Lindsey Harrison is a teenager from Reno, Nevada.  She lives with her mother and younger sister in a space so small, she and her sister share a bed.  She also has two older sisters who no longer live at home, but all of the girls are super close.  Lindsey has been with her boyfriend Forest Ponce for three years…oh, and she aspires to be a detective and a cage fighter.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Hmm…what else can I say about Lindsey?  Oh yes, she’s 16 and Pregnant of course!  Lindsey also sports a giant tattoo across her belly…

Lindsey reveals to her friends that the couple often used condoms, but once time they forgot and she didn’t get pregnant.  Because of this, they felt they could be more lax with contraceptives.  Both Lindsey’s mother and boyfriend had hoped she would get an abortion.  Forest even broke up with Lindsey for a few months when she decided to keep the baby.  Now, however, he seems excited about having a daughter who they are planning to name Aniyah.  Keeping it in the franchise, I must note that Forest looks like the love child of Chelsea Houska’s Adam Lind and Jenelle’s mistake Kieffer Delp.  Attractive, no?  Lindsey is glad that Forrest is being more supportive, but she really wishes he would take the initiative to get a job.

Lindsey is hanging out with her older sister Dallas.  She tells her sister that she now must put aside her dreams of going pro with cage fighting at age eighteen.  Lindsey hasn’t even told her trainer that she is pregnant since he is such a father figure to her.  In an effort to spark her enthusiasm, Lindsey’s mother encourages her to go to a cage match.  Lindsey is concerned that she’ll see someone she used to train with who will reveal her secret to her trainer.  She and her mother are bickering a lot, so she finds herself spending a lot of time at Forest’s house.  Lindsey hopes he’ll want her to move in with him.  They both think that makes the most sense for their growing family.

Lindsey goes shopping for baby gear and is a bit defeated to find out how much the necessities will cost.  She lunches with Forest, and basically they can afford the crib.  As she’s the only one with a job, he is going to need to step up to the plate.  He promises to start looking.  Lindsey discusses potentially moving in with Forest with her other older sister Lacey.  She thinks that if they live separately, both homes must be equipped for their daughter, essentially doubling the cost.  Lacey seems skeptical about Forest helping as much as Lindsey expects.

After a week, Forest has yet to start his job search while Lindsey is seven months pregnant and taking on extra shifts at McDonald’s.  Over dinner with Forest and his mom and sister, his mother broaches the subject of Lindsey moving in with the family.  His mom Dora doesn’t want her son working and trying to go to school and complete his homework.  Apparently, it’s okay that Lindsey does though.  The couple argues after dinner, and it ends with Forest hanging up on Lindsey.

Later that night, Lindsey starts to have contractions…very scary considering she is still two months from her due date.  Of course, Forest refuses to answer his phone.  She’s admitted to the hospital.  They schedule a shot to clear out the baby’s lungs in the event Lindsey goes into pre-term labor.  As early as it is, there is a risk the baby’s lungs haven’t fully developed.  The following day, Lindsey’s contractions have subsided, and she is frustrated that she still has yet to hear from Forest.  She is released from the hospital and ordered to adhere to strict bed rest.  Her sister Dallas comes to retrieve her from the hospital and is disgusted to hear how Forest is acting.  She thinks Lindsey deserves much better than Forest.  I tend to agree.


Lindsey must take her classes online due to the bed rest.  She also must forgo work…and the only paycheck supporting her child.  Lindsey basically breaks up with Forest via voicemail as he still won’t take her calls.  Perhaps my Adam Lind/Kieffer Delp comparison is more than just skin deep!  A nostalgic Lindsey is missing her cagefighting life.  She finally receives a text from Forest who wants to work out their issues.  She ignores the doctor’s orders and drives thirty minutes to go meet with him.  He couldn’t make that trek?  He blames his freak out on having to grow-up too quickly.  Here’s a no-brainer…don’t have unprotected sex then!  Not shockingly, Lindsey accepts Forest’s apology as well as his offer to move in with him and his family.

Lindsey breaks the news to her mother who is less than impressed.  Her mom is rightfully worried that he won’t take responsibility after the baby is born.  She voices her concern, but Lindsey is convinced it is the right thing to do.  A few hours later, Lindsey’s water breaks.  Right at thirty-six weeks, it’s still a risky scenario, and Forest questions when she calls him if she is “sure” it’s labor.  He’s a keeper!  Thankfully, after five hours of labor, Aniyah Monroe arrives perfectly healthy.  Because he was present for her birth, Lindsey has a lot of trust in Forest.  His mom doesn’t want him missing school though, so he peaces out after spending some time with his daughter.  Her mother is more than peeved about her daughter’s choices, and Lindsey kicks her out of the hospital room after she refuses to fill out some paperwork Lindsey is too tired to complete.

Lindsey and Aniyah leave the hospital with Forest and head to his house.  Dora offers to take one day off of work so that Forest won’t have to miss any school.  Luckily, like with most teen dads, Forest is able to sleep through the late night feedings.  Lindsey is trying to balance her online schoolwork and being a full-time mom.  Her feelings are hurt that none of her friends are willing to make the drive to Forest’s house to meet Aniyah.  Lindsey wants to repair her relationship with her mom.  Both are remorseful for their actions in the hospital.  After dinner, Lindsey’s mother takes her to see her cage fighting trainer.  She is very emotional returning to the ring.  Lindsey’s coach is happy to see her, and he is thrilled–and surprised–to meet her daughter.  Lindsey plans to resume training four days a week.

Lindsey goes over her grueling schedule with Lacey.  Lacey is confused as to why Lindsey would want to take on the extra expense of training when she has so little money coming in…she thinks that regardless of Dora’s opinion, Forest should want to get a part-time job to contribute to the upbringing up his daughter.  Listen to your sisters, Lindsey!

Forest isn’t too keen on Lindsey resuming her training schedule.  Who will watch the baby?  Forest really would get a job if it wouldn’t interfere with his schoolwork.  Lindsey lays it out for him…if she’s the only one working, he’s going to be watching Aniyah a lot while Lindsey brings home the bacon.  I will say that this girl can multitask better than most adults I know.

Next week, Alex is in horrible relationship with a guy who appears to be high in the promos, so she is considering adoption.  Is it just me, or does MTV always start the season with the more responsible couples and then spiral downwards?


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