Love & Hip Hop Finale Recap: All’s Well That Ends Well

Last night was the finale of Love & Hip Hop. Given all the drama of the past season, it was a relatively tame ending. Almost nap worthy. Of course, our friends at VH1 tied up all the story lines with a neat little bow, but let enough drama leak to insure another season. No matter what, the finale was not much more than…{yawn}.

Kimbella invites Yandy over to discuss her latest blow-up with Erica. Yandy is shocked — she thought the pair was fine, but Kimbella fills her in on Erica’s recent interview. Regardless, Kimbella has bigger fish to fry as Juelz has been arrested for an episode with a neighbor. Her heart breaks every time she gets an update from prison.


Chrissy and Mama Jones are catching up and getting along… finally. They talk about how their relationship, as well as Chrissy’s relationship with Jim, has strengthened. Mama Jones has accepted that Chrissy is the woman Jim wants in his life, and Chrissy gets teary telling her future mother-in-law that her love for Jim has made it easier for her to love Nancy. Nancy finally thinks that Chrissy is the “the one” and she wants grand babies. Stat.

Olivia tells Rich that she isn’t willing to settle for the three album deal she was offered. She isn’t ready to give up creative control over her music. Rich attempts to be supportive, but it is more than obvious that he is frustrated she is turning down the record company. There goes his paycheck. He can’t afford to keep backing her on his own. Olivia is very passionate about making it work on her own.

Emily meets Chrissy for a drink and Chrissy spills that Jim, Nancy and her are taking a vacation to Jamaica. Emily cherishes her friendship with Chrissy and thinks of her as a big sister. She dishes on her conversation with Fab’s former assistant Winter… you remember, the one where Winter basically told Emily to go back to Fab and turn a blind eye to his infidelity. Chrissy thinks that a man in this industry needs to be smart enough to hide his cheating so stealthy that his woman never finds out about it. He won’t be disrespectful enough to flaunt women in front of his girlfriend. It’s all about feigned loyalty.

Olivia is doing a radio with Funkmaster Flex who chides her into talking about some past issues between the two of them. Olivia gets on him for previously calling her out on the radio. Flex states that he was upset because he’d heard that she was going to kiss another boy on the playground talk threatening to call him out to a friend for cavorting with his friend’s rival. After a slightly heated back-and-forth, the pair hug, chalking their past up to a misunderstanding.

Kimbella is worrying about her relationship with Juelz. It’s on and off, and she wants to get Yandy’s advice. She starts crying when telling Yandy about how much she questions Juelz’ commitment. She feels like she is the only one participating fully in the relationship. Yandy is supportive, but she doesn’t know what to say. She assures Kimbella that no matter what happens between her and Juelz, Yandy will always be her friend.

Nancy and Yandy go shopping for bathing suits and Mama Jones reveals to a shocked Yandy that she’ll be going to Jamaica with Chrissy and Jim. They both joke about Chrissy potentially drowning poor Mama, but ultimately Yandy seems to take the high road. She is glad that Nancy is getting along with Chrissy and Yandy advises not to bring up the situation between the two ladies. Mama Jones really wants to repair Yandy and Jim’s broken friendship, but Yandy is worried it’s a lost cause with Chrissy in the picture.

Olivia meets with music producer Jerry Wonda and she hopes the pairing will be exactly what her music and her career needs. She shares with him a song that she’s written for her mother. Jerry picks up a guitar and makes her sing her words as he plays. What a talent he is — I’m melting with his flipping guitar playing. Oh Jerry. Things could be looking up for Olivia’s career with Jerry Wonda onboard.

Kimbella’s parents have flown in from Miami to visit their daughter and grandchildren. I am beyond thrilled to see that her mother has traded in her orange traffic cone hair color for a tamer shade of lavender platinum. She tells her mother that Juelz is in custody, and she has another secret to share. Right away, her mother knows what Kimbella is going to say and she worried. Kimbella isn’t deterred… she is going to share her news. She’s pregnant again! Both her parents want her to have a better relationship than they had when she was growing up — Kimbella’s mom is ready for Juelz to put a ring on it. Rightfully so.

Mama Jones is debuting her song wearing an amazing Superman cape. Because what else would you wear while breaking it down to “I’m a Psychotic B*tch”? Yandy compares her to a Chaka Khan/Tina Turner hybrid. I may or may not have just taken a quick blog break to download something from iTunes.

Yandy’s mentor Mona makes another appearance to discuss her protégé’s career. Yandy claims she’s fine and has not bad blood with Jim. Mona reminds her that from here on out, Yandy needs to keep things professional. She has learned her lesson about taking things personally. Yandy hopes that Jim’s career is full of success regardless of whether they are able to rebuild a friendship. She really does seem to be taking the high road.

Jim, Chrissy and Nancy have landed in Jamaica. First stop? Swimming with dolphins! Watching Jim Jones play with dolphins is the biggest oxymoron — a tough rapper loving on Flipper? Who would have ever thought? I love him. Jim is thrilled to see Chrissy and his mother finally putting aside their differences. Jim then freaks out when Nancy pulls a starfish from the surf. Paging VH1… how about a viewer contest and the winner gets to go to the islands with Jim Jones? How hilarious would that be?

So the final episode of the season comes to an end. Emily reveals that she isn’t ready to go back to Fab until he’s ready to be monogamous. You go! Kimbella wants more from her relationship with Juelz, but if he isn’t able to meet her halfway she’s prepared to be a strong mother and woman without him. Somaya clearly filmed her “finale revelation” a while ago, as she’s been on one episode out of the last several. She’s going to be pursuing her career in Los Angeles. Can we say spin-off?

Olivia is committed to giving her all to her music. She’s ready to show the music industry what she has to offer. Yandy is thankful for her time working with Jim and is remorseful about how it ended. However, she’s looking forward to using her new found extra time to promote her other endeavors. Chrissy couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing with Jim. She is excited to plan the pair’s wedding. ZZZZZZZ.