Real Housewives of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami Star Adriana de Moura

Real Housewives Of Miami star Adriana de Moura recently teamed up with PETA, posing naked in a bathtub to bring awareness to whales being kept in captivity – more specifically "Lolita" from Miami's Seaquarium.  This week the reality star made a trip to San Juan Islands in Washington to visit the capture site of the orcas she's fighting to free. 

Adriana shared photos and narration of her trip on Twitter.  "Excited! @peta Heading to deep nature – to see orca whales in their natural habitat #lolita."  Adriana was a little anxious about boarding the small plane (those are the best kind!!).  She shared about the photo below, "This is a tiny plane!! 6 people only – flying towards Canada in search of #lolita's relatives. The adventure continues – landed safely now getting on a boat to look for Orca whales #lolita." 

We also secured the photos from the PETA ad  – see below! 


Adriana De Moura and Frederic Marq of The Real Housewives of Miami Wedding

Oh Adriana de Moura – little tip: don't tell a lie when it can easily be disputed on film or in writing! #Housewives101 

After getting engaged last season on Real Housewives of Miami the media discovered that Adriana had actually been married to Frederic Marq since 2008. Her rep said they got a marriage license but because of an error in the info on the license it was nullified. THEN it emerged that a month after obtaining said erroneous license, Frederic and Adriana actually got married. 

Fast forward to last week's season premiere of RHOM and Adriana is now claiming they got a license but called the wedding off before actually getting married. Well that's Adriana's new storyline and she's sticking to it! "This season is drama galore," Adriana hints. 

“Maybe 8 weeks into the relationship, Frederic asked me to marry him. I was in that lustful stage and the sex was great, so I said yes, "Adriana insists to NBC Latino. "But when I started to feel conflicted, we started fighting and he finally pulled the plug."



The Monday reality TV viewer numbers are in and they're not too shabby! 

Basketball Wives is back with a bang!  The season 5 premiere episode pulled in 2.39 million viewers.  Now let's just hope that the audience wasn't turned off by the hour long 'woe is Evelyn' fest.  I don't mean to be cold hearted, but it was a bit much and I hope they don't plan to dwell in it all season.

The Real Housewives of Orange County saw a small dip in fans tuning in for part two of this three part reunion extravaganza.  That said, the show is still holding strong above 2 million, with 2.03 million viewers this week. 

Real Housewives of Miami continues to be the least watched show in the franchise, but it held last week's audience – sticking with 1.3 million tuning in again this week. 



I just can't figure out what's going on with Real Housewives of Miami. It's like in a desperate bid to be as good as all the other shows, they scrambled to switch everything up – giving me no sense of security here.

On top of that, I think I'm Weddings by Bravo'd out. I mean on top of Tamra Barney and NeNe Leakes' big spinoffs we're now inundated with Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa planning weddings and bickering about weddings and out-weddings each other and weddings, weddings, weddings… Maybe we can just pull a Sister Wives, lump all the Bravo brides together, and throw them with one man. I nominate Andy Cohen to be tied to these broads for life. Payback's a bitch!

So last night Joanna and Romain Zago had the big talk. You know, the prenup one. In a pseudo intimate moment in which Joanna's minimalist makeup was applied to perfection, they had breakfast in bed and argued, over freshly cut fruit, that Romain was going into wedding planning by planning his divorce. Um… he's agreeing to marry JOANNA. 



If there's one thing that's certain about Real Housewives of Miami it's that Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa do not like each other. Nope! 

Last week the two former enemies tepidly agreed to be civil, but clearly the peace won't last. With dueling weddings on the horizon the two attention whores ladies are about to out bridezilla each other. Oh goody! 

Adriana, whose wedding was accused of being a big ol' Bravo-manufactured publicity stunt, is slamming Joanna's wedding as tacky and over the top. 

“I think I had the most heartfelt, true to the feelings, family oriented, religious ceremony,” Adriana insists Hollywood Life. “I think she had a new, rich type of wedding… where everything is over the top."



Monday night's reality TV viewer numbers are in. VH1 clearly won the night! 

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wrapped up its second season this week. The final installment of the reunion attracted 4.126 million viewers.  VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's season average was 3.279 million – higher than any season of Bravo's ratings superstar Real Housewives of Atlanta.

VH1 continued to dominate Monday night with T.I. and Tiny (3.707 million) and Marrying the Game (2.994 million). Consider us impressed! 

On Bravo, part one (of three!) of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion garnered 2.128 million viewers, which is down from last week's season high of 2.386 million. Will you tune in next week to see Gretchen, Heather, Alexis, Vicki, Tamra, and Lydia hash out more of 2009's season 8's drama?

The season three premiere of Real Housewives of Miami pulled in 1.359 million viewers. That's decent for RHOM. For comparison's sake, season one and season two averaged 1.124 million and 1.066 million, respectively.



Adriana de Moura is just so sick of vintage. I mean vintage boats, vintage cars, vintage marriage licenses, vintage friendships with Lea Black. All that old crap is just boring her and she's tired of it. It so doesn't count if it's old and decrepit right?! Too bad Frederic doesn't agree. So that's the season premiere of Real Housewives of Miami; Adriana and Lea aren't friends anymore, everyone is wondering why the hell Adriana is getting married if she's already married, and no one is telling the truth.

Let's dive in! Nautical reference intended. Things kick off with Joanna Krupa pretending she's classy and all that by hopping off a private jet into Lea's awaiting town car. Apparently they became best friends in the off-season. I'm gonna venture to guess Roy (Lea's hubs) predicted Joanna was gonna lose it one of these times and need a good defense attorney. We also know Lea loves the crazy. So anyway, they're friends and Lea and Adriana are NOT!

Lea is hurt that Adriana has been lying about her marital status for years and not only that when Lea was getting her very elderly and hard working a$$ unduly handed to her by Ana Quincoces at last season's reunion, Adriana sat there and said nothing in her defense. Lea cries and Joanna pats her knee affectionately cause she hates Adriana too!


The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

Tonight is the season premiere of Real Housewives of Miami. In a surprising twist, Alexia Echevarria was brought back as a full-time cast member after taking a season off to help her son Frankie recover from a near fatal car accident. 

Describing this season as “heartfelt…surprising…and explosive," Alexia expresses that she is "very excited" to return to the show! 

"I felt like I needed to come back and tell my story and I'm thankful that I am able to participate full-time again," she shares with The Examiner. "I wasn’t ready to participate due to what I was dealing with, and I felt like that part of my life was kind of untold, and yes, there were bits and pieces that viewers got to see, and I feel like this season I was able to come back strong."