Real Housewives of DC Recap: The White House Party Trashers

Finally! The episode we had all been waiting for all season aired last night as we finally got to see the Salahis crash the White House dinner party, or did we?

Overall, episode 8 of the Real Housewives of DC turned out to be a tad uneventful. Yes, I am aware that the Bravo cameras were not allowed inside the White House, but for some reason I expected more last night. Perhaps, more footage showing just how these two planned to crash trash the party would have sufficed. And oh yeah, as reported earlier today, the Salahis are threatening to sue their cast-mates if they ever refer to them as White House party crashers. So thanks to the genius suggestion of our reader Lisa, the Salahis will now be referred to as the White House party thrashers!

With that out of the way, let’s get right to the recap. Stacie finally decides to contact her birth mother’s son via facebook. I was a bit torn by the Turners’ decision. On one hand, I completely understand Stacie’s strong desire to find her birth father by all means, but on the other hand, I felt it was a bit unfair to involve an innocent party. However, Stacie is desperate so I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.


The ladies (Cat, Lynda and Mary) meet up for dinner and the hot topic of conversation is Michaele. Lynda brings up the con artist’s claims of being a model, which is revealed to be yet another made up lie along with the thousand others Michaele has told this season.

We see the Salahis being driven around in their old school white stretch limo as they are on their way to dinner with some very good friends. Michaele brings the lols when she states “Tareq has introduced me to so many news things, he’s taught me not to be afraid… He’s introduced me to a life of travel, to the best cuisines, the wines…” I’m guessing by so many new things, she means bankruptcy, lawsuits, and oh yeah — party crashing. The good life indeed. I notice Michaele has mentioned all season about how much Tareq has changed her life for the better, and I can’t help but think this barbie wannabe is completely stuck in a barbie fantasy. She badly wants to believe Tareq is her wealthy knight in shining armor, despite the fact that all of his actions and her reality point to the exact opposite.

The ladies continue to discuss the gruesome twosome and Lynda makes an excellent point when she voices what I strongly felt very early on this season. “I wanted to believe with all my heart and soul that she was being influenced by him,” states Lynda. Like Lynda, I also wanted to believe Michaele was an innocent bystander in the many many webs being woven by Tareq, but my feelings about that has obviously changed as Michaele has been shown to be a more than willing participant.

Cat is shown chatting with her husband Charles, as she wants him to print out an award winning photo of the President. Cat plans on giving Obama the photo as a present because surely he doesn’t have a copy. We find out Cat will be meeting the President soon at a White House Christmas party. Though Cat is not my favorite DC housewife, I can’t help but feel a tad sad watching this scene between she and Charles, knowing they are no longer together. There’s just something cute about the two as I can definitely see the love and chemistry between them. Perhaps it’s the romantic in me, but I can’t help but feel somewhat sad knowing their marriage ultimately did not work out.

Lynda is shown getting ready for her big “political” event, and in case you’re wondering, political event is DC talk for a fashion show. I must add that I loved when Lynda offered to buy her dress from the fashion designer, who offered it to her for free. I thought that was a great gesture.

After receiving no reply from her birth mother’s son on facebook, the Turners decide to try talking to someone from the Nigerian Embassy. A special thanks to Bravo for providing subtitles though I’m pretty certain I was able to make out what the lady was saying with zero problem. In this touching scene, Stacie finds out the lady trying to help her from the embassy just happens to be from the same state and tribe as her birth father. Following the meeting, Stacie is more than hopeful that she is much closer to finding her birth father.

It’s time for the political event/fashion show planned by Lynda, and we see Lynda giving strict orders to the security not to let the Salahis into the event under any circumstances. I just find it priceless how the Salahis’ managed to have alienated all of their cast-mates way before the White House dinner fiasco ensued. As Lynda discusses Michaele with hairstylist Paul, we see the always delusional Michaele declare in her interview that Lynda is jealous of her because she is “Miss DC.” And the jokes just continue to write themselves.

It’s D-Day as we see the gruesome twosome getting ready to crash trash a White House party. As Michaele gets her make-up done, she shares that she had “connected” with President Obama in the past during a rock the vote event she hosted. Thanks to the photo of Michaele with the President that was posted on her facebook page last year, I can proudly declare this as being the only truth to come out of Michaele’s mouth all season.

The lols continue when Michaele tells her make-up artist she hopes the President will remember her. Michaele then goes on to tell what is more than likely her 158th lie this season when she randomly reveals she used to go to the White House to do make up. For who? When? What Presidency? More importantly, where and how does she come up with these lies?

The best part of the episode comes when Michaele’s hairdresser asks to see her invitation. The con artist pretends to go looking for it, and of course can’t find it. In a Bravo first, the network lets us in on a conversation between the show’s producers and Michaele. It seems Bravo wanted to film Michaele holding the party invite, but can’t because Michaele does not have one and did not get one.

This is actually a very incriminating scene. I haven’t searched online yet but I’m about 99% certain Michaele has mentioned in the press that she never received a paper invite but rather a phone invitation from the White House Social Secretary at the last minute. I’m pretty darn certain she said this, which just goes to show you what type of liar this woman is. Why is she looking for an invitation she never received? I will try to find a link to Michaele saying this in the press.

As she continues to get ready, we see Michaele struggling to tie her red Sari outfit. Didn’t she mention earlier in the episode that she learned how to tie a Sari during her 3 weeks stay in India? I guess when one lies so much, it becomes hard to keep track of all their lies.

“You work hard, you give a lotta love, you end up at the White House,” declared a rather arrogant Michaele. And I can’t help but wonder about the nerve of these two, to not only crash the White House, but to do it wearing a bright red Sari. Completely unbelievable. And I also find it funny that the Salahis spent the past couple of months saying they would be vindicated once Bravo airs this season of the DC Housewives, even stating people would finally get to see the “real them.” Well Michaele and Tareq, we have seen the “real” you and it only put you in a much worse light. It only confirmed what phonies you are, while also proving that the White House isn’t the first party you crashed trashed.

With that said, I’m definitely looking forward to the reactions of the other ladies. I wish Bravo could stretch out next week’s finale into 2 hours instead of one as I believe the aftermath is way more interesting than the episode I just watched. Also, the reunion of the show was filmed this week, and will likely air on October 14th.