Some good news and bad news today for Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood!

The good news? After spending close to two months in jail for violating her probation, via drug possession, the MTV reality star will finally be released today according to TMZ. The bad news? Amber was released because the halfway house, Sister 2 Sister Ministries, Amber was supposed to go to, has now refused to accept her.

Their reason? They apparently felt Amber, 21, is a handful and abhorred too much negative energy. This means for the time being, Amber is able to live with her grandparents… and continue to film for MTV’s Teen Mom.

Had Amber been accepted into the halfway house, she would be required to stay there for at least eight months, during which, she would also have to get a regular 9 – 5 job and would be unable to film for MTV.

“Amber is so happy and relieved that she won’t have to live at the halfway house,” her mother, Tonya Portwood, told E! News on Thursday. “And now she will get to spend more time with her daughter, which is what this was all about anyway.”

Amber is, however, not completely out of the woods yet or even close to it. Following her release today, she’ll be required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. Plus, the judge is still requiring her to apply for residency at another halfway home, a process which could take months.

As reported earlier this week, despite stating last year that she no longer wanted to appear on Teen Mom, Amber has had a change of heart as sources close to her reveal she needs the MTV income after spending most of her money on legal fees. Amber will also be required to take regular drug tests while she lives with her grandparents.

Amber is still on probation for five years and on a suspended five year prison sentence, meaning any failed drug test or probation violation could lead to a five year stint in prison.

[Photo Credit: INF Photos]


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