PHOTOS: Meet The Cast Of Omarosa’s The Ultimate Merger!

The Ultimate Merger

Reality villainess Omarosa Stallworth’s dating show premiered last week on TV One. The show, officially titled Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger, follows Omarosa’s quest to find love amongst 12 eligible bachelors.

Omarosa, 36, who is mostly known for her role on the first season of The Apprentice, describes her new venture with Donald Trump as “a mix between ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘The Bachelorette.'”

Donald and Omarosa reportedly developed the show together.“When you have a development project with ‘the Donald’ you don’t pass it up,” Omarosa told BV Newswire. “Donald is invested in me and seeing me succeed and you have to have someone who is going to look after your success.”

As for the show, it was revealed in premiere episode that Omarosa has a history with two of the bachelors. Omarosa revealed she had briefly dated Charles Parker, a foreign currency trader whom she refers to as a “player,” and R&B singer Al B. Sure, who Omarosa notes, “didn’t seal the deal” the first time around.

Another notable bachelor on the show is CJ Miller, who appeared on the first season of ABC’s True Beauty.

When it comes to the direction of the dating show, Omarosa makes it clear her show is distinct from the others. “I really enjoyed the whole franchise, from ‘Flavor of Love’ to ‘Ray J,’ and I think there’s a place for that type of program, but this one is kind of different. Ain’t nobody passing out roses or writing poetry,’ she laughed.

The Ultimate Merger airs Thursdays on TV One at 9 p.m. ET. A new episode airs tonight. I gave the show a shot last week and actually enjoyed watching it. It was a good show all around. I would like to know what you all thought of the show.

In the mean time, below are the photos & brief bios of the 12 Bachelors.

Al B Sure of the Ultimate MergerName: Al B. Sure!
Age: 41, Occupation: Recording Artist


CJ Miller of the Ultimate MergerName: CJ Miller
Age: 27, Occupation: Author/Model


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Isaac Keys of Ultimate MergerName: Isaac Keys
Age: 32 Occupation: Former NFL Player


Eddy Puyol of Ultimate MergerName: Eddy Puyol
Age: 30, Occupation: Christian Rapper


Javis Dortch of the Ultimate MergerName: Javis Dortch
Age: 34, Occupation: Entreprenuer


Ray Lavender of the Ultimate MergerName: Ray Lavendar
Age: 33 Occupation: R&B Singer


Jason Mitchell of the Ultimate MergerName: Jason Mitchell
Age: 30, Occupation: Massage Therapist


Charles Parker of the Ultimate MergerName: Charles Parker
Age: 43, Occupation: Foreign Currency Trader


Michael Madd of the Ultimate MergerName: Michael Madd
Age: 29, Occupation: Concert Promoter/Blogger


Sterling Williams of the Ultimate MergerName: Sterling Williams
Age: 42, Occupation: Fashion Designer


Lyle Silva of the Ultimate MergerName: Lyle Silva
Age: 36, Occupation: Attorney


Darrell Kiedo of the Ultimate MergerName: Darrell
Age: 40, Occupation: “Movie Producer”