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A minute after the latest episode of Southern Charm finished airing, Shep Rose immediately apologized for his behavior with a blog post. To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure what I was going to read when I read the title of his blog: “I want to Apologize to Her and to Anyone Who Is Offended.” At first, I thought he was going to say sorry for hating on Landon Clements for throwing him a less than raging rollerskating birthday party.

Then I read the entry’s subtitle: “The #SouthernCharm star apologizes for his ‘insensitive’ comment about his friend Bailey.” Then, I immediately remembered what Shep said about Bailey Bial. It wasn’t a highlight of the episode, but still it is a comment that he made about a person who is in his life on a nationally television reality show and that has to be pretty upsetting to her. Not that this makes it right, but he has owned up for his comment both privately and publicly.


Kathryn Dennis

No matter how you feel about her, you have to admit that Southern Charm would be extremely boring without Kathryn Dennis. Yes, the rest of the cast is attractive and endearing, but they really don’t provide the story lines on a regular basis the way Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel do. To say that Kathryn is “entertaining” would be the understatement of the century. 

Not only does Kathryn bring the juicy plot points to the show, but she is also owning Twitter every Monday night with her rants. If you watch Southern Charm and don’t follow up by reading Kathryn‘s reaction tweets, you really are not getting the full viewer experience. She really goes in and spills the tea.

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Southern Charm recap

Rachel McAdams is busy filming amazing movies, and Lindsay Lohan is busy doing whatever it is that Lindsay does, so it’s safe to say that when Tina Fey placed the call for a Mean Girls reunion, the cast of Southern Charm obliged. Let’s skip over the the fact that the crew started last night’s episode the morning after Patricia Altschul‘s flamingo party (I won’t mention that Whitney Sudler-Smith was eating a hot dog for breakfast, but I will note that Michael the butler is having to tidy up after the ruckus).

Craig Conover‘s residence with girlfriend Naomie at her parents’ gorgeous marsh front home in West Ashley has been sold, so the pair is moving to her fixer-upper (read: amazing house) in Mount Pleasant. Craig is fine with this turn of events, as he’d rather live on the streets with Naomie as opposed to in a castle without her. That’s romance, dear readers. Naomie wants the details on Pat’s party, and Craig sheepishly admits that he may have created some of the drama surrounding Thomas Ravenel and Jennifer Snowden‘s showdown, as well as Whitney’s disdain for Kathryn. He provides a lengthy explanation about Kathryn being a trophy that he no longer wanted after Shep tapped that, but he is positive that Whitney is still brewing with jealously.


southern charm cooper

The cast of Southern Charm is an entertainingly eccentric bunch, no doubt, but no one seems to capture the essence of the Holy City like K. Cooper Ray. The fashion designer, writer, and etiquette enthusiast thrives on the city’s history and protocol, and he has an eye for the smallest details that make the biggest impressions.

After last week’s showdown between Thomas Ravenel and Jennifer Snowden, and being on the receiving end of Patricia Altschul’s cold shoulder, Cooper was gracious enough to sit down with me for an inside scoop as viewers head deeper into the third season of the Bravo hit. After a brief tour of his latest endeavor (more on that in a bit) at The Hidden Countship, a stunning Italian boutique downtown, we chatted for over an hour. I swear, I could listen to this man’s stories for days…he’s had such a fascinating life and has a no nonsense approach to work, friends, and reality stardom. Just as one would expect, Cooper’s anecdotes are peppered with humor, gentility, and subtle shade.


Landon Clements

If you thought that Landon Clements looked familiar when she first joined Southern Charm, you might have caught on to something. No, you’re not going crazy. You might have actually seen her before on another TV series. Pre-Southern Charm, Landon appeared on the iconic reality series The Hills.

Wait. What!? She was on the show because she was friends with both Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. Not only that, but Landon also worked for events producer Brent Bolthouse, where Heidi also “worked.” 

The people at MTV even approached Landon about being a full-time cast member, but she turned them down. Umm, come again?! The Hills was such a major television phenomenon. How could she not be into that? Well, it turns out that Landon had some pretty valid reasons to decline the offer.


Jennifer Snowden pregnant

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but ever since Jennifer Snowden emerged as the sidekick to Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm, I want to know what her deal is. Who is she and what is she about? So naturally I tried to find out more about her with some social media stalking.

As expected, her Twitter was full of tweets showing her loyalty to Kathryn and her Instagram was full of pictures with the cast and captions that tell her followers where they can shop to emulate her style. But one of those posts took me aback. The caption tells her followers where they can get her pretty necklace, but I didn’t even notice. The only thing I saw was a burgeoning baby bump. I’m wondering what I missed, so of course I did a little more investigation.


Southern Charm shep

After Kathryn Dennis’ epic polo match meltdown on last week’s Southern Charm, it’s seems only natural to follow up with a Thomas Ravenel showdown at a flamingo soiree, right? And Patricia Altschul was worried about drama at her party…that’s not a thing with this crowd!

T-Rav heads to JD’s to vent about what happened in Aiken. He reveals that when he threatened not to co-sign Kathryn’s lease, she became so distraught that she had to be hospitalized. Thomas worries about the risks of his son being born prematurely, and he’s ready to write his name on the bottom line. JD warns that his friend doesn’t need to fall prey to any manipulation on Kathryn’s part. T-Rav definitely believes he’s being manipulated, but he blames Jennifer for pulling the puppet strings. Ever since she wanted more from him after their drunken fling (Thomas’ words, not mine), she’s been instigating and doing her best to upset Kathryn by tracking his every move on social media and sharing it with Kathryn. Of course, if it’s on social media, can’t Kathryn find out about T-Rav’s shenanigans herself? The pair both seem rather adept at Twitter rants and Instagram shade. 


Thomas Ravenel Cary Dueber

There was a lot of shade in the Clubhouse tonight! Real Housewives of Dallas star Cary Deuber and Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel were hanging with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Thomas and Cary both snarked on their co-stars and their co-stars hit right back via Twitter during the show. 

Andy starts out reading one of Kathryn Dennis’s tweets from tonight to get Thomas’s thoughts on them. (see them all at the end of this post) The Tweet he read was, “I’ve heard a lot, I’ve read a lot. & I’ll only say this: Thomas knows what to do and what to stop doing to see his children.” Thomas plays dumb and says he doesn’t know what she’s referring to.

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