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Kandi Burruss is weighing in on who’s to blame for the physical fight between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams on Kenya Mooore‘s boat ride from hell on Real Housewives of Atlanta in her latest blog.

But first, Kandi explained why she called out Kenya at her own unity brunch, “I just wanted her to recognize her faults. She loves to call out everyone else’s, and for some reason she doesn’t think or realize that she does that. She says I’m always against her and I pick sides, but that’s not true. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. No matter who it is. That’s how I feel and I don’t have a problem saying it.” I bet most viewers also didn’t have a problem with her saying it. ūüėČ


Kim Fields talks Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams

Most of us were quite shocked on this week’s episode of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, when¬†Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams got into it. Well, it was not so much the drama and spat that shocked us all, but the fact that Cynthia made sure to give Porsha a swift kick (push?). Of course, no one was more upset than Porsha – well, except maybe for Kim Fields, who looked like she wanted to jump ship immediately.

But for Kim, it was more than just wanting to ditch the drama, as she says that¬†she was completely stunned by the ladies’ behavior. Come on though, this is the RHOA, so why is she so shocked? ¬†


Cynthia and Porsha brawl on RHOA boat trip

Well, as you know, no classy boat ride around Lake Lanier¬†is complete without two squalling Real Housewives Of Atlanta! It’s basically a ‘What To Pack For Your Boat Cruise’ Essential – following¬†sunscreen, and before AfterBurn Aloe.¬†

Yeah, I don’t know who escalated¬†Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams‘ fight, but one thing I do know¬†is that I’m super, ultra relieved¬†it doesn’t appear¬†the fallout¬†will drag on all season, and into the next, and into the next, and into the next until I contemplate throwing them both overboard into Lake Lanier, Atlanta’s unofficial morgue, without a lifejacket, so they are stuck fending for themselves amid the ghosts. Well, at least Phaedra Parks said there were ghosts in that lake.¬†

Anyway, to briefly recap Fight Float, there are “fake as f–k” women causing “fake as f–k fights,” there are fingers in faces, then fingers being grabbed, there is Porsha¬†starting to¬†stand-straddle? (adjusting her position?) – I don’t know – over Cynthia’s¬†lawn chair. Then all of the sudden Cynthia kicks Porsha in the crotchal region! Shocking, yes. But I was mostly relieved no one’s pants burst because, holy crap, I would not be getting all acrobatic and ‘Hi-Yah! Housewives’ in pants that tight!


NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens Live

NeNe Leakes took some time out of her demanding Broadway schedule to sit down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live tonight. As expected, she shares her thoughts on all the current drama on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, including the fight between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey.

About Porsha and Cynthia’s fight, NeNe says, “Lord, have mercy. It was a lot. It was disappointing, and it was a lot.”

NeNe is torn over who is at fault. “Honestly, I really do not know whose fault it is,” she says. “I have to say that in the beginning Cynthia kinda started it a little with the whole… I don’t think Porsha said the ‘b’ word in an offensive way, but I think Porsha took it to another level. I feel like they both have a lot of blame.”


RHOA season 8 still filming according to Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams better abandon her career as a Real Housewives Of Atlanta and give ultimate fighting a try! The girl was reportedly in another brawl while filming! 

Including the fight that will happen with Cynthia Bailey on tonight’s episode, this weekend’s altercation between Porsha¬†will be the THIRD ¬†fisticuffs starring Porsha, who probably should change her name to Puncha. Or P-Hulk!

In the latest incident witnesses say that during¬†a holiday party filmed for Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Porsha “attacked” her friend Jamie Ziegler¬†because of the man Jami brought with her!¬†

In the above photo, Porsha confirmed RHOA was still filming. “#NoDaysOff¬†Lights camera action ūüėȬ†#Rhoa”



Last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched as one “bitch” led to a nasty physical altercation between Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. In her blog, Cynthia shared her side of the story, and admitted that she may have misjudged the tone of the “bitch” and overreacted.

But first, Cynthia weighed in on her talk with Kandi Burruss, “I enjoy talking to Kandi because she is level headed, rational, and doesn’t sensationalize things. I knew that Peter and I had just celebrated our five year anniversary, but did not think about the five year hump that marriages go through until Kandi brought it up.” Oh, the delusion. News flash Cynthia: your marriage suffers from a “hump” problem, allegedly, but not of the “five year” variety.

Cynthia concluded, “My conversation with her reminded me that no marriage is perfect, most have issues, and we were not alone in our struggles.”


nene cynthia rhoa

I guess the friendship contract I assumed had been voided long ago is still in place after all! Perhaps the former and current Real Housewives of Atlanta stars have even added a truce addendum! Cynthia Bailey, who drafted the infamous document to solidify her bond with NeNe Leakes, has found her voice over the past two seasons, and when NeNe left the show, there was no love lost between the one-time besties. However, it seems that hell is starting to freeze over–is that a pig I see flying??–because the two ladies¬†have been spotted together…and they are smiling (and blonde)!

NeNe shared¬†the above-posted picture¬†to her Instagram with the caption, “Super sexy in the big city @cynthiabailey10 #byebrazil #workinprogress.” NeNe has been in New York due to her Broadway stint in Chicago, and Cynthia isn’t the only one of the Neenster’s RHOA cast mates who wish her well. NeNe retweeted former Atlanta housewife Sheree Whitfield (who has already made waves this season), responding “Thank u boo!” to Sheree’s comment: “Proud of you @NeNeLeakes You are gonna kill it! #neneinchicago”


Cynthia & Porsha argue at Kenya's boat party

All aboard¬†the S.S. Krayonce for Bravo’s version of the Titanic, with far less hearts going on and a lot more going off on others. Last night on Real Housewives Of Atlanta a 3 hour cruise went horribly wrong and some Housewives panicked under pressure. It was every Housewife for herself with only unlimited booze, bikinis, and some very extra ‘Friends’.¬†

Before all that Kenya Moore decides to be neighborly by walking over to Chateau Sheree where Sheree Whitfield is sweeping the front porch. What type of so-called exclusive, upscale neighborhood has a highway running through it? Highway 666 judging by the neighbors! 

Kenya marvels at the size¬†of Chateau Sheree¬†and¬†tries to barge in, but can’t open the door. Did Sheree get She By SheVicted?! To distract her, Sheree demands, “Where my cookies at?!” ¬†