Jennifer Williams Sues Evelyn’s Assistant Over Slap; Several Cast Members Threatening To Boycott The Basketball Wives Reunion In Response! Royce Accuses Dwight Howard Of Being An Unfit Parent!

Oh, Basketball Wives so much drama it’s hard to imagine there’s more to come! On last Monday’s episode, viewers watched the slap heard round VH1 as Jennifer Williams was hit in the face by former bestie Evelyn Lozada‘s assistant Nia Crooks. Well, big mistake Nia, because Jenn is mad – suing mad! Really – where did Evelyn find this so-called assistant?!

Taking to her blog, titled “Seeking Justice,” Jennifer walks through the emotions associated with that day, and why she feels Nia deserves to be hauled into court! Jennifer believes Nia was motivated by a quest for fame – something she has in common with her boss! “On my show some of these women take pride in showing their ass in the most compromising way.  These females have a point to prove and will do or say anything to be a ‘reality show star,'” Jennifer seethes.

“Fame is a powerful drug and some will go any length to achieve it.  I am a grown woman and I have never had to fight someone to prove my point, I use my vocabulary and brain for that.  Mature woman should be able to communicate their differences without violence.  Using your hands to express yourself is absolutely WACK!!!”

As for the day in question, Jennifer had no intention of getting into an argument with anyone, and was very surprised by what transpired. “The assistant/gofer decided to be in full action with her monkey see monkey do self as she snuck a slap from behind.  You are a coward if you catch me off guard while sitting down and not to mention a bully!;” Jennifer recounts

“Then the president of the NON Factor T-shirt Enterprise (HA! HAHA!) thought that jumping across the table like a demon would be a good look for the young women in America that watch the show. The horses racing around the track were more civilized than some of the woman with me in the presidential suite that day. I swear I still don’t understand why someone would want to act so ridiculous on national television but I guess some will do anything for fame.” Dang, I love when Jenn gets feisty and mad!


She continues, “After the event took place I felt very violated. I knew what I had to do to get some justice.” Jennifer filed a police report after the incident happened—way back in January—but she did not take any other legal action until now.

Reminding us that she is not a “punk,” Jennifer has decided in light of the injuries she sustained, both to her body and her image, she is taking legal action. “I am doing this the right way and using our legal system to seek justice,” she concludes.

Yesterday, Jennifer filed a lawsuit against Nia Crooks in the Manhattan Supreme Court alleging assault and battery. Jennifer told the NY Daily News she is still suffering from whiplash-like symptoms related to the incident—which happened months ago—and post traumatic stress. Ok, really? Jennifer is seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages and does not hold VH1 accountable for the incident.

“I’ve never been hit in my life,” Jennifer reveals and claims she did not watch the video because it causes her distress to think about the situation. “I didn’t watch the video for a long time because I lived it. It’s disturbing. It’s humiliating. I get anxiety just thinking about it.”

“I was sitting at the conference room table and this girl starts arguing with me out of nowhere,” Jennifer recounts “She’s not even on the show.” Jennifer maintains that the incident was completely unscripted and Nia acted alone.

TMZ reports that VH1 is very unhappy with Jennifer’s demands and her castmates are furious over the lawsuit, which they believe was filed out of spite to cause drama and secure a spot in next season’s cast. The timing is kinda interesting…  The source also reveals that Jennifer never missed one day of filming despite her so-called neck injury!

Apparently “several prominent” castmembers have decided to shun her in response and are threatening not to attend next month’s reunion, if Jenn attends. I’ll give you one guess who is behind this. I think it rhymes with Mevelyn Pozada!

In other Basketball Wives news, Royce Reed has found herself in a bit of legal drama as well! Earlier this week Royce filed papers asking a judge to lift the gag order placed on her by ex-boyfriend (and the father of her child) Dwight Howard.

According to TMZ, Royce agreed to the order in 2009 as part of the ex-couple’s complicated and vengeful custody agreement, which is still ongoing, as they are battling it out for primary custody. In the latest, Royce would like the order lifted because she has some things she’d like to say about Dwight! Like he’s an unfit parent!

According to papers she would like to file and make public, she is accusing Dwight of not being “morally fit” to raise their son and she questions his mental state! She also accuses him of having things around his house that a child shouldn’t see – among other things! Well, this is about to go from bad to worse in a hot minute!