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Adriana de Moura has been keeping her distance from Lea Black ever since Lea got wind of her little marriage lie. I mean they weren't really married, that was just a piece of paper. Or maybe they were but didn't feel married without a mega-ceremony. I really can't keep all the stories straight. Anyway, now the two have tentatively made peace. 

'It was great to see all the girls act like adults and move on from the petty issues… I'm in such good place in my life right now that I no longer want to dwell on negativity. I just want to forgive and forget and let love lead my life," Adriana writes in her Bravo blog before ripping Lea a new one!

The Real Housewives of Miami star says that she refuses to blame herself for their friendship failing, because Lea is a control freak who wants to make her look bad. Right! Let's get started ripping this piece of froth to shreds. 


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Over 100,000 people – including Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, Albie and Chris Manzo and Jac's daughter Ashlee Holmes – turned out on Sunday for the 5th annual SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk.  The event brought in over $1 million dollars for children with special needs and education. 

Jacqueline shared at the event, “My husband and I are so excited to be here and I am so grateful to have family and friends along with us today.  I wanted to thank all of you for being here in support of this amazing cause and also being here in support of each other.   It's the support of others that give us our strength, hope, and encouragement to persevere on our quest to bring out the best child that our child can be, and remind us that we are not alone.”


hotel celebs nyc 050412

Aaaahhh… Caroline Manzo, everyone's favorite bossy guard mom has revealed that she's leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey.

For some, the end days of the reign of red headed fury are welcome, but for those of you who will miss The Caroline's particular charm, fear not – she's getting a spinoff! 

As we say goodbye to The Caroline we look back sometimes fondly, sometimes frightfully but always humorously on some of her most memorable moments. 


Bethenny Frankel rocks a candy themed costume as she and daughter Bryn show their Halloween spirit while out in New York City

Our favorite reality TV stars took to Twitter to share shots of their adorable kids all dressed up for Halloween. They're too cute! In case you missed it, check out the reality TV stars showing off their own Halloween costumes

Above:  Bethenny Frankel and daughter Bryn show their Halloween spirit in candy themed costumes. Bethenny threw a Halloween costume party for Bryn and her friends and even had a pink stretch limo drive them to the party.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News 

Below you'll find photos from Melissa Gorga, Jenni Pulos, Teresa Giudice, Alex Sekella, Kyle Richards, Laura Govan, Bonnie Blossman, & more! 


stevie kids

Forget about riding the Stevie J. bus–the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star may want to look into driving one! He's going to need the extra cash to pay the massive (and I mean MASSIVE!) amounts of child support that he allegedly owes.

I will hand it to Stevie, the man likes to go big or go home. This time, he's totally out done himself as his child support debt is described to be one of historical (yes, you read that correctly!) proportions. We've all seen the precious daughter Stevie shares with "maid" for drama co-star Mimi Faust, but he has four other children with additional women. Carol Bennett is a former girlfriend of Stevie's, and the mother of two of his children. You won't believe how much money he's said to owe her!



A few of our favorite reality TV stars took to Twitter to show off their Halloween costumes. Be sure to check out the kids roundup also! 

Above: Real Housewives of Orange County  star  Alexis Bellino shared, Tonight we're gonna raise the wolf!  #dontmesswiththisgirl

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Look below for more Halloween fun courtesy of Rachel Zoe, Ramona Singer, Kim Richards, Korie Robertson, Jeff Lewis, Lydia McLaughlin, & more!


Kelly Bensimon Fashion Week

So paging Captain Obvious here, but why would you return to Real Housewives of New York if you are claiming that you were "systematically bullied" and abused? I guess that's a question for Princess Magical Horsey Traffic-Running GummiBear Bikini Bottoms. Otherwise known as Kelly Bensimon!

The former reality star, turned "author" recently announced she'll be appearing in the upcoming season 6 and apparently she was also abused on the show. "Ive endured a lot on/off #rhony," Kelly tweeted. "Noone deserves the abuse ive endured, yet i will always remain positive"


preachers clarence

Last night's Preachers of L.A. had Bishop Ron Gibson helping his drug addict sister while Clarence McClendon grappled with death threats. Again. Whew!  It's hard being a filthy rich minister! Deitrick Haddon was still upset about living apart from his family so he devises a sneaky little plan. As for Jay Haizlip, Noel Jones, and Wayne Chaney? I guess we'll have to wait until next week to catch up with those cats!

As the show starts, Deitrick is hanging out at the playground with his future mother-in-law and he shares the big news that he's bought a house.  And not just any house–this casa has six bedrooms and seven baths (when can I move in?), but he promises not to shack up. Deitrick will wait until after the "I dos" before moving in Dominique and his daughter. Meanwhile, Ron is struggling with his sister Shaun's heroin addiction. He feels responsible for her fate due to his past drug problems, and he calls his family together in an attempt to save his sister. Ron knows he has the Lord on his side, but to get his sister out of the crack house, he's going to need the law as well.

Well, looky here! Clarence is biffles with P. Diddy's personal umbrella holder! He welcomes Farnsworth into his ginormous compound and compliments him on having as much swag as the bishop himself. Farnsworth and his wife have brought their new daughter to meet Clarence, and we learn that they are part of his congregation. Remind me why these men are dressed as twins? Clarence and Farnsworth talk about the hardships of fatherhood. It's not easy having to fly six hours first class to spend time with your family, and don't even get Clarence started on the people who are jealous of how successful his ministry has become. Thank God (no really) for security detail! Clarence reveals that his body guards have never had to deal with issues of this magnitude with the most A-list of celebrities, He seems very proud of this fact.