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Little Women: LA star Terra Jole

After Terra Jole found out that former bestie Elena Gant wasn’t choosing Terra to be the godmother of her twin boys, all hell broke loose on Little Women: LA. Now Terra explains just why Elena’s move hurt her feelings so much and how Tonya Banks‘ unkind words about Terra’s parenting priorities also drove the knife in deeper. Terra also touches on the moment when she received troubling news about potentially having breast cancer (though we know now she is cancer free).

Terra breaks down the scene at Elena’s baptism, where she found out that Jasmine Sorge would be godmother to Elena’s boys. “Let me set the record straight — I am happy for Jasmine. I’m just hurt that Elena felt she couldn’t tell me. We previously cried about it at the ice-skating rink, and I told her how special that was to me. It’s more about a respect thing. She expresses how our friendship isn’t like it used to be, but this is an example of why!”


Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 captain Sandy

Below Deck Mediterranean is sailing into its second week with first female leader, Captain Sandy Yawn, at the helm – and she doesn’t plan on taking flack from anyone! That didn’t stop some of her new crew from questioning her right out of the gate, however. Captain Sandy says getting push-back early on is par for the course, though, and plans to lead by example to keep them in line.

Yawn explains her strategy: “Being a female captain in this industry is challenging and inspiring because I thrive on problem solving. Being a woman in the male dominated yachting world is an advantage due to my ability to multi task while managing the emotions of the crew. I choose not to come from a place of power and control and it really, really works.”


Reality TV Listings - Southern Charm Savannah

It’s time to check out the reality TV listings and plan your week.

This week brings us the dramatic conclusion to the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the series premiere of Southern Charm Savannah, and the season finales of Little Women: Dallas, 60 Days In: Atlanta, and Shark Tank.

Check out the reality TV listings list, which includes the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen guests for the week, and let us know what you’ll watch.



Oh no. Oh no, no, no, girl. After being the first one cut from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills roster, Eden Sassoon is making the media rounds this week calling out her costars and slinging “truth.” Stand back, Lisa Rinna! Ms. Sassoon is the new loose lips in town.

In a recent interview, Eden intimates that Lisa Vanderpump’s charitable contributions come with strings attached, and that Bravolebrities and fans are constantly vying to be top dog with Andy Cohen. But not her! No, ma’am. She would rather clamor for fame by broadcasting dirt all over creation.


Terra Jole crushed by Elena Gant

This week’s Little Women: LA cemented a new alliance between Elena Gant and Jasmine Sorge, who started out as bitter enemies on the franchise, yet ultimately forged a bond as new mommies to their boys. When Elena chose Jasmine and her husband, Chris, as godparents, though, Terra Jole admits she was deeply hurt. After all, Elena had initially asked Terra and Joe Gnoffo to fill the role.

Terra confesses, “I’m truly crushed that my relationship with Elena has faded. In the episode, Elena mentions that after Dancing with the Stars, we never talked like we used to, but the phone lines work both ways. We are both to blame for our lack of communication, but conveniently Elena is upset that I’m not calling as much. This makes it easy for her to appoint someone else as a godparent.”


Gizelle Bryant Loves The Hate! Says It Lets Her Know She's

Love her or hate her, Gizelle Bryant is here for it all! Especially the haters – who she says remind her that she’s playing the Housewives game right. The Real Housewives Of Potomac star must especially appreciate newcomer, Monique Samuels, then, who has been facing off with Gizelle since the very first moment the two shared camera time.

Gizelle jokes, “Of course people talk about me and judge while getting the absolute total wrong impression of me. I’ve been Gizelle for a VERY LONG time. Hate comes early and often. I’m not new to this. I absolutely LOVE my haters. It lets me know that I’m doing everything exactly right.”


reality TV listings

Ahoy! Below Deck Mediterranean is back! And with it comes Bravo’s first ever female captain, Sandy Yawn. Previews suggest that Captain Sandy is just the sort of no-nonsense leader we like to see, bringing plenty of experience and gravitas to the job. She’ll need it to rein in the typical gang of hooligans Bravo rounds up to destroy property and embarrass themselves run Below Deck’s charter season.

Maintaining that she’s not “bossy or b*tchy,” Sandy does argue that she keeps her crew in line. “I will like slap them across the head and go, ‘How old are you? You’re 24? Okay, well you’re acting like you’re 12.'” Speaking of 12-year olds, at least Sandy doesn’t have to contend with the likes of Danny Zureikat, as he’s busy “making moments” elsewhere these days. Although, former deckhand Bobby Giancola and chief stew Hannah Ferrier from season one may keep her busy enough!


Sheree & Kenya argue

Sheree Whitfield might have carried a bone or three on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta this season, but she’s keeping herself out of the reunion drama pretty deftly. Plus – she’s got enough on her plate with ex-husband Bob Whitfield showing up to offer apologies and hover behind the couch like grade A creeper.

In her blog, Sheree focuses on her past domestic abuse coming to light, and how she’s ultimately made peace with the subject. (Although she still hasn’t spoken to her kids about it.) Sheree explains why she kept mum on the physical violence in her marriage for so long: “I would have never spoken on that part of my relationship with Bob if he hadn’t brought it up. I always wanted to protect my family and kids from that. I didn’t want to taint the image of their dad by how he acted in our marriage. So I just remained silent for many years.”