The third season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta concluded last night with a slightly more dramatic reunion episode than the previous week.

The reunion begins with some awkward sex talk with the ladies as Andy Cohen is very interested in finding out their freak numbers. And didn’t we learn about this on the show already? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Bravo has an hour to fill and darn it, we will hear their freak numbers one more time!


Kandi‘s freak number is a 8 to a 8.5, Sheree denies having the highest freak number and Phaedra is willing to try some new things with her hot hubby Apollo, whatever that means. For some very odd reason, a viewer wants to know the freak number of Joyce aka Kandi’s mom and fortunately Kandi manages to dance around the question. Whew! The topic finally takes a turn for the interesting when Andy wants to know why Nene, a self admitted former stripper, is prudish when it comes to sex. “I wrote in a book about my life. I wasn’t actually sitting somewhere talking with a bunch of women. I’m not open to talking about it like that,” is Nene’s reply. And no, that made zero sense to me either.

The topic is back to Kandi, who is no longer celibate and would like to keep the name of the person who took her celibacy private, no thank you Andy! A viewer wants to know if Kandi swims in the lady pond and perhaps has a crush on Kim? Kandi denies having a crush on Kim, but doesn’t really answer the lady pond question. That question wasn’t a fluke as there have been rumors about Kandi’s sexuality. Kim doesn’t reveal her freak number, though judging from her history with married cops, married millionaires and female DJs, it’s safe to assume it’s off the charts!

It’s Sheree‘s turn in the hot seat, except the seat is more lukewarm considering Sheree had a pretty uneventful season. In fact, the “highlight” of Sheree’s season is her fake love doctor beau. Sheree reveals she never did see Tiy-E’s PhD papers and that the movie role she got is currently on hold as the move did not have funding. In fact, Sheree trashed the movie in a recent Bravo blog, revealing she had to quit the role due to the un-professionalism of the people involved. And that folks about sums up Sheree’s season – “Doctor” Tiy-E and her acting passion. A viewer question however brings up something that happened off the show, which was Sheree getting her Aston Martin car seized as a means of recouping the $110,000 judgment awarded to her lawyers after they sued her for not paying her $80,000 tab. Sheree makes it clear her car was seized and not repossessed, while also letting us know she will continue to make big purchases if she wants to. That’s all fine and dandy Sheree but we just want you to pay your bills!

The topic of Sheree’s Dancing Stars of Atlanta charity event is brought up and a viewer wants to know why Nene only gave $20 and then talked Kandi out of giving more. Instead of admitting that she is cheap, broke or all of the above, Nene makes excuses claiming she did not know it was a charity event. Really Nene? Nene also denies preventing Kandi from giving more, to which Kandi nicely butts in to remind her that she did tell her not to give more in other to not make the other cheap people at the table look bad. Nene, who is extremely delusional and out of touch with reality, once again denies ever trying to convince Kandi not to give more. Does Nene watch the show? Hear herself talk? Ever?

The topic of being a mother is brought up and I can’t help but wonder why this seems like a filler topic. Andy reveals that all the women on the couch, with the exception of Phaedra, have all been single mothers at one point. “I’ll tell you what. I don’t want to be my kid’s friend,” adds Nene to the convo, seemingly taking a dig at Kim, who has stated numerous times that she is both a friend and a parent to her kids. Must say, for someone who’s son was arrested twice in one month and reportedly has a pregnant girlfriend, Nene sure seems rather smug in her comments. Kandi reveals daughter Riley‘s relationship with her father has yet to improve and gets very emotional, stating that being a single mother is one of the reasons she really bonded with Kim. Sheree and Kim share similar sentiments, while Cynthia reveals that she and her ex Leon had to work hard in building a good partnership for the sake of their daughter.

Following an interesting Bluefly commercial feauturing Kyle Richards, the reunion returns and it is now the time most fans of the show have been patiently awaiting – Phaedra’s due date drama! After spending most of the season lying being uncertain about her due date, Phaedra has now changed her tune, stating she did know the due date. Andy flats out asks her if she lied due to her religious mother, Phaedra answers no and then goes on a tangent about her costars only caring about the drama and not genuinely about her. Umm, the drama only ensued due to your lies Phaedra. Cynthia crawls out of Nene’s ass for a second to make a valid point, stating that asking a pregnant woman when she’s due is not an invasive or mean spirited question.

Phaedra now claims she wanted to keep her due date a secret due to some pregnancy complications. Riiiiight. A very smart viewer just flats out wants to know the dates and time frames involving Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship. Excellent question by Kim from Stratford, Connecticut! According to Phaedra, Apollo got out of prison in May 2009, they got engaged in July 2009 and tied the knot in November 2009. And then finally, Phaedra admits she “might” have been a month to a month and a half pregnant when she got married. And that folks, is the closest to the truth we are getting from this seasoned attorney.

The topic is now Apollo, and Phaedra accuses Nene of being the most vocal about him, something Nene denies and as much as I hate to agree with Nene, trust guys — this one really hurts, she is right. I don’t think Nene was the most vocal about Apollo, and I think Sheree‘s comments and insinuation about Apollo’s sexuality was probably the worst of the group. Phaedra denies her man is DL and states Apollo was very upset at Sheree’s insinuations. Phaedra also reveals Apollo was arrested on RICO charges aka racketeering aka a white collar crime. To shed more light on Apollo’s actual crimes, he was basically the go to guy in a large auto theft ring when it came to creating fake titles for the stolen cars. See Phaedra, that wasn’t so hard.

