The Real Housewives of DC Reunion Part 1 Recap!

Part 1 of the Real Housewives of DC reunion aired last night and it did not dissapoint, so let’s get right to the recap!

The reunion starts out with host Andy Cohen asking the ladies what political party they are aligned with. Mary and Lynda are registered Republicans, with Stacie and Michaele being Democrats. Something tells me the Democratic party would rather do without Michaele’s support.

Andy wastes no time in getting down to business as he brings up Michaele’s BS MS claims. Lynda, along with the rest of the world, isn’t buying it and wants to know how Michaele could live & eat the way she does all while having MS for 17 years. Another aspect to this claim that hasn’t been discussed is why and how Michaele never mentioned the MS on the show. How could someone filming a reality show for months about their personal life leave out such a MAJOR factor?


I’ve never given my opinion on this but I’m absolutely 100% not buying Michaele‘s MS claims. I know quite a bit about the disease and in my non-expert opinion, it’s absolutely impossible for Michaele to live the lifestyle that she does, all while having had this disease for 17 years. Whatever it is that Michaele has, it is not MS. Lynda proceeds to call Michaele out on Tareq‘s claims that she eats Filet Mignon everyday, stating people with MS aren’t suppose to eat a lot of protein. Also, health experts have stated that MS does not cause weight loss, in fact it typically has the opposite effect on those suffering from the disease.

Stacie attempts to explain to the delusional Michaele that many people doubt her MS story due to her long history of pathological behavior. Michaele, who is in some serious denial, claims the only ones doubting her MS claims are her cast-mates. Riiight.

The topic turns to Cat, who finally reveals the meaning of bollocks, stating it means “testicles.” Cat is asked about her rude behavior, and denies being rude, instead claiming she simply tells it like it is. Stacie disagrees and states that Cat’s behavior at her home was indeed rude. Cat’s separation from her husband Charles is brought up, and she reveals she hasn’t seen or spoken to him since he moved out 6 months ago. The shocker however is Cat’s claims that Charles never even said a proper goodbye to his step-daughters. Pretty disgusting and shameful on Charles’ part if true. This truly shocked me and broke my heart for the kids involved. One should never punish children for the behavior of adults.

It is now Lynda’s turn in the hot seat and when asked if she is an official cougar, she states she isn’t though she is 53-years-old and boyfriend Ebong is 35. Judging from the looks of Lynda’s ex-boyfriend in a previous episode, I’m going to go ahead and give her the Cougar status. Lynda also reveals that cast-mate Mary actually played a role in her getting together with Ebong.

The race issue is brought up and Stacie is asked if she feels Cat is uncomfortable around black people. Stacie surprisingly doesn’t give a yes or no answer, instead saying that perhaps Cat is just uncomfortable around people she is not familiar with. Cat accuses Stacie of calling her a racist and Stacie denies ever using the R word to describe Cat. Must say I was a bit surprised by Stacie’s demeanor in the reunion show. From reading her blogs, I got the feeling that she had developed a close bond/friendship with Cat, as she has defended her a lot in her blogs and interviews, but her tone and demeanor on the show last night seemed to tell a different story.

Mary is asked about her integrated salon comment, which she describes as cringe worthy. Seemingly out of nowhere, Stacie accuses Mary of changing her vernacular and gestures into that of the black stereotype whenever she is talking to someone black. Though accurate, I was a bit surprised Stacie brought this up.

Stacie is asked about the latest in the search for her birth father and she shares the good news that she has found her father and even spoken to him. She reveals he was overjoyed during their phone conversation and that she has 10 siblings. Stacie gets emotional, and reveals she will be visiting her birth family in Nigeria within the next 2 – 3 months. I’m guessing filming for the 2nd season will have started by then, so there’s a great chance we will get to see this on TV.

The topic turns to Cat and Erika’s fight and while the sane people give their opinions, the looney delusional one aka Michaele butts in and brings up race and some other nonsensical points. Michaele is giving me Kelly Bensimon in this reunion and I would just rather she not speak at all, as every word coming out of her mouth is a lie or downright ridiculous. Michaele then accuses Cat of making people cry, and when asked by Cat who she has made cry, Michaele is at a loss for words and attempts to do a fake crying scene to no avail. As she makes a very awkward boohoo face, we see no tears actually emerging from her tear ducts. When asked again, Michaele states Cat has made Stacie cry, which is false and which Stacie quickly denies ever happening.

The looney one then gives Cat a low blow when she states her husband would come back to her if she had more love in her heart. A rather mean and judgmental comment coming from someone who claims to be a kind nonjudgmental person.

Mary reveals that daughter Lolly is still living at home while pursuing her art career, and denies being an alcoholic when asked why she’s always buzzed seen with a drink. Lynda sees this as a perfect opportunity to reveal some TMI when she shares that she takes Concerta and Xanax on a regular basis. Oh yeah, she also reveals she used to be a regular marijuana smoker. Yes, good ol Lynda used to be a pothead.

“I don’t know how somebody could feel good about hurting people,” then says Michaele of Mary, just minutes after taking a below the belt shot at Cat’s marriage. Stacie is asked about Michaele and she tries to be diplomatic. I wasn’t a fan of this scene as I just wanted Stacie to call her out on being a pathological nutjob.

It is now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Time to watch Michaele get called out on her many many lies this season. The first lie is the one where she used to be a Redskins Cheerleader. We find out Michaele’s story has now changed. She is now claiming she was never a cheerleader, though she stated this as fact many times on the show. She claims she just went on the field and fluffed her pom poms once or twice. Andy kindly informs her that the Redskins organization, Terri Lamb – Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association President,, and even her own brother have all denied her claims of ever being a cheerleader. Michaele, who simply doesn’t know when to stop lying, then claims she has a roster that proves she was a cheerleader. And I can’t help but wonder how she could be on the roster when she just admitted minutes ago that she was never a cheerleader!

Michaele even goes a step further claiming Terri Lamb is still a good friend of hers. Perhaps the delusional one forgot to read Terri’s comments to the press, during which she clearly stated: “We have no record that she ever was a Redskins cheerleader… She was listed on our 1991 roster at Ms. Salahi’s request and based on her misrepresentation to us.”

It’s safe to say the cheer-leading “roster” and the White House “invitation” only exist in looney bin planet otherwise known as the the minds of the Salahis. Michaele is asked if she ever goes anywhere without her husband, and she begans a crying bit as she nods her head no. If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, though when it comes to the the production of actual tears, it seems Michaele is 0 for 2. And just moments later, Michaele is seen laughing when Andy mentions he wants to bring Tareq out. Lynda and Mary strongly object to this. Not surprising, considering it was reported that just days before this season of the DC Housewives premiered, Tareq poured a drink on Lynda during a press event. Michaele even admitted this incident occurred citing that the punk/coward Tareq was simply defending her.

Overall, the reunion show was pretty darn good. I’ve grown to truly like the DC franchise. The best part of the show was probably watching Michaele get caught up in her cheerleading lie. I can’t wait to watch part 2 next week to see the Salahi’s hopefully get revealed for lying about the White House party as well. And to think the Salahis appeared on WWHL last week proclaiming victory against their castmates and claiming they were very happy with how the reunion taping turned out. These two definitely put the delusion in delusional.