Chris Stilianessis: Danielle Staub Used My Baby’s Illness For Revenge, Plus Recap

danielle staub

Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was without a doubt the best this season, all thanks to Danielle Staub.

Danielle, who exhibited the paranoia and delusions of Kelly Bensimon mixed in with the narcissism of Jill Zarin, brought us great TV when she decided to use the fundraising event of a cancer struck baby to further her own agenda against the Manzo family.

Danielle made sure to to show up to the event with a crew/posse, ex cons included, and even permitted them to raise hell, but ofcourse leaving Chris Manzo out of it, because he is underage afterall. It was obvious from the start that Danielle was looking to stir up trouble, and nothing the Brownstone could have done would have prevented that. Dani also made sure to include her friend Kim G. in her madness, and Kim G. for whatever reason decided to go along with it all.

Well the father of the baby, who the fundraiser was held for, is now speaking out. In a new interview with Zap2it, Chris Stilianessis shares his thoughts on the events that occurred that faithful night.

“For starters, I would tell Danielle thank you for bringing my daughter’s illness to the table and to the ‘Housewives of New Jersey,'” said Stilianessis. “However, I would also tell her that I’m very surprised that you would utilize my daughter’s sickness for your own selfish reasons, to get back at the rest of the housewives.”

Stilianessis also reveals he was not aware of Danielle’s beef with the Manzos. “I had no knowledge of Danielle’s relationship [to the Manzos] prior to the fact,” he says. “Because if I did, I would have asked her politely not to come.” He continues, “She showed up to the event with I want to say in the realm of 25 people,” he says. “She had some guys who were Hells Angels. She came with people who, I come to know now, were people who were in jail. I was under the assumption they were her friends.”

It seems a friend of Danielle’s bought her one table at the benefit for $350.00, which held only 10 people. However Danielle decided to show up with over 20 people “for protection.”

“When you’re going to a charity event for a child, what do you need that for?” asks Stilianessis who also shares that Danielle only raised $300.00, which came from the owners of a local supermarket. And since her table was paid for by someone else, Danielle has yet to donate any money herself.


Stilianessis, pictured with his daughter above, still hopes that Danielle will see that what she did was wrong and apologize. “If she really has changed as she says she has,” he says. “There will be a public statement. That day in the restaurant, she had tears in her eyes. If those were true tears, her heart would open with an apology.”

The good news is that Emanuela’s cancer is currently in remission. Anyone who would like to get more information on her fight against heptablastoma can visit the Emanuela’s Heart for Hope website.



More Brief Recap/Thoughts –  Teresa allowing her daughters to ride the ATV without helmets was just ridiculous, especially at the speed Gia was going. Even with helmets, the ride still looks dangerous.

Must say that Danielle makes it very hard to root for her. This is a four against one, but unfortunately Danielle brought it on herself, and her behavior just doesn’t make you sympathize with her. She is beyond mean and vindictive, and just borderline evil. All bets are off whenever someone crosses her, and nothing is off limits when it comes to her quest for revenge. She does seem to relish in playing the victim and manipulating others to do what she wants. Still can’t believe she got her friend Kim G. involved in her mess.

While last night’s episode was good, this season as a whole has been rather dull. Imagine if the Real Housewives of NYC ladies only clashed with Kelly? Well unfortunately that’s what we’re getting here. The four remaining housewives apparently will never clash with each other, or even get into an argument as long as Danielle is around. Before the first season aired last year, I thought having family members, three at that, was a terrible idea, because the relationships will be sugarcoated and the fights/clashing will be limited, or in this season non-existent. I mean can you imagine Caroline and Dina having a Jill/Bethenny or Alex/Jill or Kelly/Bethenny fall out? Yeah, neither can I.

This is the one franchise that really needed an additional one or two housewives, and for whatever reason, the producers of the show failed to see that. Must say watching the Jersey Housewives this season has been a big psychological F-U to the viewer and fan in me.