It is now time to revisit the Kim and Kandi Tardy For The Party song issue. Kandi reveals their attorneys are now in talks regarding the new song – The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing. A viewer wants to know why none of the housewives won’t admit Kim can’t sing, as Bravo pans to the ladies, who mostly appear to be looking down or adjusting their dresses. Brilliant editing, bravo Bravo! Phaedra sort of defends Kim stating that while she might not be a vocalist, she does have curb appeal.

It’s finally time to address what really went down financially with TFTP as Kim reveals the plan was to give Kandi 33% of the gross sales until her lawyer told her that wasn’t the way it worked. The lawyer is actually right because if Kandi had gone about things the right way, she would have received closer to 50% depending on how much of the song she wrote. Kandi reveals she took it personal when Kim came to her about her lawyer’s comments, adding that the most hurtful part about the entire ordeal was the insinuation that she tried to take advantage of Kim.

Andy asks a great question which is how much has Kim received from the song. Kim lies dances around the question claiming she doesn’t know because she hasn’t checked to see the amount in a while, though I’m pretty certain I read a while back that the song had made over $150,000. Kandi estimates 80 – 100k, stating she has only received about $3000 to $4000 from the track. Kandi tears up, stating Kim shouldn’t have felt she deserved to make all the money off the song. While it was sad to see Kandi tear up, it was all her fault for not handling her business. I actually don’t blame Kim for feeling she aka the artist deserved to make the most money off the track, though it doesn’t work that way in reality. Most people not knowledgeable about the business would be surprised to hear that the song writers make more money from song sales than the artists. Most artists who don’t write their songs supplement their income from tours and performing.

Kim was however full of crap in this segment by pretending she didn’t know how much the song has made and also pretending that the money didn’t matter to her. The best part of the segment was when Andy took a not so subtle dig at Kim by asking her, “How could you be tone deaf to the point that she created this song for you and ended up giving you back whatever money she had gotten for it..?” It gets better as Andy proceeded to ask Kimmy if she feels she was more valuable to the song making process than Kandi was. Kim pretends not to understand the question, forcing Andy to repeat it two more times. Priceless. I’m a bit conflicted on the Kandi issue though as I was surprised to see her crying over it. I think she needed to be a big girl about things, suck it up, call it a lesson learned, and move on from it. Maybe I’m just still slightly irritated that she spent most of the season whining about it. Perhaps she was just genuinely hurt about the whole ordeal.

It is now time to end the reunion show with Nene vs Kim part 32 or something, as we reflect on what was of their friendship this season. The ladies admit they haven’t spoken since the tour bus incident. Andy wants to know what got Nene so worked up on the bus and the hypocrite replies, “I don’t like verbal abuse.” However, physical abuse in the form of choking others is a-okay! Nene, who referred to a fellow African American woman as a slave, then accuses Kim of hitting below the belt. And I’m just getting very irritated at this point at having to listen to the delusional ramblings of Nene. And why aren’t any of the other housewives calling her out on her crap? That’s what was missing with this boring two series reunion, everyone just sort of minded their own business. No one was willing to call out the others on their bad behavior. A very different contrast from let’s say the last Real Housewives of NYC reunion show, which Bravo had to make into 3 hours. And no, I’m not calling for a WWE brawl, but I didn’t enjoy the phoniness and everyone biting their tongues when they looked like they really wanted to say something.

Nene continues to ramble, while once again trying to rally the others against Kim by asking Sheree to cosign on Kim hitting below the belt. The pot then accuses the kettle of always playing victim. “I didn’t touch you. When I touch you, you gon know about it victim,” says Nene, who claims to be a victim of domestic violence and even claims to be the founder of a charity organization against domestic violence. Plus isn’t Nene the one who is always accusing everybody else of being a “hater?”

Kim then goes on to describe Nene in a nutshell. “You have a pattern Nene of yelling at people and being verbally abusive, like with Dwight, me, like that’s you. You get up in somebody’s face ah ah ah ah ah . That’s what Nene does because you’re big and tall. And then you get louder so nobody can hear what I’m saying, and that’s how you are. Perfect summary of Nene, especially the bolded part. I mean, how does one go through life yelling the entire time? I sympathize with her vocal cords. Nene goes on to issue a BS apology to her family and friends for having to stoop down to a trash level. Sighs. So over the Nene.

Andy wants to know what the ladies have planned and Sheree reveals she plans on resurrecting her She by Sheree line from the dead, Phaedra just wants to work with the dead by purchasing a funeral home, Kandi wants to keep the living happy with a line of sex toys, Cynthia has nothing going on and makes up a story about possibly opening a modeling school, Kim is working on her wig line and bringing new life into the world, while Nene is planning to alienate more fans with her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice.

And with those final statements, the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 3 is officially over. Premiering in two weeks will be the 6th season of the Real Housewives of OC.

Watch What Happens LiveKandi and Phaedra were guests and they made for a very funny and entertaining show. Phaedra just continues to go up in my book. She’s very funny and it’s easy to understand why most fans of the show like her now. She’s able to take things in stride and poke fun at herself. I honestly think Phaedra is now my favorite of the cast. Wow – did I just type that? The highlight of the show was when Andy read a tweet by Nene to Phaedra in which Nene wrote, “Phaedra is 40 so I really don’t understand?? She’s acting as if she’s 25!” Phaedra’s reply? “Wow, so if I’m 40 and she’s 43, that means we were in school together right?” The poll question of the show was Whose side are you on when it came to the Nene and Kim feud. Kim won the poll with 62% of the votes and my faith in Bravo housewives fans has been restored.

And then out of the blue, those sneaky folks at Bravo decided to air the entire season premiere episode of the Real Housewives of Miami. I watched this last night and I really thought… It would be best to save my opinions for a future recap! 🙂 Happy President’s Day Folks!


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