On last night’s episode of Teen Mom, it’s time for witches, monsters and costumes…and I’m not talking about the actual cast. Happy Halloween, Teen Moms! Amber struggles with her recent Child Protective Services investigation, Farrah does her best to finish culinary school on a high note, Maci and Ryan don’t succeed in co-parenting, and Catelynn and Tyler look for employment.

Tyler and Catelynn hit up a local haunted corn maze, and while I am normally TERRIFIED by these kinds of things in real life, it looks ridiculously silly on television. The couple assesses their finances and realize they both need to find an after-school job. They are growing up so fast.

Sophia is “helping” Farrah load the dishwasher as she stresses over the end of culinary school. Sophia seems to be as hard-headed as her mother. Farrah’s mom hopes her school recipes are gluten free so she can sample. Farrah accepts an invitation from her sister, with whom she’s had issues, to go to the pumpkin patch the following day.


Gary is taking care of Leah since the couple’s interview with Child Protective Services. While Amber is staying with her friend at their old place, she is anxious to find a house out of the public eye. She’s been harassed by people in her town as the publicity from the show and her actions amplifies. Amber heads out with friends and she vents about her frustrations regarding custody and her failing relationship with Gary.

Kyle is moving in and that’s made it hard for Maci to find the time to discuss Bentley’s upcoming birthday party with Ryan. Ryan still wants to have separate parties but finally caves to Maci’s request for a joint party. He also agrees that they will go trick-or-treating as a family. Ryan seems to flinch when Maci mentions Kyle’s presence at the party.

Catelynn is feeling the financial strain of living on her own with Tyler, but baby-sitting her little brother makes it difficult to look for a job. Even though they gave up their own child for adoption, the pair is quite adept with implementing Super Nanny techniques with her young sibling. Both teens set up job interviews, and while Catelynn wants to come fill out an “app” at a local boutique, they want her to bring in her resume, which she doesn’t have.

Maci realizes on his birthday just how quickly the time is passing with Bentley. After his second birthday, he’ll be riding motorcycles and heading off to college before she knows it. Ryan texts her requesting to see his son on his birthday. She tells him that she and Kyle have plans to take Bentley to the aquarium, and he is welcome to join them. Ryan declines.

Counseling is helping Amber cope with Leah’s absence. Her friend gently lectures Amber about spending time with her daughter instead of going out with guys who may not be the best of influences. Because she doesn’t have a license, visiting Leah and looking for houses is even more difficult. She is extremely upset about her situation (although she did get herself into it), and it’s heartbreaking to watch. She wants to do anything to take her mind off of her pain.

Farrah is practicing for her culinary exams but takes a break to go to the pumpkin patch with her sister and Sophia. The group has a fun day at the petting zoo, and Sophia gets her face painted before going on a hayride. Farrah tells her sister that her dream is to build and open her own restaurant in San Jose.

Catelynn and Tyler are doing well in school, but not so well in their job search. Both are actively looking for work, but Catelynn doesn’t have a resume and Tyler has such big aspirations that he doesn’t seem to have the longevity the pizza party guy wants (not that it’s a bad thing–he wants to go to college, and is honest about not spending the next five years as a line cook). Both are optimistic. I want them to do so well for themselves.

Maci is trying to work things out with Ryan after their argument over Bentley’s birthday. She needs Ryan to watch their son while she’s in class, and while Ryan is willing to do it, she is forced to be late for class. Maci wants to have Bentley on Ryan’s day (Halloween) so she can trick-or-treat with him in his costume. Ryan, who earlier was semi-open to the group trick-or-treating together, is inflexible, as he’s still fuming over not getting his son for a few hours on his actual birthday.

Farrah is working on a business plan for her future restaurant as part of her finals. Farrah seems to be working hard, and her mother is micromanaging her entire total project with her wording changes and punctuation policing. Farrah admits that she’s left it to the last minute, and she still has a lot to finish before the morning. I’d call her irresponsible for this (and I think she is about other things), but if I made fun of her for pulling all-nighters for school or work, I’d be the world’s largest hypocrite.

