Bringing you the first recap of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

The 3rd episode of the season starts out with Camille Grammer hanging out with her good “friend” Nick as the two prepare to play tennis. In her interview, Camille admits she and Nick are flirty, but assures us Kelsey is fine with it because he is one of Kelsey’s good friends. And by fine with it, she means Kelsey is too busy having an affair to worry about what she’s doing. Plus am I the only one slightly irritated by Camille’s awkwardness in her interviews, you know, the random laughing and looking down after every sentence?

Ballbuster Adrienne Maloof is home planning the Vegas trip and orders her husband Paul to come downstairs. The two discuss the trip and Paul suggests she make it a couples trip instead of just the girls. Adrienne is hesitant, you know, being that she just went on a recent Vegas trip with her husband and all, but she eventually gives in. Evidently two trips together in a month is just pushing it.


Lisa is shown at her restaurant getting ready for dinner with the other ladies and their spouses. We find out Lisa’s human pet houseguest Cedric is also her employee. Following an obnoxious number of air kisses, they all sit for dinner. Kyle brings up the fact that Kim has a date that night, and as the others tease her about it, Kyle decides it’s time to bring the attention back to her by bringing up the fact that Kim has made poor choices in her past when it comes to men. Camille starts going on about the hardship of raising her kids alone with her husband being on the road, and as I role my eyes, it seems Kyle read my mind as she brings up the fact that Camille has 4 nannies to help her out in her interview.

The ladies are shown packing for Vegas and Taylor lets us know she does all the packing for her husband Russell, who seizes the moment to let her know he will be traveling for business during the trip. And this scene seems to be a good reflection of the marriage between the two. Cold and awkward.

The gang arrives in Vegas at the Palms hotel (owned by Adrienne and her brothers) and Adrienne uses this as an opportunity to advertise show off take her friends on a tour of the fabulous hotel.

Taylor and Russell arrive at their suite, and Russell who might or might not be a controlling chauvinist jokes,”Let’s find a minibar and then get naked.” Not helping your case there Russell. In her interview, Taylor states that she truly wanted to marry someone for love as opposed to marrying someone with money to get to were she wants to be in life but… It’s safe to assume Taylor married Russell 80% for his money, and 20% for his love.

The group heads out to eat and Adrienne‘s husband Paul opens up about when he first started dating her. The ridiculously/insanely handsome Mauricio reveals he fell in love with Kyle after seeing what kind of a mother she was. Following the above romantic tales, Camille shares she was set up with hubby Kramer Kelsey through their agents, you know, the old fashioned Hollywood way. Taylor then shares that she did all the chasing in her relationship with Russell, even admitting she chased him around for 3 months, while he sits there and proudly acknowledges running from her. And this most definitely explains why there’s such a screwed up dynamic in their relationship.

They head out to do a little dancing and Camille springs out the stripper moves though there’s no pole around. In this interesting scene, Paul jokingly decides to tip Camille by putting some money in her bra and even seems to gesture that he wants a lapdance, all while his wife watches on. In his interview, Paul admits Camille is “very sexy.” I found it interesting that Paul seemed comfortable enough to act this way in front of his wife.

Taylor is surprised that Russell, who didn’t even dance at their wedding, got up to dance at the club. And I almost find myself wishing he hadn’t as his “dancing” was quite embarrassing and slightly painful to watch.

It’s a new day in Vegas and the group decides to lay by the pool. Kyle and Lisa show their catty side as they jokingly discuss throwing Camille in the pool for having a hot body. Camille makes her entrance and seats in between Paul and Mauricio as Kyle leers on. Out of the blue, Camille decides to start talking about her breasts. Always an appropriate topic of conversation when you’re amongst married men.

