The 12th episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired last night with a bit of an emotional feel. On one hand, we had a young woman beginning a new chapter in her life by graduating, while on the other hand, we had Camille, who had to begin the process of closing the chapter on her 13-year marriage.

The episode begins with Lisa and Kyle meeting up for dinner at Lisa’s restaurant. Lisa reveals hubby Ken is getting lasik eye surgery, Kyle shares her eldest daughter Farrah is graduating and all seems to be going well, that is until Taylor sends a text to announce her impending arrival. Lisa, who reveals she has known Kyle way more longer than Taylor ever will, isn’t happy she has to share her Kyle with Taylor.

And finally!  Though seemingly out of the blue, Lisa brings up the NYC issue and Taylor’s role in Camille’s anger during the dinner. About time somebody brought up Taylor’s role in this incident! While it appeared Kim had been the only one to put two and two together all season, it seems so did Lisa though she just decided to keep it quiet. Lisa also suspects Taylor was the one responsible for getting Camille all riled up in her hotel room by telling her what the others said about her. Something we now all know to be true. Lisa wants to confront Taylor but Kyle convinces her not to. Taylor arrives and Lisa appears to be a tad jealous and does a bad job at hiding it. Then out of no where, Lisa tells Taylor it’s time to get real about her marital issues. “Cut the crap, be honest. Stop laughing and joking,” demands Lisa. Taylor continues to laugh while I patiently awaited a snap out of it slap from Lisa. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen and the ladies make a toast instead.


Next up is a scene with Camille and her employees friends, who all gather together to hang out at the boss’s her house. In her interview, Camille reveals she received a phone call from Kelsey just days before the Tony Awards to inform her that he was done with their marriage. Camille states she begged Kelsey not to leave but he had his mind made up. Camille adds that she no longer wanted to go to the Tony’s but Kelsey convinced her to come anyways under the guise that they could perhaps work on their marriage. Now I have my own theory about this that I will share later in this blog. As quite frankly, I no longer believe anything that comes out of Camille’s mouth.

The insinuation here is that Kelsey wants Camille to accompany him to the Tony’s to save face and avoid questions about why his wife is missing by his side. Now mind you, this is Kelsey Grammer we’re talking about and not Brad Pitt. The notion that the press would be up in arms about the absence of Camille from the Tony’s is a bit laughable. A simple, ‘No, my wife couldn’t make it. She’s back in LA with the kids’ would have sufficed on the red carpet. This is also around the time Kelsey was busy impregnating his now fiance Kayte .

The Tony Awards took place on June 12 and the report of Kayte’s pregnancy hit the press exactly two months later on August 12. The claim back then was that Kayte was only a few weeks pregnant when the news leaked to the media. Exactly how far along Kayte was is something we’ll never know. It’s safe to assume Kelsey was cheating with Kayte during this time. My point here is just going by Kelsey’s shameful actions in the past 6 months — Does this seem like a man who cares about saving face? But more on this later.

Kyle decides to go shopping for a graduation gift for Farrah. The gift of choice? Jewelry worth thousands of dollars. Kyle reveals she never went to college due to her acting career and being a young mom, so she is extra proud of her daughter’s accomplishment.

Meanwhile, we see Kim at her home doing a radio interview. Kim discusses being a child actress (Nothing against Kim but what else is there for her to talk about?). Kim reveals her mother always wanted to be an actress but couldn’t, hence “taking all her dreams and putting them” into her daughters. Isn’t this always the case with stage mothers? Kim admits that with her kids getting older, she would love to dabble into acting again and regain her own identity. A bit of a touching scene and I know I keep saying it over and over again, but Kim has really grown on me.

Adrienne and hubby Paul go shopping and they are bickering once again. Is the constant bickering still cute at this point? I vote no.

Moving on to Lisa, Ken and permanent houseguest Cedric as all three head out to go wine tasting. During the drive, Ken once again brings up the issue of Cedric moving out. Ken states it doesn’t have to be right away but he just needs to start planning and make a date. Cedric does what any professional mooch does and simply agrees in hopes of moving on to the next subject. In his interview, Ken reveals Cedric usually goes behind his back to talk to Lisa about staying and adds that “Cedric definitely plays on my wife’s emotions.”

The trio gets to the wine tasting and I was going to skip this scene except that Lisa makes a funny. In her interview, Lisa states wine tastings are a bit odd because you spit rather than swallow. “It kinda goes against everything I’ve ever been taught really,” adds Lisa with a naughty grin. And just like Ken had stated, Cedric does go to Lisa to talk to her about the moving out issue during the wine tasting outing.

Kyle and daughter Farrah go for a workout with Kyle’s personal trainer, whom she works out with 3 times a week. Kyle reveals she’s still trying to get her body back in shape after having Portia though she looks to be in great shape to me. During the workout, Kyle receives a phone call from Kim who informs her that their eldest sister Kathy and her entire family, including their famous nieces Paris & Nicky Hilton, will not be able to make it to Farrah’s graduation. The big reason? They are all leaving for a Cannes vacation. Wowzers. Then again, I shouldn’t be so surprised considering Kathy’s eldest daughter is famous for having a sex tape. Different values, different strokes, and obviously different priorities.

