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Life After Lockup Recap: Cut The Cameras

The family lives of our Life After Lockup couples are more troubled than ever before. Puppy is in way over her head with this adoption debacle with Vince. He obviously secured the adoption using shady means, so she’s going to have to uncover the truth. Brittiany Santiago is also in a family struggle. Trying to get her mother on the road to recovery is proving to be harder than she thought. How many more triggering face offs can Cynthia take?

Whatever’s happening with Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons is doomed to fail. It doesn’t make any sense. How many times do you want him to cheat before you learn? He will NEVER care about anyone more than himself. That includes their children. The weirdest family troubles on Life After Lockup belong to John & Kristianna. She’s getting out of prison and has no idea he’s been flirting with her sister. Ouch. That’s going to be a tough pill to swallow.

Amber & Puppy

Puppy Life After Lockup

Amber’s finally spending some time with her mother who lives states away. Her mom wants to know all the tea about her relationship with Puppy. She’s afraid Puppy will backslide if she knows she’s in contact with Sammy.

Being around her mother though is a bad choice. The three of them cannot get together because that’s how the mess with Vince was created in the first place. Let’s stay away from that.

At her cleaning job, Puppy opens up to her coworker about feeling like an outcast around Amber. Ever since she’s been released from prison, she’s seen a different side to Amber. A side that’s more frigid and cold to her and even repulsed by her being around.

Amber tells her mom that she’s been talking to her ex. Her mom’s afraid for her daughter because of how toxic their relationship used to be. It sounds like they bring out the worst in each other. Being around this man on the outside could send her back to using drugs and back to prison as well.


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I never thought I’d like Puppy so much more than I care for Amber. Amber’s been awful to her since she got out of prison. The only one who looks like they’re actually trying to change is Puppy.

Amber’s mom asks about the adoption situation with Vince, and Puppy learns Vince forged her signature. Puppy’s going to Vegas after Vince to get some answers about what he’s done. She’ll be joined by Amber and her mother Monica. This has all the potential to send all three of them back to prison. One mistake on this trip, and their future’s are up in smoke.

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Things must be going better for Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson because they’re going on a date. It’s been ages since they’ve had that one on one time together, so this is good for them. They’ve been stuck in a fighting pattern for so long now. It’s about time things change.

Lamar shows up to the house with a new car for Andrea. Tennison puts a giant bow on the car for her, so now it’s about how she’s going to react to this. Lamar thinks this is the type of grand gesture his wife’s going to love. However, her son knows her better. He knows how his mother reacts to things, so he’s probably right.


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Andrea LOVES the new vehicle, so it was a gift well worth the money. Having her own car means everything to her. I’m shocked that she reacted in such a calm and gracious manner. Where is the overeactive drama queen I’ve come to know and be annoyed with?

John & Kristianna

Kristianna Life After Lockup

Kristianna’s finally coming home! I wonder if these two can spend more than three days together this time. The last time they picked her up, they got married right away. This is entirely new territory for them. This time they’ll be living as husband and wife for the first time.

John’s worried Kristianna will learn about the flirtation between him and her sister Terra. Their marriage might be over and she reacts negatively to the truth. There’s no telling how she’s going to take that once she finds out what’s been going on.

Luckily, John doesn’t have to wait long for Kristianna to get out of prison. She comes out rather quickly, and John finds her more beautiful than ever. It’s obvious she’s gained a considerable amount of weight, but that doesn’t bother him. She keeps bringing it up to him. He’s shrugging it off which makes him a smart man. Don’t fall for that trap! Don’t take the bait!


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A debt collector calls looking for payment from John. I think he’s keeping secrets from his wife about their financial state. Maybe there’s a droplet of truth to Terra’s claims that John’s been committing fraud.

Speaking of Terra, Kristianna straight up asks John if her sister has ever flirted with him. Does she know the truth? It’s more likely that Terra has a history of getting a bit too close with her man. Denying it was the biggest mistake he could’ve made. It sounds like he had an opening to tell the truth and get a pass.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany’s taking her mother Cynthia to her “accident” area. She was in the cabin near Brittany’s father, and it exploded. Nearly her entire body was burned. She almost perished from this. That’s going to be a heavy trip.