Amber is looking for a place to live that she and Leah can call home once she can have Leah again. So far she isn’t having much luck, but she is choosing based on what is best for her daughter and not just what is best for her bank account.

Maci reveals to her mother that she is upset that Ryan won’t let her see Bentley on Halloween, but she knows that she has the upper hand and can take Bentley should she choose to do so. Ryan discusses the same with his mother and step-father. He knows that because the couple has no formal agreement, Maci can take Bentley when she wants without any regard for Ryan. Ryan’s mother asks about why Ryan (or the rest of his family, herself included) didn’t get to see Bentley on his birthday. Ryan blames Maci for making other plans, but isn’t totally honest about Maci not allowing him any time with his son. Although he could have sucked it up and been the bigger person, he would have been spending the day with Maci and Kyle in addition to his son. Ryan’s step-dad states the obvious…if Ryan is serious, maybe he should take Maci to court for more visitation.

Catelynn and Tyler are anxiously waiting to hear from their interviews. While Catelynn is confident she’ll hear soon, Tyler gets a call that affords him a job making what he loves most–pizza! Catelynn is proud of Tyler, and he is excited, but also hopeful that she will get her good news soon enough.

Gary and his mother are taking Leah trick-or-treating, as Amber is worried about being harassed by people in the neighborhood. Check that, Gary’s mom is taking her trick-or-treating. Amber’s mom consoles her daughter and desires to see her granddaughter. Amber calls Gary, and he enlists his mother to bring Leah over a bit for a visit. It’s during this call that Amber learns that Gary has “things to do” so he won’t be trick-or-treating, but Amber is welcome to join his mom as she takes Leah door-to-door. It’s obvious how much Amber wants to be a part of this memory with her daughter, and while I normally don’t have too many kind words about this teen mom, I feel badly that Gary is taking for granted something that is so important to her.

After Farrah’s presentation, she meets her mother at the chiropractor to relieve some stress. Farrah apparently did too much for the business plan, and she tried to explain to her instructors that her mom has an MBA and helped her crunch the numbers. Executive MBA, it’s more than a regular MBA, corrects her mother. Regardless, I doubt Farrah would be penalized for doing too much for a project.

Leah is visiting with Amber and Amber’s mother. Amber questions Gary’s mother about his plans on Halloween. Leah doesn’t seem too thrilled with her costume, and Amber is terribly upset by how much she is missing with her daughter.

It’s Bentley’s birthday, and everyone is having a hoppin’ good time at his jump castle party…everyone, that is, except for Ryan and his parents who stand arms crossed and stoic in the corner. It’s a party for Pete’s sake, take off your shoes and bounce a bit! Maci again asks Ryan for a few hours that afternoon so Bentley can trick-or-treat at her parents’. No-can-do, says Ryan and Maci pointedly reminds him that she can take their son if she wants without his permission. Upon this statement, Ryan calls her a P.O.S. and tells her this is why they are going back to court. He then heads to his step-dad who is all “I told you so” until Ryan calls Maci a bitch…his step-dad wasn’t about to step over that line.

Farrah’s family is taking her out to celebrate finishing her exams even though she is unsure as to whether she’ll graduate. While her mom tells everyone who will listen that her daughter will be opening her own restaurant, Farrah doesn’t want to hear any of it until she knows her grades.

Tyler is calling his family who shares in his excitement for getting the job at the pizzeria. Coincidentally, as soon as he gets off the phone with his teary-eyed mom, Catelynn gets a phone call from the boutique where she interviewed. Woohoo! They are now a dual-income family. I am so excited they both found jobs (and jobs they wanted), because as I’ve said a hundred times before, I am this couple’s biggest fan.

Amber’s friend takes her to see a very nice house in a quiet neighborhood, and she is ready to sign the lease. Her landlord, who was a teen mom herself, wants to help out Amber because she knows how hard that job is.

Next week, Ryan wants to take Maci to court for more custody, Farrah gets Sophia a puppy, Catelynn and Tyler feel guilt over a recent lack of communication with Carlie’s adoptive parents, and Amber and Gary’s relationship faces more hardships around Leah’s birthday.


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