Real Housewives of New York City Star, Bethenny Frankel, is making a statement by posing nude in the latest PETA “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” ad campaign. TV Guide Magazine was present at the racy photo shoot on a Manhattan rooftop.

In the new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Bethenny speaks out about posing nude for PETA, her new bestseller, love life and dishes out on the Real housewives series.

Below are excerpts from this interview-

You’re brave! How does it feel to take it all off?

Oh, I’m really excited. I think it’s a really amazing cause. It’s very simple to say to people, “You get to make a choice, and you can choose not to wear fur. It’s such a frivolous thing to do, and I used to do it. I wasn’t a crazy fur-wearer, certainly—I couldn’t afford it and I’m not that outlandish—but it really is so superfluous.

How’d you get involved with PETA, anyway?

I’m a huge animal lover, so it’s been a very organic process. I’m not on the top of any soapbox, but I think this is just a really interesting thing, and they came to me. They [noticed] that I’d gotten a lot of exposure lately—pun intended, because that’s nothing like the exposure I’m getting today. I guess they trust that I’ll be able to carry the message.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I have a dog, Cookie—she’s a lhasa mix, a mutt.

Your book, Naturally Thin, has been a big hit. Does that mean that people are constantly checking out what you’re eating?

Yes! I had a bowl of pasta, and it showed up on blogs. But my entire mantra is that there’s no food that’s forbidden; taste everything, eat nothing. And people have been watching me eat a lot more lately because for 52 weeks, I’m doing a food crawl for my Twitter followers. Last Monday was the lobster roll crawl, this week it’s a gelato crawl, next week it’s a French fry call. I’m going to be at McDonald’s!

What’s your take on the current season of your sister show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

I call it the Real Housewivez [sic] of the Hood. They’re all very much into, “Are you a gangster, are you a hood”…asking [questions] about whether you came from money or didn’t come from money. I don’t think anybody’s confusing them from being in the Great Gatsby…and who cares anyway? I think on the first season, they all wanted to prove how wealthy they are, and how they have a staff and stylists. There are two events a year in Atlanta—I don’t know why they need stylists, assistants and hair people. And this season, I think they’re trying to go backwards a little and be like, “This is where I came from.” They’re having a financial identity crisis.

Is that your favorite of the other Housewives franchises?

Atlanta’s my favorite…my show included.

Any Wives you don’t particularly care for?

My least favorite housewife is Teresa [from New Jersey]. I find her to be whiny and unintelligent—and over-exaggerating with the table flip. I really don’t think she would have done that if there were no cameras, and I don’t like when things aren’t completely authentic. And I find Lisa [from Atlanta] to be boring and trying to be perfect.

So you’re just beginning to film Season 3 of your show…did you keep in touch with any of the other cast members during the down-time?

I keep in touch with Jill, and I’ve touched base with LuAnn because [of her separation], just to be like, “How you doing?” I’ve kept in touch with Ramona the same way. I don’t keep in touch with Alex and Simon—I don’t particularly care for them.

And what about Kelly, your nemesis?

I saw Kelly—she came to my Skinnygirl margarita party in Montauk. She was photographed and left immediately afterwards. It was very perplexing.

So…you mentioned a boyfriend. Let’s hear about him.

He’s in pharmaceutical sales and he was an all-American basketball star, and he’s quite handsome. We’ve been together now for ten months. We met at a nightclub, and I was getting my picture taken. The camera went down and I got my normal face on and he came up to me and said, “Are you gonna get that stick out of your ass now or what?’” He had no idea who I was. It was the first thing he thought to say to me, and it kind of caught me off guard, because I probably did have a stick up my ass at that time. So I decided to pull it out, dance with him, and we’re happily ever after no

How are your commitment issues coming along?

For months, I wouldn’t admit that I had a boyfriend…I was very much the guy. I was not committal. And then he said, “Let me love you. Just let me love you, it’s OK to be happy.” So I let him love me, and now I’m happy.

Any engagement talk?

We will get married, we’ll get engaged. I don’t know when…if he likes it, then he should put a ring on it! My finger is bare. My finger is as nude as my body today.

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