This trip has been one triggering face off after another. It’s been good so far, but this could be the event that sends her over the edge. If it works, it will be healing. It might not work though. This could backfire in the worst way possible.


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They can still SMELL it. It’s that bad. Cynthia tells Brittany something she’s never heard before. This was supposed to be a suicide. Brittany had no clue. Cynthia was sick and tired of everything. There was too much pain. Reliving this causes Cynthia to get sick. This isn’t what anyone was expecting to uncover.

I have chills listening to this. Cynthia has reasons to live now. There’s so much she can do now to have a brighter future. There’s HOPE.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah & Michael are still somewhat living together again, and it’s so confusing. Their relationship makes no sense. Michael implies they’re sleeping together which wouldn’t surprise me at all. For some reason she cannot stay away from him. All roads end up leading back to Michael.

Michael says he’s been sleeping in the same bed with Sarah the entire time he’s been there. I have no words. I believe every word he’s saying too. It’s disappointing because it’ll end in disaster.

A friend of Sarah’s called and is of course concerned about Michael being there. It’s a bad idea, and everyone knows it. Sarah’s the only one who doesn’t see how horrible it is. Michael doesn’t want her friend asking any questions about their situation. The questions are fair though. You’ve made this the world’s business. People are going to ask.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Life After Lockup

I’m still so grossed out that Shavel accepted Quaylon’s proposal. DMark finds it just as repulsive as me that she’s even giving Quaylon the time of day. Wait until he learns about the engagement. He’ll really blow a gasket.

Shavel wants to set ground rules with Quaylon. She wants him to cut off contact with other women, change his number, and give her the passcode to his phone. I think all of that’s fair enough. She wants him to stay in another room for the time being as well. At least she’s making an attempt to take things slow.

In the hotel hallway, DMark confronts Quaylon about coming back into Shavel’s life. It takes about two seconds before Quaylon throws the proposal in DMark’s face. Things continue to escalate to the point that DMark demands Quaylon back up. He’s getting way too close and clearly looking for a physical confrontation.


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That’s proven to be the case when he puts his hands on DMark and shoves him. Oh s**t. This isn’t going to be good. Shavel needs to get out in this hallway and stop the two men in her life from making a mistake. DMark ends up shoving Quaylon back, and they have to be broken up.

Shavel comes out of her room SCREAMING because all of this is going down with her daughter present. She wants the cameras off NOW. She’s not having any of this right now. I wonder who she’s going to hold the most accountable for this.

DMark knows this is not going to last long. Shame on Shavel for making her daughter think that there’s a stable future coming. She wants a rush wedding. For what? You know this is going to crash and burn like it did the first time.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Life After Lockup

Shawn’s still lurking outside of Destinie’s sister’s house. He doesn’t realize that’s where he is, but it’s creepy. It’s weird that he’s waiting outside for the tow truck to come take her car.

Why is it taking Shawn so long to accept this reality? You were conned, buddy. Everyone says the writing on the wall long before you did. Face facts and move on.

Once the tow truck arrives, he tells them to take the car out of the driveway and put it in storage. He’s really going through with this. It’s a step that needs to happen, but Destinie’s going to lose her mind.

Destinie’s sister notices Shawn and the tow truck through her window, so they head outside. Destinie is beside herself and she charges after Shawn.

The car’s in Shawn’s name, so he’s well within his rights to do this. This is the biggest just desserts moment ever that Destinie deserves. Good for Shawn! Why would he pay for things for his ex fiancé? She tries throwing him paying for Kelly’s stuff in his face, but his kids live there. That’s a lot different.

Destinie acts like a complete psycho and climbs up onto the tow truck demanding her stuff. I’m so proud of Shawn for finally sticking to his guns. Destinie can hurl as many insults as she wants at him, but she’s the pathetic one. This is what she deserves. You can’t ghost this man and think he’s going to provide for you.


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