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Snooki is looking smoking hot lately! The mom of eight-month-old Lorenzo has been working hard and eating right – and should be proud of it!

The Snooki & JWoww star gained over 40 lbs during her pregnancy but has worked hard to shed the weight and tone up. Posting a ton of photos to Instagram and twitter lately, the reformed guidette is looking fantastic! 

Don't worry – she hasn't shed her penchant for tacky clothes, leopard print, or glitter with all the pounds. Photos of Snooki's transformation are below!



Let's take a peek at how some of the reality TV stars celebrated the Memorial Day weekend.
Above: Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe and Melissa Gorga in the Hamptons: Happy Memorial Day weekend!!
Look below to catch a glimpse at how the reality TV stars spent the holiday – including Kim Zolciak, Ana Quincoces, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Kathy Wakile, Heather Dubrow, Yolanda Foster, and more! 
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Miss Universe Las Vegas 2012 at Planet Hollywood

So this may be the least surprising thing you've ever read here at Reality Tea. A Kardashian (or Kardashian sycophant!) behaving badly. 

Scott Disick was recently paid handsomely to get his lord on at a Houston club, but unfortunately the professional reality star wasn't very professional when it came to interacting with fans. Fans, who apparently have way too much money, paid $300 to party with Scott and were instead ignored as he neglected them to sulk in a private seating area. 

Scott and his entourage arrived at 12:15 a.m. and went directly to their section near the DJ booth on the lower level of the club,” the eyewitness told In Touch. “But when they got there and the clubgoers started taking pictures, Scott just looked away from the sea of people with their cameras flashing.”



Last night the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County struggled with the past as several of them explored troubled relationships. 

Things begin with Heather Dubrow strolling into Tamra Barney's hovel, running her finger over a dusty faux finished surface and chirping "This is… nice!" Afterwards she took several showers in Lysol and asked her assistant to burn all the Chanel that sat on the Pier One Imports clearance chairs. 'It was horrible,' she bemoaned to her therapist later that week… 'The napkins… they were POLYESTER!' 

Anyway, Heather is there to discuss the Terry issue. See Terry … well, he just sucks but Heather guesses she'll forgive him. Something about seeing Tamra's little house in a subdivision, filled with sub-par finishings, and a pantry that only one person can fit in at a time made Heather see the light. Yes, yes… Terry may be annoying and corny, but good lord she's not on her third marriage to a third wealthy imposter. Looking on the bright side! 


2013 Billboard Music Awards

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jeff blair

It's weird to think that the couples of Newlyweds: The First Year have only been married for three months.  It seems like ages, doesn't it?  Blair Late and Jeff Pedersen exchange vows before rocking out at a chic reception, while Kim and Alaska Gedeon don't see eye to eye on…well, anything.  Kathryn Bougadis is happy to be running a tanning salon, although John Lagoudes worries that they shouldn't be business partners.  Tina Sugandh creates a very unsexy sex calendar for a frustrated Tarz Ludwigsen .

Jeff and Blair head to historic Savannah, Georgia for their ceremony, and the couple is hosting a red, white, and blue party.  For patriotic Blair, the Fourth of July is almost as exciting as Christmas.  Friends toast the happy couple, and uptight Jeff is trying to enjoy the evening while having a touching talk with Blair's mom.

Tina and Tarz head to the gynecologist to talk about fertility.  Tina is disappointed that her doctor seems so young, and she is perplexed that the gynecologist isn't buying into her theories about how to up her chances for having a girl.  The doctor is extremely intense, but I can't tell if she's joking when she tells Tina she's on the verge of being very old.  She instructs the couple of the three times they should have sex each month.  Only three?  Tarz is disappointed.



It's been a hard holiday weekend for the Shannon/Thompson family, and things don't seem to be looking up for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clan.  Here's hoping they get some good news soon.

As we posted on Saturday, Sugar Bear is in the hospital, and tests are being run.  Unfortunately, June Shannon doesn't have much more to report on his condition.  Also, their sweet pooch China, who often appeared on the show (he was particularly visible in most of the train shots) passed away over the weekend as well.  The whole family, especially Alana Thompson, is having a difficult time dealing with the loss.


hh atl 5

Last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was especially hilarious.  While we weren't treated to nearly enough of Joseline Hernandez' one-liners, we did get to witness the most backwards and ridiculous job interview I've ever seen.  K. Michelle proved yet again that she's not at all homophobic (cough, cough), and we got to meet Lil' Scrappy's amazingly normal dad.  I wasn't expecting that at all!

Mimi Faust is meeting up with Stevie J. to talk about their daughter, but of course, he wants to know all about the Stevie knock-off she's dating.  Why does Mimi act so suprised that he isn't able to have an adult conversation?  Stevie gets offended that Mimi doesn't like their young daughter around the inappropriate Joseline, but it's nothing he can't get past with some smooth talk and a shot of liquor.  What do these women see in him?  He reminds her that beside their daughter, they also share a matching tattoo that will bind them together forever.  Is he for real?

It turns out that Traci is friends with Shay, so the pair are lunching and chatting about the Lil' Scrappy and Erica Dixon situation.  Shay wanted to pay back Scrappy for his behavior, but she's tempted to just be happy that he's happy.  Traci agrees that the latter is the better route.  She's spent so much time plotting and slashing tires and beating up girls in the course of her time with Drew, and she tells Shay it's better just to let time heal all wounds.  Shay is not quite convinced, and I am officially scared of Traci.


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