EXCLUSIVE: Basketball Wives LA’s Jackie Christie Talks Drama With Costars, Draya, Backlash & New Book!

Jackie Christie

Following the highly dramatic recent episode of Basketball Wives LA, Reality Tea caught up with the woman in the midst of it all — Jackie Christie for an exclusive interview!

In our chat with Jackie, she opens up about the drama involving her costars, the public perception that she’s the one stirring things up, her treatment of Draya Michele, whether she has any regrets about doing the show as well as her business endeavors (she is currently writing her fifth book). Below is our interview with Jackie —

Reality Tea: Hi Jackie, Why Did You Decide to do Basketball Wives?

Jackie: When the producers called me regarding the show I really felt comfortable and knew that it would be a good show, I also knew 2 of the girls prior to filming the show. Having been married for a very long time and having been with my husband Doug through his entire NBA career, I knew I had a lot I could offer the girls as far as experience knowledge and leadership and I’m grateful for having that opportunity to have shared so much with them all.

Reality Tea: How Do You Respond To The Criticism That You Are The One Stirring Things Up Amongst the Remainder of The Cast?

Jackie: That bothers me at times when people fail to realize that I was the one being talked about negatively in the beginning of our fall out, and discussed it with my cast mate who apologized and said she was kidding. But most people in my life that know me already know that I’m a very real and up front person. I believe communication is very important in any relationship, so trying to talk about it with the ladies was my motive but it was not received well. I just tell people when asked to watch the whole season before finalizing their judgment.

Reality Tea: How Hard Was It Being Confronted By Your Castmates On The Most Recent Episode In Hawaii and Ultimately Being Asked To Leave? Who Do You Think Is To Blame For All The Drama?

Jackie: It was bittersweet because I was a bit disappointed that the girls were not able to come clean and put all their issues on the table once and for all. Just be honest, then proceed to discuss those matters like adults but I did have my wonderful husband by my side after the drama, which meant the world to me. I was able to talk to him, and vent as he is my best friend and biggest supporter. He knows me thoroughly & totally understands my heart, and that I care for all my friends, even when they are wrong. With that being said, you will all have to stay tuned until the next episode to see how it all turns out.

Reality Tea: After Watching The Show, Do You Think You Received a Fair Edit?

Jackie: I do, because the editors are given footage and they proceed to then cut it to put the show together. Sometimes they may leave out a line or two or make it look one way when it was maybe different but I feel like they did a great job. I’m happy with the show and I feel like VH1 and Shed Media were awesome to work with.

Reality Tea: Do You Have Any Regrets About Doing The Show?

Jackie: No, I don’t have any regrets but I would rather the incidents with the other cast members would not have happened. I would have liked everyone to come clean and put all their cards on the table, but I have a big heart and forgive people easily.

More of Jackie’s interview below in which she talks Draya, the drama with her daughter, and season 2!


Reality Tea: Fans felt you and the other cast members treated Draya unfairly, especially with the confrontation, what do you have to say about that?

Jackie: That was a very unfortunate situation that took place between all of the cast members and Draya but it was more to it than what was shown. My position was I wanted her along with all the girls to come clean with any and all issues they had with each other since we were all there and could discuss it. When Draya was crying she was crying for a number of different reasons and I felt really compassionate towards her and tried to talk to her but it got way out of hand because she was feeling like everyone was attacking her and that wasn’t the case at all.

Reality Tea: Your daughter Ta’kari, came out and made some shocking allegations against you on Twitter. How do you respond to that?

Jackie: It’s very simple but I don’t usually comment on it because it could not be further from the truth. Period. We love our daughter dearly and always have. She is fine and loves us and our whole family. The mean spirited people behind those malicious lies and slander have also decided to cut out the nonsense for attention and stardom as well. It does hurt to have silly untrue stuff written and spread about you; however we have no control of other people trying to manipulate and capitalize off of our celebrity. All we can do is pray for them to stay far away from our family and deal with the legal system.

Reality Tea: Is there anything you wish you would have done differently this season? If so, what?

Jackie: Yes! Maybe not have cursed as much (laughs).

Reality Tea: What was your favorite moment from the season?

Jackie: Having our wedding and my mother being able to attend our wedding via Skype. As well as our family and my cast mates sharing it with us.

Reality Tea: If given the opportunity, would you return for a second season? Which castmates would you like to see return?

Jackie: Yes at this point I would and working with the cast was great. I would welcome working with them again.

Reality Tea: Most people aren’t aware that you’re an author but you’ve actually penned four books with your most recent being Luv Pons. What made you decide to get into writing?

Jackie: I have always wanted to be a writer and write my own novels and books. It came naturally to me when my husband played for the Sacramento Kings. We were always being written about or interviewed about our relationship because the public has a interest in us, so we co-wrote our first book together along with best-selling author Michael Levin called No Ordinary Love’ A true story of marriage and basketball. From there I had the writing bug and it will never stop.

Reality Tea: You’re currently working on your fifth book titled “Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide To Greater Intimacy” (slated to be released in February 2012). Can you tell us more about this?

Jackie: My new book “Sexual Relations: A His and Her Guide To Greater Intimacy” will be the go to book for men and women to help them experience greater intimacy in their marriage or relationship. I feel I have been extremely blessed with a strong and committed marriage with my husband Doug in that he loves me and desires me in the deepest possible way. We are always asked how we are still so much in love after 16 years of marriage and we often answer communication respect and intimacy. These days there is a lack of intimacy in most relationships after a certain period of time that the couple is together and my new book offers couples the answers, ideas, and antidotes for achieving and sustaining greater intimacy along with many special treats and surprises. Also there will be a few celebrity guest authors as well sharing their deepest and sexiest secrets and stories.

Reality Tea: How can fans of the show keep in touch with you?

Jackie: Thank you. They can follow me on twitter.com/jackiechristie and www.jackiechristie.com.