“I think when the camera follows you for months, that they really do get an accurate picture of who you are” – Lisa Vanderpump.

“I mean you see the footage. The footage doesn’t lie and in this arena, when the cameras are there, if they did see something negative, they would show it” – Lisa Vanderpump.

Please feel free to keep the above quotes in mind as you reflect back on the whole season and the reunion episodes. Following a pretty successful first season, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took a dark turn on the finale episode. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, and it is finally over. Oh yes! And not a minute too soon.

With that said, let’s get right to the recap! Part 2 of the reunion picks up where part 1 ended, with Camille vs Kyle. “What do you think Kyle has done to your reputation?” asks Andy to Camille, a question I really wished he would have asked Kim. Camille feels Kyle is the reason the world thinks she’s delusional while Kyle is adamant it was all Camille’s doing.

The topic of the she-said she-said drama is brought up once again, and Kim actually speaks up this time… to defend her sister, stating she did not hear Kyle say what Camille is claiming.


Andy then wants to know what Kim really thinks of Kyle. “Is Kyle a bully?” asks Andy as Kim proceeds to take a long pause. “No, not normally,” is Kim’s reply though I believe the pause said it all. “I’ve never seen Kyle be a bully before,” adds Kim. Camille chimes in, “I’ve seen her bully you,” as I never thought the day would come when I would be in total agreement with Camille.

Kim once again takes a long pause while nodding her head in the yes direction, with Kyle shooting her a stern look, nodding no. Lisa, who never once felt the need to defend Kim through the vicious attacks by Taylor, decides to butt in and defend her pal Kyle. Lisa states Kyle is not a bully and refuses to let her have that label. And just as I was starting to think the topic had changed to Kyle and Kim, Andy brings it back to Camille.

And quite frankly, I am so over the Camille topic at this point. I thought Andy was a bit hard on Camille, rightfully so, though I truly wished he could have taken the same tone with Kyle on the Kim issue. Following a number of excuses, Camille finally accepts responsibility for the comments she made about Mauricio, insinuating he was a cheat, and also calls her comments in which she compared herself to Jesus “pure stupidity.” Yes indeed.

It is now time to tackle the Lisa and Cedric issue, and boy was this an ugly segment. Lisa reveals she and husband Ken paid for Cedric to come to the US. According to Lisa, Cedric got “very nasty” and “aggressive” when it came time for him to move out. Lisa states upon moving out, Cedric showed up to Ken’s office the next day and asked for something in other to keep quiet. And yes, it definitely sounds like Lisa is accusing Cedric of trying to blackmail them. Wowzers. Kyle then reveals Lisa went to the cops, something Lisa says she had not made public information, after which Kyle quickly apologizes. Lisa adds that “every word that came out of his mouth was a lie.”

In a surprising twist, Andy proceeds to show us what life is now like for Cedric outside of the Todd mansion, cause you know, we were really curious about that. We see Cedric doing his daily routine of being a famewhore or something, before he proceeds to trash Lisa and Ken. According to Cedric, Lisa became a controlling egomaniac who treated him like a gay pet, tried to pay him in flowers, and woke him up each morning with a violent scream over the intercom. Cedric adds that Lisa has become “a parody of herself.”

Lisa however defends herself stating, “I think when the camera follows you for months, they really do get an accurate picture of who you are,” and also calling him a vindictive liar. Must say I love the above quote by Lisa. It will come in handy later on in this recap.

I was truly surprised that Bravo decided to air Cedric’s “interview” or segment rather. Very tacky on Bravo’s part especially if Lisa’s blackmail allegations are true. Bravo shouldn’t give an alleged blackmailer a platform to air out his grievances. With that being said, I hate to say it but I could see Lisa being a bit controlling and perhaps having a bit of an ego. Does this make her a monster? No, I don’t think it does. No one’s perfect and I still believe about 95% of Cedric’s claims are likely bogus.

What’s interesting is that the National Enquirer wrote an article about Lisa back in November that pretty much echoed Cedric’s comments word for word. I remember reading the article back then and thinking to myself that Cedric was their “source.” The DailyBeast also wrote about the situation in which a “source” made similar sentiments about Lisa. I also remember thinking Cedric was the likely “source” for that article. This is just to show how these things work and how some of these stories end up in the media with so called “sources.”

While the discussion continues, Kyle, who for some reason fails to see Taylor’s true color or even her own true colors, decides to speak up for Lisa stating she saw through Cedric right away. Kyle decides to name drop her cokehead niece with a sex tape aka Paris Hilton, you know, the one whom she’s so proud of and is not embarrassed by at all, by stating Cedric wouldn’t leave Paris’s side during an outing. This scene just made me LOL and SMH at the same type. What a hypocrite. If only Kim had more money, a sex tape and more fame, I’m sure Kyle would be more proud of her and more protective of her secrets.

