Charm season 4 starts tonight, and based on the season 3 reunion, fans know that series star Kathryn Dennis, and Southern Charm friend, Jennifer Snowden are no longer BFFs or even really friends at all, and Kathryn wants fans to know why the friendship with Snowden is no more.

Southern Charm fans will remember last season when it seemed like Jennifer was Kathryn‘s only friend and confidante, especially when she was booted from Whitney’s mom’s flamingo party for keeping Kathryn in the loop, but Kathryn says that in retrospect, Jennifer was always a double agent.

“The whole time Jennifer was on Southern Charm, she was allegedly still with her boyfriend of ten years, Lee, who is one of the nicest most genuine guys I know,” says Kathryn. “But what I didn’t know was behind my back, and behind Lee’s back, Jennifer was sleeping with Thomas [Ravenel].”


Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Season three of Southern Charm saw Kathryn Dennis the odd-girl-out, with only friend of the cast Jennifer Snowden at her side, but my how things have changed since the end of that season. For season four of Southern Charm, Kathryn is back, and she has regrouped, and now has her own girl squad of sorts, and there is peace with all of the other Southern Charm ladies. Well, almost all of the other ladies.

For season four of Southern Charm, Kathryn found her self warmly welcomed by Naomie Olindo, girlfriend of cast member Craig Conover, Danni Baird, and her old friend, Elizabeth Madisonplus, Chelsea Meissner, Southern Charm friend, and former Survivor contestant. Kathryn now says with season four of Southern Charm behind her, that all is still well with this group of ladies. “I love them all! I find this group real, and they are all awesome!’


Survivor Game Changers

Survivor‘s 34th season kicked off with an action-packed double-episode on Wednesday, as the first episode of “Survivor: Game Changers” premiered. It was also the 500th episode of the show overall since the series premiere back in the Summer of 2000. A double-ep meant that we witnessed twice the excitement, twice the back-stabbing and twice the torch-snuffing, as not one but two contestants were sent home.

Caution, as spoilers from this week’s episode are to follow! Turn back now! And if you want to get caught up, be sure to check out the premiere recap here.