Shahs Of Sunset Recap: Waiting For MJ

Last week on Shahs of Sunset, Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedadhi made nice with everyone and they all lived happily ever after.  Sort of.

This week’s episode opens with GG explaining that she’s been trying hard to keep it together and be zen-like since the crazy dramatics of the past few weeks.  She also talks about buying her parents a new car for their anniversary, which is coming up.  Persians love to give lavish gifts, she explains.

Reza Farahan comes over for some wine and to break the news to GG that he won’t be able to attend the party she’s throwing for her parents’ 40th anniversary party. He pretends to be heartbroken over it, but he’s secretly thrilled. “Thank the LOOOORD” Reza yells into the camera. GG isn’t too happy, but knows the date is important to Reza.  Reza explains that he feels like his window of opportunity to snag a good man is disappearing. He wants to get out there and find someone while he’s still got it goin’ on.

GG decides to show off her collection of knives. GG grew up with weapons for protection, so it’s very normal to her.  I don’t know anyone who names their weapons, but GG is unique. Reza thinks if we look up GG in the dictionary, we’ll find her on the page wielding a machete. “You don’t joke about GG and her knives”. This whole show should be peppered with Reza-isms. They’re my favorite part.

Meet Crispy.  GG’s taser gun.  150,000 volts of love.  Cripsy scares Reza on several levels – mostly because Golnesa admits she’s dying to try it out on someone.

Sammy Younai stops by Mohamed’s mansion (palace?!) to check up on things.  This mansion is crazy.  I know where I’m spending my Mega Millions dough.  Oh wait, that lady in Maryland that I’m not related to won it.  Sammy wants this job to be perfect so she can get in tight with the billionaires.  We feel you, Sammy.

GG meets her dad for lunch.  She admits to us that she’s been very blessed to have parents who’ve given her everything.  She knows she’s lived a pampered life.  When her dad asks how her day was, she gripes about the traffic on the way to the mall and chipping her freshly manicured fingers.  Her dad gives her grief – gently – about her out of control spending.   Daddy tells her that she needs to get a job and then pulls out the most recent credit card statement, which GG doesn’t want to see.  He tells her he many not continue to foot the bill – $6800 last month and $8500 this month alone.  The food arrives and they shift the conversation to finding GG a man to support her instead.   GG’s doesn’t like to hear about her sister Leila’s self-supporting ways, as she’s married and doesn’t have her credit card bills sent to her dad.  It’s a touchy subject with GG.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid talks about her upcoming birthday while she blings up her puppies and heads out for a walk with Reza. He asks MJ if she’d come to NYC with him soon for a long-overdue meetup with his estranged father and she agrees.

The conversation to turns to MJ’s weight.  Reza has apparently been trying to get her to lose weight for years now and he says he’d like to gift her with a colonic for her birthday.   I think i want GG buying my bday gifts.  New car or a colonic? Decisions, decisions.

GG’s sister plays hardball with the car dealer over the price of the Mercedes Benz they’ve picked out for their parents.  GG is frustrated that she doesn’t get any respect from her sister on the financial front – Leila thinks GG’s job is shopping.

Mohamed is home to see how his ‘house’ is progressing.  He isn’t happy despite the fact that Sammy is ahead of schedule.  He gives Sammy hell for a few minutes as they do a walk through.  Mohamed loves the pool and tile – for $2million he better adore it!  Sammy is going to celebrate Mohamed’s praise by getting wasted.


Asa Soltan Rahmati meets up with Donray, who is going to give her some feedback on her latest music.  Asa explains that the world is her home.  She makes music for people like herself, refugees.  The meeting doesn’t go very well as he thinks Asa’s songs are a bit too long and not radio-ready.

MJ has a low key birthday dinner with her mom and Reza.  I think she did enough celebrating during Reza’s bday for the both of them, so a mellow dinner is a good plan.  Reza brings up the situation with his dad.  He wants to reunite with his dad, but holds a lot of resentment for the way his dad has lived.  MJ’s mom says Reza’s dad should be allowed out of his cage to do what he wants.  MJ’s mama tells it like it is. She needs her own advice column.  

Sammy shops for MJ’s birthday gift – $3,000 in jewelry.  Meanwhile, Reza and MJ head out for their colonics.  It’s more than we need to know or see and just leave it at that.

Reza goes on his blind date with Cheyenne. He’s waiting for ‘To Catch a Predator’ to leap out at him because Cheyenne looks all of twelve years old.  Things don’t go well, as Reza is looking for someone who’s ready to settle down, and this young fella clearly isn’t.  Reza says he’s only had four serious boyfriends and his date looks shocked, as he’s probably had that many hookups in the past month alone.  There’s no chemistry and it’s sad that he missed GG’s party for this.

GG tries on several ensembles before deciding on a tutu style dress that makes her look a swan, according to her aunt.  She’s on her best behavior for this event.  GG pretends something happened so they can lure her parents to the driveway to present the new Mercedes.  Dad is not too thrilled over the car, but their mom is excited.  He feels that he’s the one who should be gifting his girls, not the other way around.

Mike Shouhed shows up and GG’s parents are thrilled to see him.  Mike tells them he hopes to meet someone he could be happily married to for forty years, too.  Want to start placing bets on Mike and GG winding up together?

Asa arrives after giving up waiting on MJ to pick her up.  GG talks up Asa’s music and artistic capabilities at the party.  Asa needs this confidence booster since she’s feeling a little trampled after her meeting.

MJ is tardy for the party and GG is getting irritated at the rudeness of it as the minutes keep ticking away.  “3 hours late is not Persian Standard Time.” Let’s hope that GG isn’t packing Crispy under those fifty layers of poof.

MJ finally arrives – nearly four hours late – and defends herself saying she was held up with work.  She doesn’t get a free ride like GG, so work has to come first.  MJ knows the wrath of GG is coming.  It may not be tonight at the party, but it will come.

I’m not looking forward to seeing sad-faced Reza next week!