Next up is Taylor‘s segment as she cries, and reveals her marriage is in a better place following the show. And I don’t even feel any ounce of emotion or sympathy for Taylor as she’s just so phony. What I do love about this segment was Kim‘s advice to Taylor, though I’m sure some would like me to believe she’s an insane demented drunk who never makes sense.

Following a very awkward and poorly acted Turbo Tax commercial with Gretchen Rossi, the show returns with the husbands. Adrienne & Paul reveal bickering is their foreplay, Russell tries to emote some human emotion, Mauricio is still hot as ever, and Ken would like do to more sexy times with his wife. We also find out Camille has hired Mauricio back as her realtor, which I’m certain wasn’t done to repair her image or anything. The Nick factor is brought up and Camille reveals her Italian blood is to blame for kissing a married man on the lips, while still adamant their relationship is definitely not “nefarious.”

Andy then wants to know which of the housewives would kiss their husband’s good friend on the lips? There are no takers though Taylor volunteers she would have no problem kissing Kyle on the lips. Something that would be all but impossible considering those overly inflated things are permanently stuck to Kyle’s rear end. The topic of Cedric is brought up once again and Ken gets emotional as he reveals the despicable actions of someone whom he considered a son. Lisa once again denies Cedric’s claims stating, “I mean you see the footage. The footage doesn’t lie and in this arena, when the cameras are there, if they did see something negative, they would show it.” Mmm mmmm.

During one of the short segments, Andy decides to be messy by asking Adrienne if any of her single rich brothers would be ideal for Kim, who revealed she was single and dating. Adrienne takes the bait and states, almost with a look of disgust on her face, that she doesn’t know because Kim is a crazy drunk according to Kyle bit “standoffish.” Adrienne added, “Who knows? Maybe in the future.” Sighs, I thought Adrienne could have handled this question much better than she did. It doesn’t sound as bad in writing but her whole body language was a bit telling.

It is now time for Kim and Kyle‘s segment. Immediately Andy reads a question from a viewer wanting to know why Kyle bullies Kim “on a regular basis from little jabs, to condescending giggles, to outright attacks?” Kyle tries to take a page from Taylor‘s handbook by stating they are mostly jokes between she and Kim. Andy does a good job reading my mind when he states they do not come across as playful. Kyle then adds that she comes across as a bully because Kim is her sister and their relationship is more complex than friends. And I must say my relationship with my sister isn’t all that complex really. We love each other, protect one another and most importantly, treat each other with respect and dignity. Sibling relationships are never perfect but to try to pass this off as just a complex sister relationship is a bit of a cop out in my opinion. It’s equivalent to Camille blaming everything on her divorce.

Andy once again turns to Kim to ask if she feels Kyle bullies her. Following a pause, a shorter pause than previous ones, Kim replies, “It’s like she misplaces, sometimes she misplaces her anger. But you take it out on the people you love. And I understand.” It sounds like Kim is still trying to defend Kyle, though in the process, she came across sounding like a victim protecting her abuser. Very interesting use of words by Kim. Kim echoed what I have stated in the past two blogs, which is I strongly believe Kyle is taking out all the anger & resentment she has towards their mother out on Kim.

So what’s Kyle’s reply to her sister Kim, who just tried to protect her? “And she’s not any push over, believe me. We just don’t always see that,” is Kyle’s comeback and feel free to think back to Lisa’s comments posted at the beginning of the blog. Better yet, let’s go back to a quote from a “source” in last week’s UsWeekly article trashing Kim. That quote is below –

“Kyle didn’t want anything out there that would shame Kim. But Kim is not the shy waif she presents herself as on TV.”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Andy asks Camille‘s opinion and she feels Kyle is tough on Kim. “We do clash at times. I could be a lot more gentle with Kim. It’s not always one sided. Right?” asks Kyle cocking her head to the side as she shoots Kim a stern look. “Yeah,” responds Kim. “Maybe sometimes I’m a little strong but it’s who I am,” adds Kyle. Poor Kyle, poor poor victim Kyle, always having to be strong, always having to protect and defend Kim. It must be so tough. Kim then tries to come to Kyle’s defense, stating she is just like their mom. “I’m a lot like my mom,” admits Kyle. Interesting admission by Kyle considering all the stories, albeit unconfirmed, out there that claim ‘Big Kathy‘ was a real piece of work, a drunk, and someone who cared more about what her kids could do for her than vice versa.

Kyle gets emotional and attempts to cry though I see no tears on my HD television. Kim gets emotional as well and tears up as she admits Kyle is a bit hard on her at times but uses the phase “I understand” once again. And once again, she uses the language of a victim trying to protect her abuser. Bravo then cuts to some footage of the two sisters from the season including the ugly limo fight. “As much as she loves me, it’s like she puts me down a lot,” says Kim in one of the clips.

