Shahs Of Sunset Season Finale Recap: Old Friends New Problems

After just six weeks on the air, we bid farewell to the Shahs of Sunset! Last night’s episode had its fair share of personal growth, bad blind dates, and varied levels of douchiness.  (We’re looking at you, Sammy Younai)

Mike Shouhed and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi head out together for a morning workout.  GG is apparently new to this exercise thing and leaves all of her jewelry on while attempting an intense workout.  When she’s finished, GG looks a little sweaty in her (nearly falling off every three seconds) jogging pants, yet her eye makeup is perfectly in tact.

Mike lets GG know that the two of them will never get together, despite the fact that he thinks she’d be a great catch for someone (once she gets her anger issues in check).  She’s determined to learn how to chill out and let things slide.  GG reveals that she hasn’t been on a date in five years.

Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid spend some time talking about their recent trip to NYC to see Reza’s dad.  Reza says the situation with his dad has helped him to grow and he isn’t taking crap from anyone.  Reza decides that since he’s found peace with his father, MJ should confront her mom, Vida.  Reza shares that MJ’s mom has treated her terribly the entire time that he’s known her and even goes so far as to say that he doesn’t think Vida loves MJ.  MJ doesn’t take that last bit very well and is irritated with Reza’s opinion.  I was feeling Reza’s friendship for MJ until he started ripping on Vida for constantly being critical of MJ’s weight and more.  Just two episodes ago MJ told us that Reza has given her hell about her weight for YEARS.  Pot meet kettle.


Next, we cut to MJ getting ready for a blind date.  She and Sammy have agreed to set each other up and go on a double date.  MJ goes ALL OUT for Sammy, bringing the hottest Jewish girl she knows.  To say that MJ went above and beyond is the understatement of the century.  Jackwagon Sammy doesn’t understand the concept of a BLIND date and shows up with MJ’s ex-boyfriend as her date.   An ex who was a controlling ass. That Sammy is a great friend.  He continues his douchery by insulting the way-too-hot-for-him date, telling Hot Hannah that she could use some toning up.  Is he SERIOUS right now? Can I say that Sammy has quickly become my LEAST favorite guy on the show.  He comes off as a completely shallow, smarmy liar in every scene he’s in.

While Sammy insults Hot Hannah, MJ is being molested on the couch by Octo-Ex. I don’t know if it was the editing or what, but that was the most awkward blind date scene ever.  One minute she was sort of laughing and letting him get frisky, but then the next she wasn’t having it and was totally offended.  I couldn’t keep up.  As Hannah decides to pull Navid aside to tell him to back off of MJ, MJ seizes the opportunity and bolts out the door. She dashes out into the traffic on Hollywood & Highland, heading who knows where.

Hot Girl is concerned that MJ has disappeared.  Sammy hands her his typical lines of B.S. and says that MJ went to the bathroom.  Again, such a good guy.

Later in the week, Reza stops by MJ’s and she tells him what went down and declares that she and Sammy are not in a good place.  But now she’s going to have to face him as Mike calls and wants to gather the gang to celebrate a huge real estate deal he just closed.

Next up it’s GG’s turn for a blind date.  After her five-year drought, a friend is setting her up.  She says that after Mike’s talk with her, she’s going to try hard to show her softer side.

After not letting her miso soup get the best of her temper, she learns that her date, Adrian, is a physician.  GG tells us off camera that she wants a big family, with big Christmases, etc.   GG starts out the date on a freaky note, talking about her fascination with mental people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson.  Adrian quickly orders another drink.  Then GG says it’s time for the baby factory to open up and Adrian shuts right down.  Needless to say, GG’s date was super quick. Like speed dating quick.

Asa Rahmati meets up with Homa Sarshar, who is like the Persian Barbara Walters. Homa tells Asa to be true to herself, but also to let an agent or a publicist help to promote her music and her art.   Homa offers to have a gallery style open house for Asa at her home for the release of her song “Tehrangeles”.

MJ invites Sammy for a drink to talk about the blind date disaster, as she hopes to clear up a few things before Mike’s party.  Sammy starts off by digging at MJ for slamming margaritas before 5pm.  MJ tells us that whenever Sammy knows he’s in the wrong, he goes on the offensive.  He says that it looked like MJ was all over her ex and having a good time.  Sammy claims that if he thought for a minute that MJ wasn’t enjoying herself, he would’ve stopped things because she’s like his sister and he has her back.  He can’t even say it with a straight face.  Then he insults her by saying the reason he invited Navid is because when he called around for other guys to set her up with, nobody was interested once he said MJ’s name.   Sammy walks out after telling MJ she needs to check herself.

GG stops by Asa’s studio and is very supportive and apologizes for not being able to make it to her release party.  Asa tells her that Sunny, the friend who gave GG the verbal smackdown last week, is planning the party.  Maybe it’s a good thing that GG is busy that night.  Asa and GG rehash the events of that night and each share their side of what happened and come to an understanding.  GG stays calm and I’m sorta missing crazy Golnesa at this point.

Reza and Mike go for a run together.  Mike calls Reza fat!  Mike furthers the insults by saying that the gays wouldn’t let Reza in a club because “all gay men look good” and Reza doesn’t right now.  Mike’s about to steal Sammy’s “douche of this episode” title.  Reza disappoints us by saying that Mike is right and he looks like a tub of lard right now.

MJ and her mom, Vida, head out for lunch together.  MJ tells her mom that she wants their relationship to change completely.  Vida tells MJ that if she would listen to her mom, she’d be more successful and be infinitely happier.  MJ gets defensive immediately and tries to get Vida to say that considers MJ to be successful.  “Are you proud of me, yes or no?”  Vida’s response isn’t what you’d expect from any mother.  Vida tells her she’s not ambitious and still avoids the question.  MJ lays it on the line, telling Vida that she’ll have to keep her at arm’s length if she can’t change her ways.  Vida is offended that she’s supposed to just accept MJ the way she is without expressing her dislike of things that MJ does.  Vida tells her she’s naive.  “Don’t blame it on your parents, it’s all your fault.”   Then in a move that will earn her mom-of-the-year trophies, she tells Mercedes she should not get married, that she’s not marriage material.  “You don’t want to learn or listen.”   Remember back when I thought Vida was hilarious and needed her own show? Yeah, not so much.  Giving your kids a reality check is one thing, but this is craziness.

Asa is excited about Homa Sarshar and the doors she can open if she loves Asa’s music.  The group shows up ON TIME (MJ earns two points back for that).  Reza and MJ are the only members of the gang who attend, but they’re both blown away by her art and gain a new appreciation for Asa’s talent.  Asa’s parents gush about how proud they are of her and it makes me a little sad for MJ.  The release party seems to be a huge success.

Reza exchanges a quick call with his dad and tells us how much he’s healed in a short amount of time.  As he gets ready for Mike’s party, he shares with us how much his friends mean to him.  They see him beyond the labels of gay, Persian, Jewish, etc.

They crew gathers for Mike’s celebration.  As they arrive, they each reflect on their strong friendships and how grateful they are for one another.  They have a bond that’s stronger than anyone can understand.  At least until season 2, when the drama ramps up, I’m sure.


Did you catch the photo of mustache-less Reza on Watch What Happens Live?  He looked a little like Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel, no?