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Jill Zarin, star of the Real Housewives of New York City, continues to prove that she is her own worst enemy. Just 2 weeks after amazongate, during which the housewife was caught threatening someone on who left her book a bad review, and then making up a fake name to give her book a good review, Jill seems to have found another shocking way to top herself. We shall call this ‘Babygate.” By the way, the above picture of Jill was taken just yesterday. That looks like a genuine smile no?

And no, this isn’t a Bethenny Frankel is a saint and Jill is evil story, but to be quite frank, Jill’s behavior both on and off the show, has been downright nuts and sometimes ‘evil.’ On Friday, Bethenny went into labor, a month earlier than expected. This was reported by several reliable media outlets and even confirmed by Ramona Singer, who said she spoke to Bethenny.

Hours later, a nut who goes by the twitter name of Tweetmaxine, posted that Bethenny had delivered a baby boy. Shortly after, Jill posted a congratulatory announcement on her facebook page congratulating Bethenny on delivering a baby boy. What really drove me nuts about this was that Jill did not have to mention the sex of B’s baby, but of course being the gossip monger that she is, and in her pathetic attempt to gossip and scoop the press, she had to include the baby was a boy.

After hearing of Jill’s post, I searched all over the internet Friday night, visited and all the major websites, only to find absolutely nothing on Bethenny giving birth. Not one single story from a major site. Visited because Bethenny announced her engagement and pregnancy through them last year, and logic told me she would likely do the same with her birth. My thought process at the time was that perhaps Bethenny did give birth to her baby on Friday, but why is Jill the first/second person to announce it before her? Shouldn’t Bethenny be the first to do this? And my instincts were right as Bethenny did announce the birth of her baby girl with PEOPLE on Saturday morning.

The main question on my mind is what the hell is Jill thinking? I’m guessing Jill’s thought process was, “Okay, I have to be the first person to congratulate Bethenny on her delivery. Hopefully when people see this, they will think that I’m not so awful, the press will include my congratulatory message in her delivery news. Hopefully the fans will like me again. Plus I get to prove I’m still “in the know” by knowing this, and I get to win cookie points with fans by scooping the press and breaking this news to them.”

Yes that’s what I believe was going through Jill’s head, all very irrational thinking, without even considering that no official announcement had been made by Bethenny herself. And as we all know now, Jill couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did Bethenny not give birth on Friday, but her baby was a girl. Jill posted the following explanation on her facebook on Saturday:

“Yesterday [my daughter] read a tweet and blog that Bethenny gave birth. We were excited and congratulated her obviously prematurely. I should have waited until B announced it herself. Sorry.”

Yes Jill, you were really that happy, overjoyed and excited for Bethenny that you couldn’t wait to inform the world of her false delivery. Must say Jill is a pretty amazing person to be that overjoyed for someone who wants absolutely nothing to do with her. And oh yeah, for someone, who just a month ago, referred to her wedding ceremony as being “circus like,” must say Jill is truly amazing, almost saint like to be that excited for Bethenny. Now some feel she is throwing her daughter under the bus and using her as an excuse, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. And as for her daughter reading the story on a blog? Absolutely false. The only blog that posted the story on Friday, did so after Jill’s facebook message and used Jill as a source. The worst part about this is that Jill forcefully and selfishly inserted herself into the biggest news of Bethenny’s life and now most of the stories out there about Bethenny’s delivery, including ours, includes Jill Zarin, all thanks to Jill Zarin of course.


All this brings me to this question, Is Jill Zarin losing it? And I ask this question sincerely, as her behavior lately has been out of control. To be honest, I was very shocked at Jill’s post on Friday and continue to be in shock that she could make this major error after ALL that is being said about her on and off the show. I mean threatening someone online because of a bad review? Seriously? Lawsuit anyone? And then we have this latest blunder. I genuinely think this woman is losing it right before our eyes, and needs to get a grasp on reality very quickly. Yes it must be tough being the new “most hated” housewife, but that doesn’t excuse or warrant her recent behavior. While Jill continues to put on a happy place in public, it continues to be very obvious that she is letting her newly found unpopularity get to her, and thus leading to her very irrational behavior.

Some commenters believe Jill’s actions are a result of her insecurity and poor self esteem, and I would have to agree with them. It seems being well liked is extremely important to this woman. I mean, yes most people want to be liked, but Nene Leakes didn’t self destruct last year after she went from being the favorite to least favorite Atlanta housewife. She took it in stride and kept keeping on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill spends 99% of her time trying to come up with ways to get fans to ‘like’ her again. My advice to Jill would be she needs to get some tough skin and focus on her family. Do I think she’s a crappy person? Yes I do, but I also believe she shouldn’t allow what I and other fans think of her, to completely break her down. It’s time for Jill to snap out of it, and own up to her bad behavior. Admit she was wrong, but instead of continuing to attempt to be friends with Bethenny ( who wants nothing to do with her), she simply needs to move on and try to become a better person.

And oh yeah, Jill also made sure she was photographed buying a gift for Bethenny’s baby on Friday. Aah that crafty Jill! As I finish writing this story, it just came to me now. Bethenny’s baby news was going to be Jill’s way to get back in the good graces of NYC Housewives’ fans. I mean getting photographed buying B’s baby a gift? Being the first in the world to congratulate Bethenny and announce the birth? It seems Jill had this amazing plan, but ofcourse, we all know how well it worked out…

And just wanted to add these hilarious tweets by Simon Van Kempen made on Saturday –

“A new best seller “The Lies of Susan Saunders” syndicated in a gossip column near you. (Warning – hide your cat)”

“Nothing secret about it RT @_StephanieLeigh @simonvankempen I think Jill’s next book should be entitled “Secrets of a gossiping jewish yenta.”

Despite the funny tweets, Simon posted a more serious tweet about this issue. “She was wrong on the day & sex but even if she’d been right until Bethenny made an announcement Jill should have stayed silent”

But enough about Jill. This is suppose to be Bethenny’s time to shine right? New mommy Bethenny posted the following tweets this weekend.

“I can’t express how happy I am&how beautiful,supportive&thoughtful u all are.Bryn is a tiny beautiful chapter begins.thank you.”

Happy mother’s day to all of u.hopefully momma & the peanut can go home soon.she’s tiny. RT @ashenmama: @Bethenny Happy Mothers Day.”

Once again congrats to Bethenny and Jason!


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