“You are a liar and sick and an alcoholic. Okay? You are an alcoholic. Yes. That’s right. That’s right. I’ve said it, now everybody knows,” are Kyle’s words in the limo.

Once again, we see Kim immediately replying, “Oh my God, guess who drinks all GD day?” as Kyle yells ‘quiet’ a few times before immediately dashing out of the limo.

By the way, as this segment played out on TV last night, below are two tweets made by Lisa

“This just accelerated into a rapid decline…Kim didn’t know what she was saying at this time.”

“Bet martins glad I set him up ….shoooot.”

No words. Back to Andy as he wants to know how Kyle felt about what happened that night. While Kyle tries to gather her thoughts, Kim steps in to defend her, stating they both simply want to move on from that night. “I love her,” adds Kim stating she really doesn’t want to discuss that night and just wants to put it all behind her. Andy turns back to Kyle, who is mumbling her words and “crying,” though once again I see no tears. Just a pet peeve of mine by the way, people crying with no tears. Kyle then asks Camille to switch seats with her so that she can be the strong one and comfort Kim. Kyle reveals she would give anything to take back that night.

Kyle adds that it was a lot of stuff that led up to her snapping that night. “Like what,” asks Andy? “Just private things,” replies Kyle. More private than alcoholism I wonder? Andy wonders if being a child actress added to the stress of Kim’s life, Kim disagrees and states she has no regrets. Andy mentions Kim supporting her family, and before he can even finish his sentence, Kyle, who was just “crying” seconds earlier interrupts, “That wasn’t entirely accurate either. Just to be fair, my dad was you know successful… I also was a child actor.” No words.

Lisa butts in to defend Kyle stating that Kyle goes out of her way to protect Kim. How Lisa? By allowing both you and Taylor to keep insinuating that Kim’s an alcoholic during the reunion? Something Kim did not want to talk about at all? Very protective indeed. Lisa once again alludes to the elephant in the room. “I don’t want to talk about that,” is Kyle’s reply. Taylor decides to add her two cents and Andy does an excellent job when he tells her she started the fight. Taylor deflects stating twice that Kim “jumped up” at her during her party and that “there may have been other factors” at play. In watching this again, I can’t help but just feel these people are gross.

And finally comes the moment every one’s been waiting for and the moment Bravo has been touting and promoting.

“Do you have a drinking problem?” asks Andy.

“No, there’s nothing about that night that I want to talk about at all,” replies Kim. A very surprising yet good reply by Kim I thought, will explain why later. Andy puts the issue to rest. Kim hugs sister Kyle and says “I love you,” though we don’t hear a reply from Kyle, who I’m sure is feeling like she has just been vindicated at this point in time, though judging by the responses from the “blogs,” she is very wrong.

Whew! Following that, Andy tries to end the show with comic relief I guess as the whole dinner from hell fiasco is revisited. A viewer question brings up a great point which is why did Camille invite Allison and supply her with alcohol, after admitting Allison gets nasty when she drinks. Camille of course attempts to play dumb though I’m not sure she’s really playing. The issue of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick is brought up again, plus Camille’s past in porn. It seems Camille has done her research as she now mentions the tell-all book Faye wrote about her deceased friend as part of the reason for her comments. Oddly enough, Kyle doesn’t respond to the book talk, simply sticking to the comments about the Playboy issue.

Camille once again brings up the incident in which Kyle and others were looking at porn photos of her in the limo. Kyle, the straight shooter that she is, admits she did indeed show those photos to others in the limo. And then, perhaps not realizing it, Kyle admits those photos were already in her email. So Kyle had photos from Camille’s porn past in her email BEFORE the dinner from hell even happened? Interesting.

More of Allison‘s vile comments are discussed, Camille is still “cautiously optimistic” about a friendship with Kyle, Taylor regrets the Oklahoma comment, Kyle regrets not handling things better, Adrienne & Lisa have no regrets, Kim regrets the arguing with Taylor & Kyle, and Camille not only has regrets, but actually apologizes to Kyle. And the first very draining season of the BH Housewives is over.

Kim & Kyle – Okay so more on this of course. I was very surprised and also impressed with Kim’s reply to the drinking question. Surprised because I honestly assumed she was going to talk about it from the way her sister’s friends (Taylor and Lisa) kept alluding to it all night, especially in situations that it did not need to be brought up in. The fact that Kim wasn’t going to go there makes their actions even more disgusting. And from watching, it seems Kim & Kyle had agreed before hand not to talk about this, which makes Kyle’s actions of not nipping her friends’ insinuations in the bud, more disgusting.

