PHOTOS – Meet The Cast of Bad Girls Club Season 7! Premieres Aug 1

Bad Girls Club Season 7

They’re baaaack! Just two months following season 6, the Oxygen network has announced Bad Girls Club season 7 will premiere August 1!

This season will bring us a hot new cast and a spicy New Orleans location. A brand new cast of seven young women will travel to New Orleans for fun, friendship, Mardi Gras and, of course… drama!

“Bad Girls Club” brings high-intensity to a new level with a cast of young, bold, outrageous and endlessly entertaining women as they jockey for position as the head girl in charge. Each claiming to be the ultimate “bad girl,” can they put aside their differences and live together peacefully in a New Orleans mansion – or will chaos rule? We will find out Aug 1 at 9/8c.

For reasons unknown, Oxygen pushed back the premiere date from the original July 11 to August. This season begins with seven girls pictured above from left to right – Tasha, NaStasia, Angelic, Priscilla, Tiara, Judi, Shelly. No word yet on how many of them will actually make it to the end. A preview clip is below as well as cast photos & bios!




Judi Jai of Bad Girls Club New Orleans

Judi Jai – Olympia Fields, IL

As an only child, Judi is used to being the center of attention and expects to be treated that way. An aspiring radio and TV personality, Judi is a college girl by day and a “Bad Girl” by night – hitting the clubs with a vengeance. Proud of being Creole, she is excited to represent her culture in New Orleans.

Angelic Castillo of Bad Girls Club Season 7 New OrleansAngelic Castillo – Bronx, NY

Angelic may be 50% angel and 50% devil, but she is 100% bad girl. Hailing from the hard streets of the Bronx, this former Catholic schoolgirl is proud to be instilled with a toughness and resilience that has prepared her for anything life has to throw at her. A true romantic at heart, Angelic prefers a penniless soul mate to a loser with deep pockets. Although she may have a short fuse, she is also quick to forgive and forget.

Natasia Townsend of Bad Girls Club Season 7 New OrleansNatasia Townsend – Sacramento, CA

Nastasia believes being a bad girl is 24-7 and lives this mantra to the fullest. Once a shy little girl, Nastasia quickly developed a big personality and a piercing way with words causing “shy” to no longer be a word in her vocabulary. Now living in Huntington Beach, CA, Nastasia is always on the prowl for guys – the taller the better – and dreams of one day owning her own strip club.

Priscilla Mannella of Bad Girls Club New OrleansPriscilla Mannella – Staten Island, NY

Throughout her life, Priscilla has always excelled at getting into trouble and, more importantly, getting out of trouble! From a scrappy tomboy to Homecoming princess, Priscilla uses her good looks and quick wit to get want she wants. Never one to bite her tongue, Priscilla speaks her mind no matter whom she hurts.

Tiara Hodge of Bad Girls Club New Orleans, Season 7Tiara Hodge – Houston, TX

Originally from Gary, Indiana – Tiara now lives in Houston, Texas that she credits with giving her a southern country ghetto edge. A self-proclaimed gold digger, she is always on the prowl for her next sugar daddy. But don’t try to steal him away; Tiara is quick to get her revenge! She lives by the motto: “No matter what, always keep it cute or put it on mute unless it has to get ugly but always keep it classy and sassy.” Despite a conflicting worldview, Tiara idolizes Oprah and hopes to one day become an entertainment reporter.

Shelly Hickman of Bad Girls Club New Orleans, Season 7Shelly Hickman – St Louis, MO

Known for her goofy sense of humor and feisty personality, Shelly’s life hasn’t exactly been full of laughs. Determined to fix things her own way and on her own terms, Shelly isn’t afraid to stand up for herself regardless of who she needs to confront. A proud lesbian, she loves the ladies and hopes to one-day work on behalf of animal rights.

Tasha Malek of Bad Girls Club New OrleansTasha Malek – Miami, FL

Alabama born and raised, Tasha now lives in Miami, FL where she has found that “if you are a pretty girl, everything is free.” For now, Tasha doesn’t mind having her social life bankrolled, but she is not going to count on men to support her forever. As a graduate of the University of Alabama, she dreams of one day becoming a sports agent, but so far has been more successful dating athletes than representing them. A true daddy’s girl, Tasha idolizes her father and even has a tattoo of his signature on her arm.