The group heads out to dinner once again and Camille‘s good “friend” randomly pops up. Camille gets up to greet Nick as the two hug, hold hands, and make googly eyes at each other while looking like two long lost teenage lovebirds. Upon seating, Camille tells Nick that she loves him. “I love you too,” is his reply sealed with a kiss on the cheek. Okay, am I crazy here? Am I the only one seeing this? Surely there’s something going on between these two! I still can’t get over this scene. Kyle has the same suspicion as she states in her interview that she does not kiss her husband’s friends on the lips.

The servers bring out some cotton candy for dessert and Taylor, who has admitted to having the nickname of ‘Blowfish,’ proceeds to demonstrate to us how she finally got Russell after 3 months of chasing him. “Taylor was playing with that cotton candy. She was kinda licking it and chewing it. Doing things that I’d only read about in books,” hilariously states Lisa in her interview.

The group decides to hang out following the Jay-Z concert, which we could not hear or see, because Bravo is likely too cheap to pay the licensing fees. Right away Camille decides to make an early exit to meet up with her lover “good friend” Nick, who was likely waiting for her at their suite in his birthday suit. Russell decides the party’s over and goes on to grab his wife so they can leave. Without any backtalk, Taylor gets up and obeys her husband.

Now back in Los Angeles, we find out Kyle and Camille had an exchange of words back in Vegas, and unfortunately for us, the Bravo cameras were not around to capture it. The two ladies tell completely different stories with Camille accusing Kyle of making a snotty comment about her, by wanting to know why anyone would be interested in her without Kelsey around.

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been okay thus far, though I do believe Bravo is starting to over-saturate their housewives franchise. My thoughts on the cast below –

Adrienne – Though she seems a bit cold and standoffish at times, I must say I really like Adrienne and her ball busting tough as nails demeanor. She seems all about her business and seems like a smart woman overall. I was a bit put off by her attitude towards her husband Paul at first, but as I keep watching, it seems to work for them. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think they have a good chemistry between them. They seem to have a dynamic in their marriage in which she is the tough go-getter and he is the more reserved mellow one. I’m guessing underneath it all, there’s probably a much softer/sweeter side to Adrienne.

Lisa – Lisa, oh Lisa. She definitely brings the funny in her interviews. Love her sense of humor. Don’t have a good read on Lisa yet so it will be interesting to keep watching her as the season goes along.

Kim – Whoa! How loony was this woman in the first two episodes? I still can’t get over her comments on the premiere episode when she recalled going out with her niece Paris Hilton and having her pictures taken by the paparazzi. And what about her total delusions when it came to the car ride with her kids last week? Oh and let’s not forget that at this stage in her adult life, she has a great deal of difficulty socializing and interacting with others. Kim is definitely very strange but upon watching her in last night’s episode, I will attempt to give her the benefit of the doubt before labeling her the Kelly Bensimon of the BH franchise. Perhaps it’s just taking her a while to get used to the Bravo cameras…

Kyle – Though I’m liking Kyle at the moment, I’m starting to notice some little things here and there. I’m detecting a slight arrogance, self absorbness, and perhaps some insecurities. I notice this need to sorta put down her sister Kim or burst her bubble rather whenever she’s getting attention from others or feeling good about herself. I can’t wait to see how her character unravels as the season goes along.

Camille – Is there any chance on earth Camille wasn’t/isn’t doing her good friend Nick? Surely there’s no way these two don’t have something going on, which makes her comments about Kelsey cheating on her and destroying their family in a recent interview all the more interesting. Camille’s overall personality and demeanor just screams BIMBO. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but there doesn’t seem to be much going on up there for her. Camille is definitely a book that can be judged by the cover. She repeatedly says she doesn’t want to be known as just Kelsey’s wife, okay, then go on and accomplish something other than being Kelsey’s wife. And I’m not sure I’m buying that whole I work for Kelsey’s production company story line either. She probably has a figurehead position. There are also rumors that Kelsey Grammer was married when he started dating Camille, or having an affair with her rather. I’m not certain if this is true. I will do some research on it.


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