Impressed with Kim’s answer because it’s nobody’s business. I stated on twitter last night that Kyle’s actions of outing Kim’s alleged alcoholism ( I will use the word alleged because Kim has yet to publicly admit it) is equivalent to outing someone’s sexuality. It’s completely unacceptable. If Kim is an alcoholic, no one has the right to reveal that to the world. No one. That should be Kim’s story to tell. My take? I really don’t know if Kim’s an alcoholic. There are so many different variations when it comes to substance abuse that we might never know what the real deal is with Kim. All I can go by is what I saw on the show, and not the mean words of Kyle or the nasty quotes by “family sources” in the press. As I’ve always stated, the only time Kim appeared drunk to me was at the Taylor’s party and even then, she was able to make perfect sense and act appropriately.

In reflecting on this season, I realized this week that my original opinions of the BH Housewives were pretty spot on earlier on in my first recap of the show (written after episode 3). I find myself ending the season with pretty much the same opinions I had of the ladies with the exception of Kim, who absolutely grew on me, way before the finale episode even aired.

Kim – Kim came across as a good person, and an all around decent human being. Some people accuse her of playing the victim role but I don’t see it that way. In fact, I ask, how many times as Kim whined about being a child star and having to support her family on the show? Okay, and how many times has Kyle whined about having to take care of Kim and having to be responsible for Kim on the show? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Taylor – Just a waste. What’s funny is in my first recap for the show, I accidentally left Taylor out while doing my assessment on each of the ladies. So yep, that about sums up Taylor. Just a waste of space and keyboard strokes.

Adrienne – She started as my favorite early on, and I guess she ends the season as my fav along with Kim. She’s far from perfect but seems very smart, level headed and above the drama, which when you think about it, does not make for a good Bravo housewife. I wouldn’t mind seeing her back next season, but with more of ‘her’ and less of the business promoting.

Camille – She really needs to send thank you cards to Taylor and Kyle because quite frankly, I just don’t care as much anymore about her previous actions on the show. She just doesn’t seem as vile to me anymore following the events of the last 2 weeks. With that said, she did say and do all the things we saw this season so… I do think it would be in her best interest to attempt some soul searching and return next season to redeem her image. It can only go up from here right?

Lisa – Lisa became my favorite midway through the season. How could you not love her with her wicked sense of humor? But towards the end of the season, I started to notice some things and started to feel a certain way. Her tweets from last night (posted above) only confirmed my feelings about her. She definitely has some mean girl traits. Definitely. With that said, I don’t think she’s a monster and I still like her for the moment. What I do love about these shows is that people’s true colors always show sooner or later. Below is my original assessment of Kyle from the first recap.

“Though I’m liking Kyle at the moment, I’m starting to notice some little things here and there. I’m detecting a slight arrogance, self-absorbedness, and perhaps some insecurities. I notice this need to sorta put down her sister Kim or burst her bubble rather whenever she’s getting attention from others or feeling good about herself. I can’t wait to see how her character unravels as the season goes along.”

Kyle – Despite that, I still gave her a fair shot because it’s sort of my job to do so, and even started to like her. I made excuses for her regarding the Kim situation because after all, Kim was a needy sister and Kyle was the one who had spent all her life looking after her. Something Kyle made certain to let me know practically every episode. Looking back now, I guess I had it right the first time. I’ve already said a lot about her and made my feelings about her very clear. I’ll just add that karma has a way of evening things out. While I would like to say I want she and Kim to mend things, I just can’t. I don’t think she’s a good or genuine person at all. I think she is toxic to Kim and I strongly believe she is responsible for some of the recent negative press about Kim. I believe Kim should keep her distance until Kyle gets help for whatever her issues are. Not to say Kim doesn’t have issues or doesn’t need to get help as well, but I can only go by what was shown on the show following 5 months of filming.

What really bothers me the most about everything is that Kim has still yet to update her twitter since Jan 18th, and has still yet to break her silence. Both actions lead me to believe she is truly ashamed of what happened and what the world now knows/thinks about her. While the one who should be ashamed and hiding continues to do press rounds trying to repair her image, at the expense of her sister. Also, all the ladies appeared on The Ellen Show today, with the exception of Kim. Kyle revealed on the show that Kim might not return for a second season. Can’t say I blame her.

RHOBH – Overall, it was a pretty good season before it got dark towards the end. However, what I really dislike about this cast is that despite being the wealthiest, they might just be the absolute phoniest Bravo housewives. These women are just extremely phony and fake. The way they treat each other or judge each other is based not on character, but rather on wealth. It’s like the richer you are, the more you get a pass for your bad behavior. I can assure you if Kim had Camille’s wealth, she would have been treated much much differently by the others. With that said, I’m very glad this season is over! And I do look forward to a second season following some blogger therapy sessions.


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