Survivor Recap: Troyzan Versus Tikiana

After Model Jay was sent packing last week, the division between the men and the women was as evident as ever on last night’s SurvivorTroyzan knows he’s likely next on the chopping block.  He gets in a verbal altercation with Alicia after Christina didn’t keep her word to him.  From here on out, it’s Troyzan versus the world!

Troyzan is so peeved, and he likens the women to gold-digging divorcees.  He perks up considerably when he finds cash in the tree-mail.  The tribe learns that they will be able to use their money at an auction.  Each teammate has $500, and each bid must be in $20 increments.  Tribe members may not pool their money.  Jeff Probst recommends that if someone sees something they like, they should bid immediately as the auction could end at any time.

The first items up for bid are some frosted donuts and iced coffee.  For a mere $160, Chelsea wins it.  Kat starts the bidding for chips, guacamole, and a margarita at one hundred smackers.  She and Sabrina get into a bidding war, with Sabrina takes a long swig of that margarita for the low price of four hundred dollars.  A protein shake and some bananas are next…Lief wins after again bidding against Kat.  I think she just wants to buy something, regardless of what it is.  Alicia bids $20 for a shower with shampoo and a toothbrush, but Kim takes it for forty.  The tribe watches as she slips out of her skivvies and starts brushing her teeth.

Christina bids $40 on a BLT with an iced tea.  Kat immediately counters with one hundred dollars.  I am really starting to get the feeling she doesn’t know how this works.  She ends up paying $180 for the sandwich.  A hot ticket item is next—peanut butter and chocolate.  Kim leaves her shower, covered in soap, to outbid Alicia.  She snacks on her peanut butter from the shower.  Everyone gets teary when Jeff announces a letter from home is up next.  I bet Sabrina is second guessing her $400 tequila shot right about now.  Alicia opens and closes the bidding with all her money.  I guess she grew a heart when Colton left!  Everyone who has their full pot can purchase their letter.  Tarzan can barely talk when he goes to retrieve his letter.


Troyzan breaks down talking about how alone he feels after tribal council.  While he could buy his letter, he refrains, and bids $300 on an advantage in the next immunity challenge.  Christina ups the ante by sixty bucks.  Troyzan counters and the women encourage Christina to spend all her money so a woman will have the advantage.  She’s not convinced, and Troyzan happily claims his prize.  Up next is a mystery item, and Kat stops gorging on the BLT long enough to buy it.  It’s a cake that must be shared by the entire tribe…in less than sixty seconds.  With that, the auction is over.  Poor Christina never bought anything!

Back at the beach, Troyzan continues to sulk.  He reads his advantage and finds he’ll automatically advance to round two of the challenge, increasing his odds from one out of nine to a twenty-five percent chance of winning immunity.  Troyzan is determined to win.  He decides to freak out the other castaways by searching for another immunity idol which may not even exist.  It’s working.

The immunity challenge looks like a hodge-podge of challenges past.  Each player must race to unknot a giant tangled rope.  The first four finished move on to the next section where they must bounce coconuts off of a trampoline to take out three targets.  Two people will advance to the last round which consists of catapulting coconuts from a slingshot through wooden panels…having to bust any three in a row.  The first to finish wins immunity.  Troyzan reads his advantage to the group.

The rope obstacle is neck-and-neck, but ultimately Kim, Tarzan, and Christina move on with Troyzan to round two.  The women aren’t doing so well, until Kim starts connecting with her targets.  Troyzan is first to move on to the final round where he will battle Tarzan.  Both Zans hit a target the first go-round.  After three rounds, both guys are one shot away from winning.  Troyzan chokes, while Tarzan hits a panel not in his sequence.  On the last launch, Troyzan wins immunity, and he is rubbing it in everyone else’s faces.

Now the tribe must decide who to vote off in lieu of Troyzan.  Back at camp, Tarzan chastises Troyzan for not winning with grace, but they shake on it and all is well.  Kim and Chelsea are strategizing.  Ideally, they would love to vote off a stronger girl as they know they can beat Tarzan or Lief in further challenges.  However, if they vote off one of their own, it would turn their alliance upside down.  Troyzan tries to convince Lief, Tarzan, Christina, and Alicia of voting off one of the strongest four women:  Chelsea, Kim, Kat, or Sabrina.  He’s got a great speech.  Alicia seems to be buying what he’s selling.  His first target is Kim.

At tribal council, Troyzan once again gets into it with the strongest four women.  The dudes in the jury are finding the exchange hilarious.  He exposes Sabrina for lying to Jay before the last tribal council.  Chelsea admits to feeling paranoid, and Troyzan outlines his strategy to vote off Kim.  Chelsea, Kim, Kat, and Sabrina are talking in circles.  Basically, Alicia and Christina are the deciding factors when figuring out who will go.

When it’s time for Jeff to tally the votes, I have no clue what Troyzan’s fair weather allies will do.  The first three votes are for poor Lief though.  Two votes go to Kim, followed by two votes for Tarzan.  It appears that Troyzan didn’t quite reach his goal.  Lief is the next to leave, and four ladies in control look very smug.  It looks like it’s now the Dualzans against the ladies!

Next week, the four faves are feuding, and Troyzan sees an opportunity to swoop in and break up their alliance.