The new season of College Hill South Beach premiered last night and boy was there some major drama! The first blow up began with Milan and Kyle. Milan in a somewhat messy fashion tried to out Kyle as being gay to the other housemates, which Kyle took major offense to. Kyle overreacted and called her all kinds of drag queens and accused her of wearing a cheap scarf amongst other things. For someone who claims to be proud of who he is, he sure did seem a tad defensive when it came to his sexual orientation. We also find out Allison is bisexual.

Then we have Terri, who is of course what these shows are all about. Young, naive, and immature Terri takes a liking to self proclaimed hot stuff/big deal Brandon. Terri wasted no time cuddling up to Brandon’s bed and spending the first night with him. Upon waking up the next morning, Terri decides she and Brandon are now a married couple and that he is no longer allowed to flirt with other girls.

In more how to lose a guy in 1 day, Terri continues by telling Brandon he is now “TOOKEN” and proceeds to follow him around the house like a lost puppy. Oh yeah she also irons his clothes and makes his bed. Brandon proceeded to do what any normal male would do in this situation and proceeded to run as fast as possible from his fatal attraction. Terri’s feelings are hurt and she decides to call her homie/mama who seems to be an enabler to her.

The show ends with next week’s preview which looks like even more drama than last night. Terri is seen in the shower with one of Brandon’s friends, and Terri and Milan will be getting into a big fight as well.


So a lot of you have noticed by now that BET excluded Terri from all of the cast promotional pictures, and we now have the reason.

Terri and Milan will get into a big fight next week which will lead to Terri leaving the show after only 1 week. Terri wrote a blog a while back accusing the show’s producers of holding her hostage after this fight, and refusing to let her call the cops. It seems she ends up being replaced by a 21 year old Kathryn Barlow.

Milan also announces she is dating NFL player Warren Sapp in an interview.

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