Basketball Wives LA’s Reunion Part Two: It’s The Jackie Christie Show After All — Bring On The Crazy!

We convene with the ladies of Basketball Wives: L.A. for the second half of the reunion. Fingers crossed that we actually get some gossip and hopefully a resolution to the drama. What am I thinking? That never happens on reunion shows!

John Salley questions Laura Govan about the Kardashian-esque twenty-three karat ring on her finger. She coyly reveals it cost almost a million dollars. Laura and Gilbert Arenas are engaged, have bought a house together and are living in Orlando.

Speaking of weddings, Jackie Christie’s sixteenth wedding to Doug Christie is highlighted. Doug joins the ladies on stage, and he is such an eloquent, well-spoken gentleman. I guess opposites truly do attract! Jackie expresses her disappointment that Draya Michele wasn’t at the ceremony, and Draya defends her decision not to come, reiterating that she was casually invited as an afterthought during a phone conversation.


Jackie answers John’s question about whether she trusts Doug to be around other women. Of course she does! He can be around Draya, he can be around Laura, he can be around any lady as long as Jackie is right there with him. Draya and Malaysia Pargo joke about never making eye contact with Doug so as not to anger The Jackie. Doug doesn’t mind people finding them to be a bit odd — he’s down for Jackie and that’s all there is to it!

Aloha! Let’s revisit that fateful Hawaiian getaway. Malaysia is livid. She feels that Jackie lied to her and misrepresented their friendship. Jackie tries to hijack the conversation, but she gets blocked by John. Draya adds her two cents about the grand manipulation. Malaysia wonders why someone with such a great marriage, wonderful kids and marvelous business sense felt the need to be so underhanded.

John asks if Jackie lied to her cast mates and she is adamant that she just wanted to “help.” John (finally) begins to regulate Jackie speaking over everyone else. Gloria Govan’s take on the drama is that Jackie breaks situations just so she can fix them. You have to admit, it makes sense!

Is Jackie’s manipulation a skill or a sickness? Inquiring minds John wants to know. Imani Showalter believes it’s a combination of both. Jackie is back and forth between loving the ladies and yelling at the ladies. Jackie knows “what happened” and the ladies know “what happened.” I have to echo Malaysia’s sentiment, “Um, hello? What happened?”

After watching the scene in which Jackie is voted off the island (literally), John has a good laugh. Jackie calls the women her “girls” and John flat out calls her delusional, reminding her that “these women don’t like you!” Gloria tells John she thinks Jackie should be in a mental ward, while Draya asks if she employs Michael Jackson’s doctor. John wants her to admit even the smallest wrongdoing in the whole mess, but all Jackie will say is that she’s a realist.

Draya thinks Jackie should have her own show… and Gloria comments that she could play all the characters. While the women compliment Jackie (I guess it is a compliment?) about being able to have a lasting relationship, she carries on about how she’s stunning and confident and much more mature than the little girls, so nothing really matters. Laura is convinced Jackie is off her rocker.

Jackie’s judgment day — a.k.a. the finale — is highlighted, and it “hurts” her to re-watch the scene. John asks if any of the women have spoken to Jackie since that horrendous meeting and none of them have except to send their condolences on the passing of her mother. Jackie gets extremely upset talking about her mom, but expresses her gratitude that the women acknowledged her mother’s death. She tells John that the mess with their friendships is totally separate from the loss of her mother. Malaysia tells Jackie that she may not like her at the moment, but she does feel for her, and she extends a hug to her cast mate.

A sad and angered Jackie gives an impassioned speech about how much she loves the women, and no matter what happens she knows she’s real. Draya compares confronting Jackie to hitting someone with glasses… you want to do it because that person has been awful, but you still feel badly about it. While Draya may feel for Jackie being upset, the drama overshadows the fact that her actions have affected the other women. John wants to know if Jackie can be quiet long enough for the ladies to speak their minds.

Malaysia says she can’t foresee herself ever being friends with Jackie again. Gloria garners gasps from the crowd when she tells Jackie that she doesn’t believe ninety percent of what comes out of her mouth. Imani feels like she wasted too much time on this drama, and while she wishes Jackie well, doesn’t have the patience for a relationship with her. Laura is confused because Jackie just went from crying to laughing smugly and rolling her eyes. Draya claims to be the underdog that rose to the top and Jackie passively aggressively cheers her on with the assertion.

Jackie tells John that she’d be friends with the ladies, although she probably won’t trust them all that much. The women are confused… how can she be friends with them if they aren’t willing to be friends with her? Jackie laughs about how some of the women are followers and that is part of her problem with them. Huh? She then receives a round of applause from her cast mates when she calls them a bunch of hos and b*tches.

In the final moment of the reunion, John goes down the line, asking for one thing each lady would like to get off her chest. Draya apparently doesn’t owe these b*tches sh*t. Well, that came out of nowhere! Imani loves and respects all the ladies (Jackie too?) after spending the beginning of the season disliking them. Malaysia seconds Imani’s assertion. Laura has nothing to say, and Jackie promises the audience that Laura will be calling her as soon as they leave the reunion. Again, huh? Gloria pretty much quotes Imani. Jackie loves each of the women, regardless of how badly each one tried to kill and crucify her. She forgives them all. John looks like he’s been through the ringer as he draws another basically non-eventful portion of the reunion to a close.