PHOTOS – Meet The Cast of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset! Premieres March 11

I have such a love/hate relationship with Bravo. I love to hate it. I hate how much I love it. Given the network’s newest brainchild, Shahs of Sunset, I am hatefully smitten. I CANNOT WAIT to watch. In a recent press release, Bravo fills in viewers on what is sure to be our next very guilty pleasure.

The premise of what is being touted as a “docu-series” follows the stories of six Persian-American friends in Los Angeles. The kicker? While we are used to watching beautiful young people navigate friendships, social scenes, and budding careers, this program also focuses on a different aspect of the soon-to-be introduced group. The series will watch its cast members as they work towards successful positions in California while balancing the family and traditions of their old-world community.

The show will film the young men and women as they create individual identities and new opportunities while facing the pressures put upon them by family to settle down within their culture. We will join the cast mates as they socialize with the creme de la creme, shop at Pretty Women style Rodeo Drive boutiques, and bypass the red velvet rope at the hottest clubs. However, the most intriguing part of the show (for me) deals with Bravo newbies juggling these opulent scenarios with the traditional customs of their family’s values.

Even better? The king of reality televisionRyan Seacrest himself–is jumping E!’s ship expanding his network-ial (new word) horizons to produce the Bravo show along side Adam Sher and Pete Tartaglia. Even though I am strongly opposed to all things Kardashian, I am quite on board with all things Seacrest. It’s quite the conundrum, but I’m working my way through it…with counseling…from Andy Cohen. Don’t I wish? Read on to see the bios of the stars of Shahs of Sunset!

Set your DVRs and TIVOs dear readers! Shahs of Sunset premieres on Bravo Sunday, March 11 at 10 PM ET.


Reza Farahan, 38

While Reza was born in Tehran, Iran, he grew up in the prominent Beverly Hills zip code. Successful in the real estate world, he struggles being one of the openly gay members of the Persian community. He has the unwavering support of his family, but often faces prejudice and rumors due to his homosexuality. Reza is hoping for the American dream (aren’t we all?) with a loving partner, a beautiful family and that white picket fence on Main Street, USA. Reza, I want to be your next door neighbor and your BFF! This inaugural season promises to follow Reza as he reconciles himself as a person against his family’s conservative values, regardless of their support and encouragement.


Asa RahmatiA$a Rahmati, 35

A$a is an artist and songwriter who may be following in Ke$ha’s footsteps, given the music and the ridiculous dollar sign in the name. She believes she lives the “modern Persian gypsy bohemian lifestyle,” while making a name for herself on the Venice, California art scene. She fled Iran as a young child and grew up in Europe. Moving to Los Angeles as a teen, A$a’s main goal is to remain true to her music career and to herself. While she may be seen as the outsider among the cast mates, she is going to follow her heart, even if it means bucking tradition and romancing gentlemen outside of her religion and race.


Shahs of Sunset MikeMike Shouhed, 33

Please meet the “Persian Real Estate Mafia” of Southern California, Mike Shouhed! He was very successful in commercial real estate in Las Vegas, but after losing a lot of money, Mike headed to L.A. to revamp his career. While his friends think he a player, looking for “the one” at the clerb, Mike is adamant that he’s a reformed Romeo. No doubt he’ll be a charming addition to the cast (I’m smitten already) but the word on the street is that he’s ready to find the lady to take home to mom. Can I get a collective “Awwww”?


Golnesa GharachedadhiGolnesa “GG” Gharachedadhi, 29

This Persian princess is not just looking for Mr. Right. She’s looking for Mr. Right with the right lifestyle. Supported by her father, she shops and plays during the day while looking for her Persian Prince Charming by night. I love her already. Lacking a filter, GG is very open about the fact she wants someone to support her opulent lifestyle while enjoying her no-holes-barred personality. Again, love her already.



Mercedes “MJ” Javid, 30-Something

MJ is real estate agent living, playing, and working in the Hollywood Hills. Often butting heads with her overbearing mother, Vida, especially over her fashion choices. MJ is known around town as a party girl who is trying to juggle late nights out with early mornings at work. This season we’ll watch as MJ learns more about what she wants out of work, family, friends, and life.


Sammy Younai, 35

Sammy claims to be the show’s resident “ladies man” and works as a residential developer who specializes in building luxury high-dollar homes for the Persian community. He’s constantly looking for his next deal and his next date. However, could this be the time in his life that Sammy decides to settle down? And will he be able to trust that the right girl will want his heart and not his wallet?


[Photos Credit: Bravo/Tommy Garcia]