The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Tone Deaf Wonder

Bringing you the first recap of the Real Housewives of Atlanta following its move to Sunday nights!

The 6th episode of this season starts out with Kandi Burruss in the studio as she reveals she wants to develop an openly gay male artist, and in walks in the flamboyant Lawrence aka Sheree’s hairstylist. Kandi asks Lawrence to bust a tune and he does it well in a voice that is surprisingly deep, a sharp contrast from his speaking voice.

As Kandi plays the song she created for Lawrence, a song that could be interpreted as an anthem for mistresses, in walks Kim right on cue. “I think that Lawrence will only be able to reach a certain audience. I mean good luck in Kansas,” states a jealous Kim in her interview. Good one Kimmy.


Kandi plays Kim’s song ‘The ring didn’t mean a thing’ for her and as Kandi sings the song to Kim, hitting some very high notes, I can’t help but wonder how the heck Kandi expects the tone deaf Kim to sing such a song. Me thinks this is Kandi’s evil yet genius way of embarrassing Kim. Perhaps it’s payback for Kim not paying her for Tardy For The Party or because the talentless Kim had more success with her song than Kandi did with her single last year. Whatever the case is, I’m salivating at the thought of Kim trying to hit those notes.

Cynthia is shown in the park with her ex-fiance Leon Robinson, whom I shall simply refer to as ‘Leon.’ Cynthia speaks very highly of her ex, stating he flies to Atlanta to see their daughter Noelle 3 to 4 times a month. Oh yeah, Cynthia also feels the need to name drop in her interview, when she mentions that Leon, who is an actor, has worked with the likes of Madonna and Sylvester Stallone. Cynthia brings up her fear of marriage and Leon advises her not to run away from the relationship. There was something nice about seeing a scene with these two exes being very civil and mature.

It’s back to the studio with Kim and Kandi, and brace yourself folks! Kandi steps into the booth with Kim and once again sings some very high notes, expecting Kim to also sing in the same key. I mean, has Kandi not heard Kim sing before? After stalling and stalling, Kim finally begins singing. And judging from the look and smirk on Kandi’s face, I’m more certain than ever that she purposely chose a difficult song for Kim to sing, not that Kim can sing any song for that matter. The best part of the scene? The priceless looks on the faces of the other producers in the studio!

Phaedra is shown in her office meeting up with LaTavia, a former member of Destiny’s Child. Evidently, Phaedra is not just an attorney but also a manager as she tries to come up with ways to help LaTavia revive her career. Phaedra’s masterplan? Putting together a one woman show for LaTavia. Good luck with that one ladies.

Nene and Kim meet up for lunch to discuss Nene’s marital problems. And to think it was just a year ago Nene was choking out Kim in public, all allegedly of course. As Nene tries to discuss her 13-year marriage to Gregg, Kim continues to bring up her problems with the married Big Poppa, as if to say the two situations are similar. Kim then turns the topic back to herself once again as she brings up her new song with Kandi. In her interview, Nene is also stunned as to why the topic of convo kept going back to Big Poppa and Kim’s song. Kim plays the song for Nene, and Nene is not a fan.

Kim visits a storage with her assistant Sweetie and her daughters, during which she revealed she pays over $800 a month to store a lot of her “sh*t” which she describes is like paying another mortgage. So the wiggy one decides it’s time for a yard sale. Enlisting the help of her dad, who is pretty much Kim without a wig and an added mustache, she decides to sell her designer high priced items in front of a burger joint. The other ladies show up and Nene ends up purchasing Kim’s old bedroom set for $1800. Let’s all hope that check cleared.

Phaedra shows up and the ladies decide to head inside the burger joint for some girl talk. The topic once again turns to Phaedra’s due date and Phaedra once again mentions she will be getting induced at 7 months. It gets even better as Phaedra claims her 7 month old baby is already 8 pounds and fully developed. Even Kim’s not buying this as she reveals she’s a Licensed Nurse Practitioner (Correction: Kim is a LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse) . After Phaedra leaves, the other ladies gather to laugh at her expense. Nene believes Phaedra is lying about her due date because she got knocked up before her wedding to Apollo.

The garage sale ends and Kim’s dad informs her she earned over $10,000. Not too shabby for a yard sale. Kandi shows up and Kim sits her down to let her know she doesn’t like the new track because it “isn’t catchy enough” and by not catchy enough, she means there’s no way in hell she can sing those notes. While I understand Kandi’s frustration, I did feel her attitude towards Kim was a bit much. She seemed to take it personal instead of remaining professional about things. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the friendship between these two because Kandi looks like she is over it.

Nene is shown in her rented home having a discussion with her rented chef. I mean really? Does Nene really need a chef? Can she really afford a chef? Must be nice. Cynthia and her boyfriend Peter show up and almost immediately, they are forced to witness some bickering between Nene and Gregg. And what better way for Cynthia to get over her fear of marriage than to hang out with a dysfunctional married couple?

Things take a worse turn for the uncomfortable when Nene, who is getting drunker by the minute, accuses Gregg of not being a good communicator, all while pointing her finger in his face. The two continue to argue with their young son Brent standing in the background before Gregg eventually gets up to walk away. Nene continues to reiterate the fact that there is no communication in her marriage to Cynthia. “The problem is so huge, you will never understand cause I’m going to divorce Gregg,” says Nene. Nene leads Cynthia to the basement and jokes that they are in Gregg’s apartment, except she isn’t really joking.

Nene then drops a bombshell on Cynthia when she asks Cynthia what if Peter cheated on her, insinuating that Gregg might have done just that to her. “I’m shocked but it does explain a lot,” states Cynthia in her interview. “That’s devastating don’t you think?” asks Nene adding that “it’s just wrong.”

Perhaps it’s the Sunday night move but I didn’t think this episode of the Atlanta housewives was all that interesting. Hopefully next week will be better.