Mob Wives Recap: Rats, Raccoons & More Renee Drama

Following a one week hiatus, the Mob Wives returned last night with a much calmer episode. Let’s face it, any episode that doesn’t involve a brawl is a calm one for these ladies! Carla deals with the impending release of her husband from prison, Drita handles some scumbags (raccoons), Karen deals with the backlash from her mob non tell-all, and Renee finally admits what we knew all along — she’s still not over Junior.

The episode begins with Renee and Carla meeting up for some drinks and eats. And err weren’t these two ladies just trying to kill each other an episode ago? Carla reads my mind as she states she has simply decided to let bygones be bygones. Renee brings up dating once again, and once again the topic of that convo goes back to Junior. Renee reveals she wants a “big jaw, strong,” man aka Junior. Carla wonders why she always keeps going back to Junior and Renee denies still being in love with him. We don’t believe you Renee! We also find out Renee and Carla have known each other since their teenage years, so why does one lady look much older than the other?


After a visit from her daughter, Karen reveals her daughter is now back in Arizona with her dad David. And of course, David hasn’t been involved in his daughter’s life for long periods because ding ding ding, he has also spent years in prison. It was nice to see the two exes carry on a civil relationship as David reveals he’s having a tough time adjusting to being a dad and life out of prison. He however vows to do whatever it takes to remain free.

These women are very big on loyalty as Carla, who now has a new boyfriend, is out shopping for her soon to be free ex? husband Joe, who is coming home in a matter of weeks. Right on cue, Joe calls Carla as she is shopping and the two seem to flirt quite a bit. Carla however notes that’s just their personalities and there will be no hanky panky going on in the halfway house.

Drita and Karen meet up for the first time since the mob style dinner from hell brawl. Karen talks about her ex David as she reveals he has spent most of his life in prison, doing 2 years, 6.5 years, 8.5 years, and then 2 more years. Wowzers! The two ladies bond as they talk about the hardship of keeping the romance alive while your man is locked up. And in watching this show sometimes, it’s hard to distinct between the times to laugh or better yet cry. This folks is one of those situations!

Mafia princess Renee is paying her weekly visit to her therapist plastic surgeon as mama needs a tune up! The 41-year-old complains about her boobs (she wants it “gutted out”), tummy, and her lack of an asset. Her plastic surgeon advises her to lose some weight in preparation for the surgeries she wants but Renee doesn’t see the need. Duh! That’s what plastic surgery is for!

Karen meets up with her writing coach to talk about her mob non tell-all book. The media has caught wind of Karen’s plans to write her book and she is getting a lot of backlash, mostly from the victims of her father. Karen is emotional and conflicted. On one hand, she feels bad for the victims’ families and on the other hand she feels she is not responsible for her father’s actions, which she isn’t. However, it’s quite understandable that the families of the victims will not be too pleased with her book.

It’s time for some precious mother-daughter bonding time with Drita and her 10-year-old daughter Aleeya. Aleeya wishes her dad would come home soon and Drita assures us despite his long periods of incarceration, Aleeya is still very close with Lee. Uh uh. Aleeya presses for more details about why her fatEdit Post ‹ Reality Tea — WordPressher’s in jail, and Drita reveals Lee’s best friend was a “rat.” The innocent Aleeya asks what a rat is and Drita briefly shoots her a look of shock before going on to explain what it is. Drita also makes it clear that Lee is in prison because he made some poor choices. However, I’m just relieved this mother-daughter bonding doesn’t involve any bikini-fur photos!

Karen meets with Renee to talk about the backlash regarding her book. Who better to understand her than a fellow Mafia princess. Renee is there for Karen but also has her own pressing issues with the press, such as why do the newspaper articles need to include their ages in the articles they write. Back home, Drita takes a break from dealing with scumbags, raccoons that is and not to be mistaken for any of the men on the show, to chat with her hubby Lee. As the two breeze on through their phone convo, you almost forget the other party is in prison. Drita brings up her rat convo with their daughter Aleeya, and she expresses a little bit of concern at Aleeya’s comment that she’d rather have her dad in jail than he be a rat.

It’s time to visit Renee who lives in a pretty posh home. Seriously, all the ladies on the show seem to live in nice houses. How can they afford these homes? Oh never mind, that was a rhetorical question! Junior shows up to Renee’s home as Renee reveals he’s been coming around more often since his recent arrest. Renee is trying to figure out the real reason for this though me thinks he’s just trying to escape his bugged home and tapped phone lines! Junior appears to be trying to bond with his son AJ as Renee reveals he is heading back to prison soon. Um wasn’t he just arrested a few weeks earlier? Has he been tried and sentenced already? Perhaps it’s a parole/probation violation of some sort, or maybe a quick plea deal.

Carla heads over to Drita’s home to help her scare off some scumbags, and back at casa de Renee, she calls her good friend Nicole to talk about Junior. Not only is Junior sleeping over, but they are also sharing a bed though no sexy times are taking place according to Renee. Renee admits she is catching feelings for Junior and loving him again. Oh Renee, you never stopped! Nicole gives her friend some sound advice, telling her not to go backwards with Junior.

In a sweet scene, Carla‘s at the beach with her kids who learn their father will be heading home in 11 days. The little ones seem pretty excited and can’t wait to reunite with their dad. It’s scenes like this that make you realize it’s the kids who really suffer from the mob mafia lifestyle.

To close out the episode, the four ladies meet up for dinner and drama queen Renee has a big announcement yall! Did she finally decide to join a gym to prep for her surgeries? Write her own tell all? Find herself a man? No of course not! Renee tells the ladies she is allowing her ex Junior to move back in with her. Yes, she called a get together to make this announcement. Oh that Renee. All about the drama. She missed her calling as a novela actress. Renee seems to romanticize Junior’s actions when she reveals he brought her some pumpkin seeds. Yes pumpkin seeds. Karen, who’s been in Renee’s shoes once or four times, lets her know that Junior’s sudden change is because he is getting ready to go to prison.

Karen adds that it’s a bad idea because she knows Renee can’t separate her feelings for Junior her son’s father and Junior her ex husband. Karen also makes perfect sense when she states Renee’s helping Junior is not about getting her family back but getting her husband back. “Why can’t we just be in love and get it over with and figure it out? Why?” asks a crying Renee. Oh. the. drama. Until next week! – RT 🙂