Celebrity Apprentice Recap: The Wrath of Nene Leakes, Hope Gets Fired

On last night’s episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, it was Nene vs Star take, oh who’s keeping count! The two ladies butted heads once again, well actually it was more of the Nene verbally attacking yet another person on national television, while Star just attempted to keep her distance cool.

The episode begins with Nene Leakes still reeling over the elimination of her new BFF La Toya Jackson. You know, the same person she verbally attacked a few weeks ago and the same person she helped send packing. Nene is upset at Star Jones as she feels Star is manipulative aka playing the game, something the Nene clearly doesn’t know how to do.

The task is to produce a live hair show using Biosilk and Chi products, with the winning project manager getting $40,000 for their charity of choice. Donald Trump wants to know who will be PM for the women’s team and Nene immediately volunteers. Okay, all is well. Not! Almost immediately, the Nene loses her cool as she reveals the only reason she’s PM is because Star told her to be. Evidently, she has to do whatever Star says, and even more interesting, asking someone to be a PM in the game of the Apprentice equals fighting words!


“I know how you think,” yelled Nene.” I know how you play the game. And you are playing with the right one… I will take you down while the rest of these girls will look at you and be scared.” Oh but it didn’t end there. Star told the Nene that this wasn’t the Real Housewives of Atlanta and even walked to the other side of the team to get away from Nene, who simply followed her and kept the war of words going. “You talked a good game, now bring your street game because that’s what I’m bringing,” said Nene. “Now where’s Barbara Walters? Miss I’m so educated. How educated are you on the streets?” Nene then went on to verbally attack another team member as well, referring to Hope Dworaczyk as Star’s puppet. But isn’t Nene really the puppet if she played right into Star’s plan to get her eliminated by getting her to become the PM?

Star’s response? “This is not the Atlanta housewives and I was bound and determined to show America in the way an educated black woman handles stress and the way that someone who is not educated handles stress,” said Star.

Nene’s shameful display is both sad and embarrassing, especially since it occurred in front of the company exec Farouk Shami. And once again, Nene lets us know that her charity is for domestic violence and oh the irony. I’m also guessing sometime on the next episode, Nene will cry out to Star and wonder out loud why Star doesn’t like her.

Despite the verbal attack from Nene, Star decides to put on her team hat by still being a team player, something I’m certain the Nene would have never been able to do had the shoe been on the other foot. Things appear to be going smooth but Nene lets us know that all is not forgiven with Star. And I ask, why is Nene so upset at Star for playing the game?

“Evil fat lady,” said Nene about Star “You might have lost weight on the outside but your brain is still very fat.” The audacity of the Nene calling anyone fat is quite laughable.

Oh yeah, also during the episode, the Donald decided to bring back La Toya to join the men’s team for ratings or to prolong the season or something. Don’t quite remember. Two of Donald’s sons made an appearance on this episode once again answering the question of whether or not the Donald sports a rug. No folks, it is all his as the kids have the same natural rug as well. In the boardroom, Trump announces the return of La Toya to a very happy reaction from the Nene who was just calling her Casper weeks earlier.

Nene continues her attack in the boardroom, Marlee reveals she was scared of Nene during her rant against Star and the Nene appears stunned that anyone would be scared of her. Nene once again starts yelling over everyone and barely gives the others a chance to speak. Nene then accuses her team members of slacking off during their first day on the task. “It’s hard to be a flame thrower though and then except camaraderie,” brilliantly points out Ivanka Trump.

Ultimately, the men’s team wins, Hope is called out for flying under the radar and being Star’s puppet, the show gets pre-empted for an important announcement by President Obama (Osama Bin Laden had been killed) and thanks to the internets, I discovered Hope got the boot.

And while I do agree that Star is manipulative and far from a saint, it’s difficult to fault her for playing the game. But whatever Nene thought of Star, she needed to keep things professional at all times. While Hope got the boot on this episode, perhaps rightfully so, in the real world Nene’s shameful display, especially in front of a company exec, would have definitely gotten her fired much quicker.