Real Housewives of Orange County


Meghan King Edmonds and her baby bump were in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse tonight after the new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan shared her thoughts on baby names, Vicki Gunvalson’s continuing drama, Kelly Dodd refusing her advice and more.

Andy replays the clip from tonight’s episode where Meghan trying to warn Kelly about Vicki.  Meghan says “It was a little bit disappointing because I was actually trying to give Kelly some heartfelt advice so that she could really fit in with the whole group and that was her reaction. She minimized my advice and I was a little disappointed.”

Heather Dubrow

Taking a page from Taylor Swift, Heather Dubrow is accusing Jeff Lewis of character assignation for making allegations that she’s fake and phony. 

While appearing on WWHL last week, Jeff dubbed Heather his least favorite Housewife, “which is completely fine,” she insists, “not everyone’s gonna like you,” but she’s not fine with Jeff accusing her of being rude to waitstaff during a dinner party at Shannon Beador‘s house (not filmed) – especially since he misrepresented his own behavior that fateful night! 

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star is fighting back by exposing Jeff for making “awful and disturbing” comments to her.



During the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County, I did not know how to react when Meghan Edmonds started in on the “Brooks Ayers doesn’t have cancer” accusations. It was her first season on the show and I didn’t “know” her well enough yet to feel like she had credibility. And aside from that, I could not help wondering who in their right mind would actually fake cancer. Well, we all know how that whole thing turned out so I’m not going to rehash that part.

Nevertheless, the current RHOC season is all about rehashing last year with everyone hating on Vicki Gunvalson for playing up the persona of a victim and for refusing to apologize for her part in all of the craziness. Even after the season has finished filming (minus the reunion), Meghan is still not over the Brooks drama and she is teasing a little bit about to expect in upcoming episodes.


Vicki Gunvalson wants to see a medium

Vicki Gunvalson wants it known that she SO did not abandon Briana by heading to work mere moments after she was released from the hospital, and an outraged Vicki blames shady editing!

Briana has been battling serious and undiagnosable health issues for months. During this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County it appeared as if Vicki jetted off for Work! Work! Work!, abounding Briana alone with two small kids. 



Who knew last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live would ignite a Bravolebrity war? Jeff Lewis was a guest on the show and during the network-aired portion he was asked to name his favorite and least favorite housewives. He revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow was his least favorite (Shannon Beador for his favorite) and then didn’t really expand much on it…until the After Show. 

A fan asked Heather on Twitter why Jeff would choose her and she replied, “Who knows. Asshole.”

On the After Show, Andy Cohen urged him to share what the deal was between the two of them. Jeff shared a story about being seated across fro her at a dinner at Shannon Beador’s house, at first saying he just didn’t care for her, but then went on to claim that she had treated the staff poorly and he didn’t like it. Heather didn’t take his accusations too well, naturally.  It’s one thing to just not like someone, but it’s another to accuse them of poor treatment of others.

Vicki Gunvalson & Daughter Briana

Vicki Gunvalson wants revenge against the doctor in Oklahoma who treated Briana Culberson! Vicki blames the doctor for exponentially worsening Briana’s health after she contracted an infection in the hospital – and Briana still hasn’t fully recovered! 

Briana has been struggling with undiagnosed health issues for months, says Vicki, which first started after a routine surgery, and necessitated that Briana move back to Orange County. “They were going to kill my daughter, basically,” the Real Housewives Of Orange County accuses. “So, I got her out of there.” 


Heather Dubrow on WWHL

Yesterday on Heather Dubrow‘s podcast, she recapped the latest episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County, along with providing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of things viewers didn’t see. 

Heather begins by defending how Vicki Gunvalson is dealing with Briana’s health – like Vicki going to work after Briana was in the hospital. “It’s not like Briana was in the hospital one day and now she’s leaving her,” Heather explains. “This has been an ongoing thing, so which day does she choose?”


Shannon and Tamra

Unless there is some sort of drastic turnaround, then it is pretty clear to me that Shannon Beador is done with Vicki Gunvalson. She avoids Vicki every time she shows up at events and Vicki is a narcissist who refuses to apologize and loves defecting on others… So I don’t see anything changing between.

Not only that, but I’m sure that Shannon can’t stand how Vicki is always the topic of conversation. Talking about the same thing all the time has to be pretty tiresome. And now Shannon has to relive these Vicki-centered conversations when each Real Housewives of Orange County episode airs.