Following the highly dramatic and somewhat draining Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part 1 seemed almost dull in comparison though it did have some highlights. If anything, the looks of dagger exchanged between frenimies Nene and Kim, what seemed to be an issue with lighting, as well as the sharks swimming in the background, made for a bit of entertainment.

The reunion begins with Andy Cohen greeting the ladies and comparing hanging out with the housewives to being in a shark tank, though judging by how the reunion show went, a goldfish tank might have made a better, more accurate analogy.


We find out Sheree is no closer to winning an Oscar than she was a year ago before we get a montage of the ladies and their bodies. Andy wants to know if Nene is happy with her nose job and she is, while also pretending she wasn’t aware of the negative feedback she received on the internet following the surgery. Phaedra schools us on donkey booties and sponge bob booties, Cynthia is happy with the way her body looks at age 43, Kim reveals she switched her saline implants to silicone & repositioned her nipples, while Sheree‘s genetics are to blame for her very non masculine arms.

A viewer wants to know Kim’s real age and she reaffirms that she’s 32 while Andy blames her caked makeup for aging her 20 to 30 years. Nene is not the only one who has had liposuction, as Cynthia and Kandi also admit to it, with Kandi revealing she gained 15 pounds despite having the procedure. Cynthia is asked about her comments regarding starving herself and throwing up before a modeling gig, and she insists it was a joke, though I was under the assumption most people were aware it was a joke. A) I’m surprised some people took it seriously and b) surprised Bravo found this question worthy of some air time. And I think this question about sums up just how boring lackluster this reunion was.

It is now time to revisit Kim’s love life which included boys, girls, gays and a Big Poppa. Kim reveals she no longer speaks with Tracy and Poppa, and even appears disgusted when a viewer asks if Big Poppa might in any way be the father of her unborn child. Because you know, Kim is not the type to cheat, two time, or be a mistress. Kim doesn’t reveal the sex of her baby with Kroy, though we can all assume it’s a boy based on her psychic Rose‘s insane accuracy. Kim reveals she isn’t barefoot and smoking despite a TMZ report stating otherwise, while Kandi refuses to vouch for her, perhaps not wanting to go to hell for lying or something.

It’s now Cynthia‘s turn in the hot seat as her wedding drama aka her storyline of the season is revisited. Cynthia reveals she was completely unaware of her mother and sister’s shenanigans (wanting to hide the wedding certificate) until watching the show and admits it was a bit hard to watch. Cynthia reveals it was hurtful to Peter but adds that she knows it was coming from a good place. As for Peter, he is now working on opening a new smaller lounge but this time around, Cynthia’s money will not be involved. As for her supposed chemistry with her ex, actor Leon, Cynthia states that while the two do get along, that ship has long sailed.

A montage of Nene‘s flirting is shown and Nene is immediately on the defensive, stating she’s “not a creeper or a cheater.” She even denies having a crush on Peter though even Stevie Wonder could see that she did. And despite being a former stripper, Nene cites her supposed low freak number as evidence that she does not creep or cheat.

It is now time for some comic relief aka Phaedra time! As Bravo shows us a montage of Phaedra, a connoisseur of finer foods, finer stripping, and finer boughetto Southern events. Immediately, Phaedra’s comments about her husband Apollo liking canned foods due to being half white, is brought up and Phaedra admits that while it was a stereotype, she is not racist and said it in jest. Phaedra is asked about her equestrian background and she actually ponies up photos that show her riding.

What comes next is arguably the highlight of the hour as a viewer wants to know if Phaedra and Nene know each other! Let’s forget about Phaedra’s due date drama, this is the real question on every one’s minds. “Yes, I know Nene,” answers Phaedra. Nene responds that she didn’t know Phaedra in Athens, they did not grow up together, and accuses Phaedra of sending a fake message out. “Well you weren’t in high school with me. You were older than my oldest brother,” replies Phaedra taking an excellent dig at Nene. “I’m 43 to be exact,” states Nene as Phaedra makes a face as it to say she doesn’t believe that age.

“You trying to say I was acting like I knew you when I didn’t know you?” asks Phaedra. Nene once again denies knowing Phaedra or any of her siblings while Phaedra reminds her she used to talk to her brother on the phone. “Your claim to fame is this show. I’m pre Housewives,” states Phaedra. Zing! Phaedra puts the final nail in Nene’s coffin when she reveals Nene even called her pre Housewives, trying to get on a TV show. This scene did not look good for Nene. You don’t know someone but you are calling them about appearing on a TV show?

Plus, a bonus video from Bravo’s WWHL after show with Phaedra and hot hubby Apollo shows Pheadra revealing that not only do she and Nene know each other from Athens but Nene’s grandmother used to babysit her, adding that she also knows Nene’s immediate family.

