Survivor Recap: Sticking To The Game Plan

I was anxious to see last night’s Survivor, because the Savaii are now completely eliminated from the Te Tuna, with Ozzy and Cochran residing on Redemption Island. It will be interesting to see how BHCP’s admission plays out with his alliance members.

Cochran joins Ozzy who doesn’t say “I told you so” but asks for Cochran’s support when/if he and Coach are the final two. Cochran is insulted that Ozzy already thinks he has to chance to win the duel.

Back at camp tensions are running high after Brandon’s ridiculous honesty rant at the most recent tribal council. What else is new? BHCP wants to bless the day, but Edna walks off in a huff since she’s “not really part of this tribe.” Edna feels duped by a bunch of people who are talking about on both sides of their mouths. She feels foolish, but BHCP is kind enough to pray for her. Edna is venting to Coach about Brandon while he arrives screaming he’s found some Sprint tree-mail.


The Te Tuna get to watch videos of their family members and the always silent and stoic Rancher Rick is trying not cry as his precious wife sends him a cheery message. All of the tribe members are beyond touched by the video letters from their loved ones who reveal they are on the island. Brandon breaks down watching his father’s message.

It’s time for Cochran and Ozzy to battle it out in the Redemption Island duel. The competitors must use hooks to lure in bags containing cue balls which then are loaded in a mousetrap game type maze contraption. The first player to get their ball to the middle of the maze wins. Ozzy is quickly working on the maze while Cochran is trying to scrounge for his bags. Cochran is catching up quickly, and Ozzy’s ball drops right before it gets to the center. The same happens to Cochran. Editing-wise, it may be the closest duel ever, but Ozzy wins by a hair. Cochran leaves with the exuberance that he brought to the island — had he maintained this throughout, maybe his fate would have been different.

Ozzy’s win comes with a giant decision. One by one the Te Tuna are reunited briefly with their family member. Coach’s brother is his clean-cut doppleganger. They are like an Oprah make-over before and after. Each mini-reunion is very emotional, and Ozzy is tasked with giving one of the Te Tuna more time with his of her family member. He quickly chooses Albert. But wait, Jeff directs him to pick two more of the former Upolu to hang out with their loved one. Strategically, he picks Coach and BHCP. Sophie, Edna and Rancher Rick must head back to camp alone. The chosen are off to spend the day on Redemption Island, while CBS plugs more Sprint products.

Coach hopes Ozzy doesn’t think he’s going to be won over just because Ozzy allowed him to spend time with his brother. He wants to talk to the other Survivor veteran off the record. Coach promises Ozzy as “a Christian man” that if Ozzy wins his way back into the game, Ozzy will take him to the final three. BHCP tells his father that he’s going to change the focus of the game… he’s going to be honest, he’s going to play for God, and he’s going to spit on the million dollars. Um… his father is onboard for the first two. While Dad Crazy Pants thinks it’s great that his son is playing with Christian values, he doesn’t want his son to lose sight of the actual prize because, hey, surely he’ll get a cut, right? He tells Brandon as much to no avail and decides his best option is to approach Coach. Coach feels like he’s being bullied/bribed by Russell’s brother. He isn’t sure he wants such a loose cannon in his final three alliance.

This is the first immunity challenge purely pitting Upolu versus Upolu. The game is like a giant game of mahjong, where the castaways must cross a giant puzzle, but if they run out of moves they are out of the game. Albert is the first one out followed by BHCP, who just can’t seem to keep his mouth closed. He reveals that he strategically ran out of options (sure he did) in an effort to limit “a certain player’s” moves. Edna’s had enough. She fills in Jeff on how she is now the Upolu outcast. It comes down to Coach and Edna with Coach winning immunity, but not before Edna warns her former friends that it is going to become an individual game for them once she is gone. “Help a sister out, Coach,” Edna taunts as Coach puts on the necklace. BHCP hopes he didn’t put his foot in his mouth one too many times.

Sophie and Rancher Rick think that BHCP’s comment to Edna during the immunity challenge was the equivalent of kicking a puppy, as she was going to be voted off anyway. He apologizes slightly insincerely, and Edna compares his apology to an abusive husband buying his wife a diamond necklace after a fight. Well… I’m going to put it out there that the two situations are in no way comparable, but I do agree with Sophie who thinks Brandon considering an apology alleviates him from all culpability. She is the first to admit that her team mates aren’t nearly as forgiving as Jesus.

Edna makes a last ditch attempt to convince Albert, Coach, and Sophie that she is a much better person to go to the end with than the unpredictable BHCP. Coach thinks that she made a pretty convincing argument, but he draws the line when asked if he’d consider saving her with his idol. Both Albert and Sophie seem to be onboard with getting rid of Brandon when Edna assures them that Coach is one hundred percent about saving her. Wow, the Savaii jury looks clean and well-fed. Edna tells Jeff that she’s targeting BHCP because he knows nothing about honor and integrity — the tribe’s “mantra.” Brandon plays the martyr and Coach is even rolling his eyes.

It’s time for the final vote, and I honestly don’t know who will get snowed this time around… Edna or Brandon. Coach keeps his word and DOES NOT save Edna with his immunity idol. Wow. The team saves Crazy Pants! I hope Edna comes back to the jury spitting mad and I want to pop her for hugging Coach on her way out… doesn’t she realize he’s behind all of this?

Next week, Albert is butting heads with his tribe members, and does Edna beat Ozzy at the Redemption duel??