Kyle looks to be very disappointed and I don’t blame her. I mean, did the Hiltons not know about this event months in advance? Matter of fact, I knew my graduation date almost a year in advance. And to have a vacation be the big excuse? Just all kinds of wrong in my opinion. Next to a wedding, I think a college graduation is a key event. One you don’t miss for a vacation. I definitely felt for both Kyle and Farrah though I do think part of Kyle’s disappointment was that Kathy, Paris and Nicky wouldn’t be on the show. And it was nice of Kim to comfort Kyle, nice to see her being the big sister for once. I thought Kim did a great job being there for Kyle this episode especially in the absence of Kathy.

Next, we see Cedric and Lisa sipping tea in her 15,000 sq ft mansion. Cedric reveals he’s in a funk and based on Lisa’s comments, it seems Cedric might have some issues with being down regularly aka depression. Cedric once again brings up his childhood and reveals he sometimes feels like he was responsible for his mother abandoning him. He feels like he might have pushed her away though he was only 7 at the time.

And just when you think Cedric’s childhood tale couldn’t get anymore tragic, he reveals his mother told him he was a result of a rape. Cedric wonders how’s he’s suppose to feel knowing he wasn’t wanted in this world. Lisa comforts him and tells him perhaps it’s time to put some of these issues to rest. In watching this scene, I couldn’t help but wonder why Lisa and Cedric are discussing this issue at this point and time, something I suspect they’ve discussed many times in the past, considering they have known each other for 15 years.

It’s the day of Farrah‘s college graduation and we get to see Farrah’s dad aka Kyle’s first husband. Mauricio equals UPGRADE! Holds head down in shame as that was not appropriate. Moving right along. As Farrah walks the stage, Kyle looks to be a very proud mommy. “I couldn’t believe she’s like 21, graduating college and I’m looking at all my little ones and thinking it goes so fast. But I’m just so proud of her and who she’s become, who she’s always been. It’s just the best feeling in the world,” says a tearful Kyle. Anyone else get a little teary eyed? I blame Bravo for playing that tear invoking background music.

In a very rare scene, we see Camille actually doing something with one of her two kids as she takes daughter Mason to dance class. In her interview, Camille reveals the hardship of Kelsey’s absence on the kids, who are always asking about him. And in watching this scene, it puts this huge divorce headline into perspective as it’s obvious the kids are the ones who will suffer the most for the immature and irrational actions of mommy and daddy.

Following Farrah‘s graduation ceremony, Kyle throws her a dinner party. All the guests arrive including Taylor, who arrived solo because hubby Russell had to work. The best part of the whole dinner might have been the introduction to Mauricio’s mom, Estella, who we discover is a psychologist with two postdoctorate degrees including one in sexual therapy. I hear Bravo is trying to sign her on for next season as you read this. I kid, I kid, I think.

Adrienne invites Estella over for a sit down to discuss some marital issues with Paul. Unlike the nutty medium from hell, Estella is okay with discussing her work during non work hours. As Dr. Estella starts to dish out some advice to the couple, Adrienne seems to disagree with some of her advice as she states in her interview, “Maybe she needs to get to know us a little bit better.” Perhaps Adrienne shouldn’t ask professionals for their advice if she’s not ready to hear their answer.

As the dinner continues, Kyle reveals in her interview that she got married to her first husband Guraish Aldjufrie while she was 18 and he was 23. She shares that despite their divorce, they have the most utmost respect for one another. Always nice to see exes who get along. Next is a phone call from Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton, who was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule of sun bathing to congratulate Farrah on her big day. To go along with the phone call is some flowers and a “very generous” check, though we are not privy to the amount.

It’s now back to the marriage counseling session between Estella and the Maloofs Nassifs. Paul looks to be getting tired of the conversation he and his wife initiated as he very rudely decides to tell Estella she could use a face lift. “You know what you can do? A mini face lift, ” says Paul. Whoa, did he really just say that? How incredibly rude. A very douchey thing to say. The more I think about it now, the more I start to see that Paul is sort of a jerk and has been all season with some of his actions. Think about it. Me thinks the beautiful Estella needs to run as far away as she can from Paul so she doesn’t end up looking anything remotely close to his wife. Nothing personal against Adrienne, just calling it like it is.

It’s the day of the Tony Awards in New York City and Camille reveals in her interview that Kelsey put her up in a hotel suite, not allowing her in their apartment. “I felt like I didn’t exist,” states Camille. Not sure about you all, but if a husband of mine ever banned me from entering our home, he wouldn’t live to tell the story there’s is no way in hell I would be accompanying him to any awards show to save face.

