Bad Girls Club Season 8 Reunion: Part Two Recap

The second part of the Bad Girls Club reunion only made me slightly want to move into a cabin in the woods and check out of society, but it was still more of the same. A few of you commented about why I preferred Mimi to Camilla, and I stick to my story. Fighting and acting like a sped-up psychopath isn’t fun, but watching chicks do shots and get into trouble: way more up my alley.


We re-enter the bad girls arena and are reminded yet again of this mess of bad hair and horrible clothing. I can’t dress, but I’m not on television! Tanisha opens up asking Erica why she and Gia flipped back and forth (like a “pancake”) between loving and hating Gabi and Dani. When I started recapping the show is when everyone turned on the twins, so I was curious about this, too. Erica says that the flip-flopping happened because they enjoyed doing a few things together, like eating and talking shit, but ultimately, just didn’t like what she heard the twins were saying.

Jenna is finally brought out and she says she’s embarassed to be there. The funniest part of her appearance is her revelation that she was a social worker running a homeless shelter. Another of the girls calls her out for saying she was a social worker. Tanisha, who is stealing the show this go-around, says she understands having multiple hustles, especially in this economy.

The girls are questioned about why they were so mean to Jenna who just committed the crime of bringing a boy home. Camilla, who is talking in her normal voice on this, and actually sounds like a human and not a Rage Diva, emerges as the voice of reason in this segment. Speaking of hookups, Tanisha drops the bomb that Elease has a boyfriend at home, which I’m pretty sure was never mentioned on screen. We get to see a montage of her flirting with Pleasure P, and Elease maintains her 2 year long relationship is still going strong. Sure.

Camilla’s sanity only lasted a few seconds, because before we know it, she and Elease get into another fight about the kind of guys Elease goes for. Security goes back in. There’s some discussion on Amy and her boyfriend, but it goes right back to the argument between Erica and the twins. Erica and Gabi hug it out, which makes Dani enraged. The cameras follow the twins backstage, which is probably the perfect opening to the spin-off I’ve heard the twins are working on. The twins turn on each other!

We finally get an update on Gia’s relationship with cutie DJ Matt, and unsurprisingly their relationship went dead once the show ended. Gia, who I love for being so honest, admits they had sex one more time but she had to cut him off for his lack of attention and gifts. We’re treated to another listening of Erica’s exclusive rap song, and it’s cute.

My favorite part of the reunion is when Tanisha tries to get serious and impart real life lessons on the women, like when she tries to tell Christine to learn to pick her battles from her 48 hours in the bad girls club house. The girls all do goodbye messages and it’s about as classy and tasteful as you can imagine. Elease and Camilla focus on how hot they are, Jenna looks like she wants to enter witness protection for ever participating, Mimi is ready to move on, Gabi and Dani threaten to come back to television, and Erica bluntly says she doesn’t care about any of these bitches. So, we are all in agreement: no one cares.

What did you think of the reunion? And will you watch season 9 in Mexico?