Following the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “They said I was the number one trending topic on Twitter,” says Sheree Whitfield.

The tweets were flying due to the very heated on-camera argument she had with her party planner Anthony. When Anthony snapped to Sheree, “You better check yourself,” she hissed back with what is destined to be her signature line, “Who’s gonna check me, boo?”

After watching the scene unfold on TV, Sheree says, the incident looked really bad and people like Anthony are opportunists who want publicity. She also adds, “He thinks he’s going to benefit from it, but to me, you look like a fool. You look like an ass on TV. Who wants to be remembered like that?”

Anthony has refused to apologize for the incident.

Besides the drama with the party planner, Sheree is shown to be arguing with Kim Zolciak. The season’s promo shows Sheree pulling on Kim’s wig. During Sheree’s interview with Eonline, she declined to comment on the incident, wanting us to wait and see.

Even though Sheree just got divorced, she is still hopeful that she will find love. The mother of two says her ideal man is someone who is spiritual, loves to have fun and family oriented.

“If he can be easy on the eye, that’s even better,” she said. “And someone who communicates. That was one of the problems in my marriage. We failed to communicate. We started out talking about everything but then once we got married, it felt like we shut down. We couldn’t talk.”

After watching the premier, Sheree definitely knows how to defend and take care of herself. “You don’t want to be on the wrong side of Sheree. You really don’t,” she said. “I tell them all the time, ‘Don’t let the cute face fool you!'”

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