So I’m once again not sure I’m buying Camille’s version of this as later on we can see both she and Kelsey are getting ready together for the Tony’s at the hotel suite. And as always, Camille is there with a very large entourage which includes a make-up artist, hair dresser, and for some reason boy-toy good friend Nick, who she kisses on the lips yet again, and his wife Tricia. Those are just 4 people of the large entourage which looked to be at least a party of 10. My theory is both she and Kelsey agreed to get a bigger place and/or more convenient location to get ready for the show and fit the entire entourage. It’s not unusual for celebs to get ready for big award shows in hotels. If you recall once again, Camille complained earlier this season about the NYC apartment being too small and not being able to fit she and her four nannies. It would only make sense that the “small” apartment wouldn’t be able to take an entourage of at least 10 people.

As Camille continues to get ready, Kelsey shows up and this scene is almost as awkward as their dressing room encounter. Camille finishes dressing and Kelsey joins her as they prepare to leave for the show. The Grammers and their entourage decide to make a toast. “I’m particularly thrilled to all the love I’ve got from the British people and from my family and my home as well,” toasts the sly Kelsey. “13 years of marriage.” adds Camille. Cheers.

Okay, if you’re reading this and have the show recorded, I need you to please go back and look at the look these two shoot each other right after the toast. Perhaps it’s just me but Camille seemed to give Kelsey a look that said ‘You better play along or else.’ While Kelsey shot back with a look that said ‘You witch.’ Whatever your translation is, the looks exchanged by Camille and Kelsey was very telling.

My theory – I’m not buying for a minute that Kelsey asked Camille to be there or wanted her there. Not for one minute, not even close. Kesley’s actions in the NYC dressing room were the actions of a man who is done and no longer gives a damn! As I stated earlier, this is around the time Kayte was pregnant or was about to become pregnant. I truly believe when Kelsey broke the news to Camille, she was the one who insisted on coming to New York and trying to save face or fix her broken marriage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Camille forced Kelsey into letting her come, perhaps threatening to go public with the news right before the Tony’s. There have been two articles in recent weeks accusing Camille of blackmail. Life & Style reported she threatened to release embarrassing sex tapes if Kelsey didn’t give her a good settlement. Weeks later it was reported she would be receiving $50 million. Then, news broke that she had quit the RHOBH. A day later, TMZ suspected this was a ploy by Camille into forcing Bravo to give her good editing on the upcoming reunion show. Blackmail or threats seems to be Camille’s MO.

One thing that has become obvious to me this season is that Camille is a master manipulator and a liar. Even worse is the fact that she’s very bad at both. She has spent the entire season contradicting herself in interviews and on the show. This became even more obvious to me this week when she went on the Howard Stern show and admitted she did indeed have a rocky and sexless marriage for years. A direct contradiction to her numerous claims of being completely blindsided by the divorce.

And no, I’m absolutely not defending Kelsey’s scumbag actions at all. I’ve never defended them and never will. No matter the case, you end a marriage before starting a new relationship. However, I strongly believe there was a whole lot more going on in this marriage than Camille is letting on. I’m not buying her victim plight and stated very early on this season that I suspected these two might have had an open marriage or some sort of arrangement going on. I still believe this. How else can one explain a married woman kissing another married man on the lips in front of her husband? Camille told Howard Stern that she and Kelsey discussed having an open marriage during the last year of their marriage but they ultimately decided not to. I say their actions say otherwise. So no, I don’t feel bad for Camille. Not even half an ounce of sympathy. In layman’s terms, she’s just not a nice person at all and continues to show her true colors over and over again.

With that said, next week’s episode looks to be very dramatic with the limo fight between Kim and Kyle. Can’t wait to see what causes that whole fiasco as they seemed to be getting along well this week.

Watch What Happens Live – Camille was the guest and the part that stands out to me the most is Camille stating more than once that D.D. is not on her payroll. Uh what? She admitted D.D. is her make-up artist but stated she wasn’t on her payroll. Camille also stated Mauricio is still her realtor though she’s not sure if he still works for Kelsey. So now I’m confused.  Did she go back and re-hire Mauricio after the firing text? Or did she never fire him to begin with and simply sent Kyle the text in an attempt to manipulate the situation? I vote yes on the later.

Camille also revealed she met Kayte earlier on Thursday. I wrote about her meeting with Kayte earlier today. Overall, Camille just seemed to laugh and apologize when called out on her actions and comments. The same actions and comments she has blamed on editing. She was also asked the big question everyone has been asking, which is why her psychic/medium BFF Allison never told her about Kelsey cheating on her. Camille’s response? “I think she was picking up on me honestly when she said that about Kyle and her husband.” Overall, I thought Camille was a bit pleasant on the show. Better for her to apologize for things she said than continue to blame editing, though I don’t believe the apologizes were genuine at all.

Oh yeah, she denied the escort rumors, not that she would admit it if she ever was one.  Andy also revealed Camille stated on the Howard Stern show that she has had sex with Nick since her separation from Kelsey.

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