Bethenny Ever After Recap: Marriage On The Rocks

On last night’s episode of Bethenny Ever After, Bethenny and Jason found themselves at an all-time low, as their fighting turned venomous and anguished. Interestingly, we also saw Jason put his foot down, refusing to let Bethenny sell out their marital woes on television. I love integrity in a man. Bethenny also learned that Julie may be thinking of moving on, and her apartment renovations got horribly off track due to miscommunication.

Bethenny is doing a shoot for People Magazine. She has invited some friends/employees to hangout/counsel her. Her poor hair dresser had a yoga top boob-malfunction, which was a super funny story and as a yoga zealot, I’ve often worried about the astray boob. Aaaahhh… namaste – not for the faint of heart!

Bethenny regales them with tales of Mr. Perfect Behaving Badly. Apparently, the Frankel-Hoppys don’t have much luck with 40th birthdays. Bethenny planned a special birthday weekend for Jason and all went divine until Jason expressed disappointment that his parents weren’t included. Which caused massive fighting. Bethenny feels she included them by setting aside a day on the weekend for him to visit with them. I feel for Bethenny – my feelings would be hurt, but I also understand Jason’s perspective.


Bethenny is so distracted by her marital issues and can’t take part in any of the inappropriate comments happening at her photo shoot. She really is distraught! Bethenny’s friends seem excited to point out that she is not the lone problem anymore, as she is in therapy and working on herself while Jason refuses. Apparently, Jason told Bethenny, her therapist, and employees, just tell her what she wants to hear because she pays them. Well, my dear Mr. Hoppy, not only growing some balls, but using them! And now I sound like Bethenny!

Bethenny is again telling us about the dream team that she assembled to renovate her apartment. Things are just not going well, much like Bethenny’s marriage, no one is communicating or assuming any responsibility! Bethenny doesn’t want to be the “renovation ref” which we all know isn’t the truth because she relishes the opportunity to be a control freak!

She apparently believes her interior designers have hung the moon in the sky and tells them they are the moms she never had. While Bethenny is at their store, Jason calls and starts yelling at everyone over speaker phone about the poor planning and botched timeline. He basically threatens to fire them. Dang, Hoppy! This storyline is so boring. No one cares about your reno details. Next she’ll have a HGTV show. Skinnygirl Interiors! Skinnygirl Decorates! Skinnygirl Pantry Organizers. Actually HGTV is more interesting. Next!

Bethenny is seeing a chiropractor because stress is affecting her health. She should try eating. That helps me. Emotional eating works wonders. Oh, that’s not part of the Skinnygirl plan. The doctor recommends sleep and a vacation. During the intake, Bethenny tries to deflect and act coy by sexually harassing the doctor and threatening to fix him up with a friend. He’s like, uh, no – now onto why you don’t eat sleep. I love how he schooled her on being unprofessional! And I’m guessing he’ll be recommending her to a colleague he doesn’t like!

On the bright note, Bethenny is dressing considerably better this season and I am actually loving a lot of what she wears, but she’s looking a total wreck.

At a Skinnygirl website meeting, minutes before a web designers arrive, Bethenny takes the time to unload about all the things coming up with her business and starts questioning her assistants about how committed they are to being in NY and working with Skinnygirl. Julie starts to cry and Bethenny counsels Julie about her relationship. I think Julie is having a quarter life crisis and Bethenny is not the person she should be going to for therapy. Julie doesn’t know how much more she can take of having her life revolve around Bethenny, she wants something more.

Aaaannnd… it’s therapy time! Bethenny worries that her marital issues are all her fault, despite how hard she tires. She says Jason is immature and wants to actually spend time with his wife and is also resentful of her success, which I agree is likely part of their issues. I do think he feels like second fiddle to her fame and fortune, despite wanting her to succeed.

Bethenny lets us know that on the golf course during his birthday they had a tender moment where Jason promised never to take her for granted again and admitted he is hurtful. After the weekend ended, Jason confessed to Bethenny that he wished his parents were included. Which they should have been 100%. Sometimes Bethenny’s stories, just sound, like, well stories. #fabricateddrama. Or when she’s telling them, she subconsciously knows it’s wrong to be exposing such intimate details about her marriage.

Bethenny feels Jason‘s public persona is vastly different from what happens behind closed doors and he tries to hide the private Jason. Which, is called being human. And discrete. And obviously he isn’t trying to hide too much since they’re on TELEVISION. The doctor again stresses that they need couples therapy. Right, I don’t need a PhD to tell them that!

Gosh, Bryn in ballet class is adorable! I cannot take the cuteness! Why did Bethenny need to bring an assistant with her?

Julie and Bethenny are planning the travel arrangements for the couples cape, lost at sea fauxventure! Bethenny hopes Inside Jason will be present on the trip instead of Outside Saint Jason.

Oh, and guess what?! Product Promo time! Bravo Home Shopping Network strikes again and Macy’s will be carrying Skinnygirl Shapewear. Bethenny wants a “real woman” to model the products in the ads and suggests Julie. Julie is like ‘bish please.’ Um… no one wants to be on the website in a pair of underwear. Well, except Jackie! And Bethenny probably wouldn’t mind.

While Jason is out of town escaping Bethenny visiting his parents, Bethenny is having girls night with her Glammy. Again, the night is all about Bethenny talking about herself and her situations. No wonder she likes this quiet Veronica. I totally wish she would stop speaking negatively about Jason to everyone and on television. It’s disrespectful to her marriage and her spouse.

Veronica thinks Jason will get into therapy once he tries it. The girls start talking yucky man habits that ruin the romance, like farting. Bethenny quizzes the bartender about farting in front of his wife. Ick.

Jason, Bryn, and Bethenny leave for Block Island, where RaRa will be meeting them to watch Bryn. Uuuuhhhhh… why? Oh, because RaRa wanted a vacay! While waiting for the helicopter, Bethenny and her perfect timing choose this opportunity to say she can’t get on the flying contraption until Jason apologizes for the second annual Frankel-Hoppy birthday meltdown and subsequent arguments.

Bethenny can’t move on and Jason is perplexed because he already apologized. Bethenny brings up all their private arguments, and accuses him of saying she is damaged and will end up alone. Bethenny is tired of being the crazy one with problems. They need to not be having these issues on television and perhaps Jason’s inability to be himself stems from a lack of interest in parading his problems across America for entertainment fodder.

Bethenny storms off to regroup in the car. Jason follows and says he is not going to let this trip become her airing their dirty laundry on national TV. Dang, I love when Hoppy gets firm. Bethenny accuses Jason of yelling at her all the time and says she cries constantly over their marriage, which he denies. I wish Bryn wasn’t hearing all of this.

After the argument escalates, Jason decides he is not going on the trip and leaves Bethenny and Bryn on the platform.

I think the moral of this story is: use a condom and don’t get married to someone you barely know, while filming a reality show! I hope they can work it out and make each other happy, but it seems the reality is, they are slogging through some serious, deep-seated issues that cannot be blamed on either person. Both of them are manipulating each other.

Bethenny has a point; it’s hard when everyone classifies her as the insane one, but she is at fault for bringing her issues on television and acting, well, crazy to achieve fame and success. Jason married her knowing what her life entailed, but I don’t think he realized what exactly he was getting into. He is clearly not interested in televising his life, and seems distant and vacant from the process. And Bethenny, well, we know what she’s about!

Next week: Jason reconsiders and the boat trip commences. Jason opens up to Dr. Amador and seems to be having fun. Oh, and guess what, Lost At Sea gate is staged happens!