A new episode of the Real Housewives of New York City aired last night and you know something is majorly off when Kelly Bensimon appears to be the lone sane one on the show. The episode brought us a classless Countess, a paranoid Jill, and an equality march that went totally off course with Sonja working overtime to hijack it and equality police Alex working even harder to prevent the said hijacking. Ultimately, Alex became the new Bethenny with most of her fellow housewives ganging up on her.

The episode begins with the ladies meeting up at Sonja‘s home to get ready for the marriage equality march. The “gay icon” – her words – has been asked to be the grand marshal for the event. Sonja, who might or might not have gone to the Nene Leakes school of overblown egos following a season on Bravo, thanks the ladies for coming to support her on her “special day.” Alex is taken aback, rightfully so, and channels her inner RHOM’s Adriana by making it clear she is on the committee! And low and behold, Kelly is the voice of reason when she states in her interview, “So is it Sonja’s day or Alex’s day? I’m not sure but I was marching for marriage equality.” And I’m still not sure how I feel about a medicated and sensible Kelly.



Alex has nothing on Sonja who makes it very clear the day is all about hers truly. “This is a big day for me. It’s very important,” states Sonja. Alex attempts to bring the topic back to the equality rights and the gay icon is having none of it! “We’re talking about me now. We’re talking about my girlfriends being here to support me,” retorts Sonja. Ai ya ya!

Upon arriving to the march, Sonja’s ME statements continue as she once again thanks the ladies for supporting HER. Alex goes to meet up with hubby Simon who is donning an event appropriate rainbow glitter sequins jacket. Oddly enough, me thinks he had that in his closet way before this event was planned. Things take a turn for the dramatic when Alex discovers Simon can no longer give his speech because gay icon Sonja demanded she be the only one allowed to speak from the group aka the RHONYC cast. Alex is upset and confronts Sonja, who oddly enough admits to it. “Yes, it was about me coming to speak,” retorts Sonja.

Sonja starts rambling like a Kelly, saying she has some documentation stating only she would be the one allowed to speak. Oddly enough, Alex’s name is still listed on the website as one of the speakers. According to Alex’s blog, she was first asked to speak and agreed, before deciding she would rather have Simon take her place, something the event organizers had no problem with.

It gets even worse as Alex tells Sonja that Simon can still speak if she would simply give the event organizers the okay. In her interview, Sonja feels Alex should have just supported her. Uh? You just prevented her husband from giving his Alexandra/Alexander speech! Seriously, what is Sonja smoking? And why didn’t the event organizers tell Simon he could no longer speak before the day of the event? So many questions, so little time. What is clear is that none of the other ladies back Alex, as Kelly wants them all to hush while Alex, instead of letting it go, continues to try to get Sonja to give the okay for Simon to speak. Sonja refuses, continuing to pretend to be clueless about everything.

Fresh off a consultation with her image consultants, Jill, who was just stating on the last episode that she wouldn’t be able to make the march due to the Hamptons wedding, arrives with the poor man’s Giggy aka Ginger. Unlike grand marshal Sonja, Jill had her speech rehearsed and ready to go! Lights, camera, and action!

Alex – “Listen committee member, I’m glad you came.”

Jill – “Thanks.”

Alex – “Well Sonja’s got a speech. They asked you too to speak right? They asked Simon to speak.”

Jill – “I don’t know. You have a misunderstanding… Everyone knew when they asked me that I had a wedding this weekend. I don’t know why you keep making such a big issue out of it. Leave me alone. Just leave me alone! Stop picking on me. Stop picking on me! You’ve been picking on me since you saw me. Just leave me alone!”

And the Oscar doesn’t go to… Alex looks as stunned as I am, and 15 minutes into the show, Kelly is still the most sane one.

Following that unnecessary dramatic display, Jill proceeds to high five Alex to having a good time. It’s like Kelly lost her crazy, and all the other housewives found it! Finally Sonja steps up to the podium to give her big speech on her big day. The gay icon gets up there and pretty much wings it. “I think Sonja confused marriage equality with gay pride,” states Alex. What is interesting though is that the event organizers would call Sonja a gay icon and make her the grand marshal when she has on more than one occasion refused to answer the question of whether or not she has been with another woman. Gay icon indeed.

Following a filler scene with Cindy and her brother, the group arrives to Alex & Simon’s home for a “wedding reception.” Sonja makes it clear in her interview that she decided to be the bigger person by showing up. At the party, Alex displays some manners when she tells Jill they need to talk about their issues but at a different place and time. Jill agrees and they hug it out. For some reason, Silex are hellbent on making certain we hear Simon’s speech and so the speech begins! The speech is underway and like Sonja, I’m confused as well. Is he coming out? Is Alex prepared for this? But no he doesn’t! Simon just feels strongly that gay people should have the same right to mystery as straight people.

Samantha Sonja meets up with her boy-toy of the moment aka Brian at his art studio. Brian is making a portrait for Sonja and decides to unveil to her his unfinished piece. Sonja looks at the painting and is not pleased with the image of herself in 40 30 15 years. She complains that the painting ages her face and boobs while Brian assures her it will look more youthful once completed.

