Must say after three weeks of watching the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, I am simply not impressed. Compared to the Real Housewives of NYC, the show seems to be falling flat and the Danielle drama is getting very old. Will touch more on this later.

But on to the recap of last night’s episode. First we get a quick rehash of Jacqueline’s argument with her teenage daughter Ashley Holmes, who is now living on her own. Jacqueline is in a tough spot with parenting Ashley because Ashley is now an “adult” and no longer living under her roof. I can’t help but feel that had Jacqueline done a better job with parenting Ashley earlier on, things would be better between them now. Jacqueline herself has admitted to making parenting errors with Ashley. This also brings up a point that I feel strongly about which is that just because a kid turns 18, doesn’t really make them an adult and ready to be on their own. A girl like Ashley should still be living at home in my opinion. I’m guessing Jacqueline might be helping her financially in some shape or form. Perhaps cutting her off financially until she stops being rude would help her straighten up.

Moving on to Danielle who receives flowers from Jacqueline congratulating her daughter Christine on her modeling debut. You can see some modeling shots of Christine below. Jacqueline has stated in an earlier episode that her husband does not want her befriending Danielle, but for some reason Danielle is persistent on becoming BFFs with Jacqueline again and even decides to leave her a scolding message, accusing her of not being her own woman.

One thing I really want to touch on is Danielle’s parenting skills and why she insists on involving her innocent children in her drama and in adult issues. This started in the premiere episode when she took her kids along a car ride to stalk Caroline’s event. Her kids looked and acted embarrassed. And then last night, her youngest daughter, who once again looked mortified, asked to be excused as Danielle decided to call Jacqueline. And once again, Danielle decided to unload her adult drama onto her young daughter. Does this woman not have any friends? Involving her children in her drama is simply wrong and unnecessary. Poor kids. I’m really curious to know more about the man who decided to marry Danielle and make her the mother of his children. Danielle’s ex-husband’s name is Thomas Staub or Gerald Staub. If anyone knows anything about him or has a photo, please feel fee to email us at [email protected]

And how amazing was it last week when Christine Staub was photographed by Gilles Bensimon, the ex-husband of Kelly Bensimon of the NYC Housewives? I found that interesting for some reason considering Gilles has never made an appearance on the NYC Housewives. By the way the photos of Christine from the Daily Front Row magazine can be seen below.

Something else that robbed me the wrong way was a joke or non-joke Danielle made during an earlier episode about Christine being able to help her financially with her modeling career. Just wrong, wrong, and more wrong. Putting that kind of pressure on a 15 year-old girl is wrong and disgusting. There’s a good chance that Christine, despite being very gorgeous,, might not make it in the modeling world, so why even say that kind of thing? It’s become rather obvious that Danielle sees her daughters as meal tickets as she is also pushing her 12 year-old to get into the music industry, even calling her the next Miley Cyrus. Plus is it just me or does Danielle seem to be living vicariously through Christine’s new found career?


Next we see Teresa and Dina meet up at Dina’s house, which for some reason continues to look like like Liberace throw up. I find the whole interior to look gaudy, cheap and outdated, but back to the conversation at hand. The hot topic is Danielle of course. I’m starting to think with no Danielle, this season would be even more boring than it already is.Teresa calls Danielle a “ho bag,” which seems to be the hot word of the moment, while Dina starts to realize Danielle is not a changed woman. Dina makes a good point when she says Danielle does not take rejection well. Another thing I’ve noticed about Danielle is that she is a very vindictive woman when things don’t go her way.

The ladies then prepare their daughters for fashion week. Christine has someone come help her with her walk and she is a bit moody and perhaps isn’t as interested in modeling as her mother is. Teresa and her hubby Joe drive their daughter Gia to fashion week, and Gia tears up because she feels her dad ” is mean.” This scene is a bit tough to read. The easy thing to do would be to call Joe an insensitive a-hole, but I won’t judge him based on this scene alone. Really not sure what to say about this scene, ummm.

Moving on to the fashion show. Both girls perform well despite Christine getting sick and having to leave the stage towards the end of the show. Danielle for some reason doesn’t believe the other women can be genuinely happy for her daughter. And oh yeah, Danielle reveals her plans of flying to Milan alongside her soon to be supermodel mealticket daughter.

Overall, this season hasn’t lived up to its hype as I expected. I believe Bravo should have added new cast members to this franchise. The NYC franchise didn’t need two housewives, this one did. The ladies vs Danielle drama has gotten old and stale, but unfortunately it seems that will be the ONLY drama we get this season. Why you might ask? Well for one reason, three of the five ladies on the show are related and while they will get into little tiffs here and there, the fact that they are family will not allow them to get into any major feuds ala Jill vs Bethenny, or Bethenny vs Kelly, or Alex vs Jill, or Ramona vs everyone on the NYC Housewives.

The women not wanting to interact with Daniele is understandable but unfortunately makes for a boring season. Adding new housewives would have made things more interesting and perhaps bridged the gap between the ladies and Danielle. Bravo will definitely need to make some major changes for the next season.


Photos of Danielle’s daughter Christine courtesy of the Daily Front Row below –

christine staubChristine Staub


Christine Staub ModelChristine Staub graces the cover of the Daily Front Row


Christine Danielle StaubDanielle Staub and daughter Christine

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