A twitter comment by Nene, in which she referred to one of her castmates as a transvestite is brought up and Nene refuses to reveal who she was referring to, simply stating that a “hit dog will holler.” Sighs, and yet Nene wonders why some of her castmates might not be Team Nene.

Nene‘s season is revisited and she is still divorcing Gregg, in what might or might not be the longest divorce ever. She does confirm what we recently reported which is that Gregg has recently moved out. After strongly implying to Cynthia on the show that Gregg had cheated on her in the past, Nene refuses to admit or deny this issue, simply stating she and Gregg are both in a better place these days. She has not spoken to Dwight since Cynthia’s wedding, accusing him of being a social climber. And Nene has now had a major falling out with former close friends Kim, Dwight and Sheree. Perhaps the problem might lie with Nene and not just everyone else around her.

The Kim and Sweetie issue is brought up as we see a montage of Kim basically yelling out “Swetieeeeeeeeeeee” for what seems like an eternity. Kim reveals Sweetie still works for her and that Sweetie has been with her for 11 years. And yes, I’m also wondering how that’s possible if Kim’s only 32 while Sweetie appears to be a lot younger. My guess would be perhaps Sweetie starting babysitting for Kim during her teen years, or maybe they knew each other before Sweetie offically became her assistant.

A reader wants to know why Kim needs an assistant considering all she does is smoke, eat pizza and sleep with Big Poppas. Kim admits that while she might appear to be a lazy hobag on national television, there is more than meets the eye. She’s also a TV star, a pop star, and a soon to be renowned author. Andy attempts to be messy by asking her what type of book she’s writing, wanting her to admit she’s writing a book about dating, Kim tries to stall before admitting her book will be about “how to land your own Big Poppa in a roundabout way,” aka how to be a successful goldigga!

Kim is asked by a reader why she treats Sweetie like an unwanted flea, and Kim states we only see a portion of it, and that they actually have a good relationship despite what we see. As Kim’s talking, Cynthia gets some Nene courage and states that what is shown on the show doesn’t reflect that. The race factor is brought up and Kim states she doesn’t see color. Phaedra also adds her opinion, giving a good speech about race relations.

Nene, who might or might not be the completely out of touch with reality, then decides to add her nonsense two cents, stating, “I just want to be clear that it’s not a black and white issue for me. It’s just strictly human respect,” cue the Bravo cameras panning to Cynthia who is nodding her head in agreement. Umm Nene, didn’t you call Sweetie, a black woman, a slave to her face? In a very demeaning and disrespectful manner at that? While later making references to her getting a chain around her neck? Human respect indeedy.

Nene, who could care less about Sweetie, then brings up an event in which Big Poppa allegedly called Sweetie a “black bitch” a number of times. Nene, who loves to get others on her side during any fight, calls on Sheree to cosign. Sheree admits she did hear Big Poppa refer to Sweetie with those words. Pretty disgusting if true. Kim’s defense is she is not the one who said those words.

Nene then tries to bring Kandi‘s back up singers into it, stating they also complained about the way Kim talks to Sweetie. Nene accuses Kim of only having a problem when she complains. “You called her a slave!” is Kim‘s reply. “Yes, I called her slave,” admits Nene, stating that the way Kim talks to Sweetie is much worse. Does Nene ever hear herself talk? Nene continues to yell and then accuses Kim of dishing it out but not being able to take it, which is basically a description of Nene in a nutshell. She can yell at others, she can curse out others, even try to get violent with others, but how dare Kim or anyone stand up to her? She just argues loudly and blindly. “I don’t accept verbal abuse well,” states the bully as the reunion ends.

And anyone else notice how Nene never gets too loud or out of hand with her other castmates aka Phaedra and Sheree, but only does it with those she deems to be weaker aka Kim and Dwight. Even during this reunion, she kept her composure while Phaedra took many digs at her. Very interesting. Overall, the reunion show was okay. It seems Bravo saved the best for next week as Phaedra’s delivery date issue will be addressed. And what the heck were Cynthia and Nene talking about when they accused their castmates of teaming up against them during the reunion? That wasn’t the case at all. Not even close. Nene is definitely delusional and Cynthia needs to stop crawling up her a**! Get a mind of your own Cynthia. It’s very telling that she’s best friends with someone like Nene and married to someone like Peter.

Watch What Happens Live – The guests were Cynthia and husband Peter Thomas and yes the two are still happily married for now. The show was actually pretty good as Peter made for a funny guest while Cynthia was dressed like a black widow for some reason. The two claimed all is well between Peter and Cynthia’s family while Peter also stated he has rarely seen or spoken to Cynthia’s mom and sister since the wedding. Cynthia revealed she and Nene are as close as ever, while the second funniest part of the show came at the end when Peter attempted to defend Nene’s character. “If you really want to know how a person is, just look at their kids,” said Peter of Nene. Talk about a fail. The best part of the show was a very brief cameo by Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis.


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