The new mean girls Sonja and Countess Lulu meet up for lunch to catch up on things aka Alex bashing time! Sonja brings up the drama with Alex comparing it to a drive-by shooting. Sonja calls Alex a bridezilla, LuAnn backs her up calling Alex annoying. “She was after you, she was after Jill,” says LuAnn. Is she on the same show I’m watching? “She found her voice but her voice is aggressive. And no matter how hard you try to climb up the social ladder. Once you get to the top, you have to be comfortable with who you are,” says the lady who climbed up the social ladder by marrying a Count and refuses to give up her title following their divorce. Odd that Jill and LuAnn keep making references to Alex being beneath their social class or status. Pretty classless thing to say.

It’s a special event for Mr. Gucci and Ramona got a table but did not invite Kelly, who let’s face it, can be a wackadoo at times according to Ramona. Alex arrives and fills in Ramona on Sonja’s actions at the march. In very rare fashion, Ramona doesn’t really give an opinion on the issue as she doesn’t want to take a side. “I’m caught in the middle,” states Ramona.

Sonja arrives with Kelly who makes it clear she doesn’t need Ramona’s invite as Mr. Gucci himself hand delivered her an amazing invite. Take that Ramona! Ramona finds out about Kelly’s arrival and goes into a slight panic. She is not happy as she thinks Kelly is Sonja’s guest but decides to make room for Kelly anyways. Fortunately for Ramona, Kelly only came to attention whore and take photos, and not to participate in the actual event. Kelly and Sonja are talking and Sonja brings up the St. John breakdown. Kelly isn’t interested in talking about her “breakthrough” and states she is still upset at Ramona for calling her crazy. I take it she’s upset with the rest of the world as well. Kelly makes her exit while Ramona is puzzled as to why the other ladies have tact are pretending like the trip never happened.

It’s the day of Sonja‘s art party and she reveals she was kind enough to extend an invitation to Alex in spite of the prior events that transpired, you know, such as getting her husband booted from giving a public speech. Alex arrives and immediately, Sonja approaches her to try to “clear the air.” Evidently, clearing the air involves confronting someone while also pretending not to know their husband’s name. “Simon, is that your husband’s name?” states Sonja while Alex appears to be seeing red at this point in time. The gay icon continues, stating she never wants to have Simon in her ear like that ever again.

Alex gets defensive and craziness ensues! “I said I would speak if they would come to me outside of our group and to me alone,” states Sonja once again admitting she did indeed force the organizers’ hand at axing Simon. Not sure who is worse – Sonja or the event organizers for caving into her selfish demands?

The argument continues with mostly Sonja continuously cutting off Alex. “You can leave,” yells Sonja. “You have the worst manners,” she adds. “This is the wrong time and the wrong place,” continues Sonja. “You have crossed the wrong person.”

Instead of Alex leaving, she continues to engage and prolong the argument. Eventually Sonja walks away and Alex leaves. “I would have kicked her out just for the dress,” says the classy LuAnn about Alex. Sonja proceeds to fill in LuAnn and Cindy on what just transpired and she sorta lies when she claims Alex “came in and freaked on me.” LuAnn, who really seems to have a grudge of some kind against Alex, immediately takes Sonja’s side. “She obviously does not belong here,” says the Countess once again referencing Alex’s social standing. How disgusting. Note to LuAnn – Only classless people make references to other people’s class.

The other ladies arrive, Sonja introduces her soon to be unveiled nude painting, shouldn’t the artist be doing this? Oh well, Brian unveils the painting, Sonja is pleased with the final results, Ramona doesn’t think it’s flattering, Cindy would fire Brian as her gigolo if she were in Sonja’s shoes and the episode ends.

Sonja – Still a little speechless as to her behavior last night, but more importantly at the fact that she admits she would only speak at the event if she was the only one out of the RHONYC cast to do so. I just don’t get it. The whole thing seems extremely absurd and so over the top egotistical, it’s almost beyond comprehension. Sonja became a trending topic on twitter last night, getting a TON of backlash from fans. Folks, it was pretty bad. I read a number of those twitter comments and it seemed like over 90% of the comments were extremely negative towards Sonja. It will be interesting to see how her character plays out over the course of this season. And is it just me or do these ladies drink way too much? Sonja appeared drunk/tipsy most of the episode while I lost count of the number of times Alex downed a glass or the number of times the cast asked for drinks.

Watch What Happens Live – The guests were Sonja and David Arquette. Andy immediately let Sonja know of the fan backlash following the episode. Sonja claimed she was “misunderstood” and stated she only meant it was her day while amongst her girlfriends aka her costars. The poll question was the classic whose side were viewers on when it came to Alex and Sonja. Similar to last week’s results, Alex won with 79% of the votes with Sonja only receiving 21%. No word yet on whether or not Bravo will recant this on Sunday’s episode. Overall, David and Sonja made good guests. There seemed to be some flirting between the two so it’s safe to assume they banged later on. It is Samantha Sonja after all darlings.


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