16 and Pregnant Recap: Moving Parts

On last night’s 16 and Pregnant we meet Jordan Howard, a teen from Millersville, Pennsylvania who is in a biracial relationship with Tyler.  She discusses her situation with her mother Kelly who isn’t keen on her daughter’s boyfriend.  She won’t even let him in her home.  Kelly is alright with Jordan staying at Tyler’s house now, but that will change after the baby.  The baby WILL stay at Jordan’s house and Tyler will NOT be included.  Thankfully, his parents are more supportive.  Jordan wants to stay with his parents after the couple’s son is born, but they all know they will face strong opposition from her mother.

Tyler has spent a lot of his savings on baby supplies and furniture.  Jordan wants to contribute, so the pair go shopping for baby clothes.  It’s worth noting that Tyler is wearing a shirt that says “I’m the guy your parents warned you about.”  Tyler and Jordan reveal that her mother is so wary of Tyler because he’s white.  She admits she even had some strange reactions from her friends when they first got together.  Jordan discusses with her friends her fear about telling her mom about her plans to move in with Tyler’s family.


Back at Tyler’s house, his parents surprise the parents-to-be with a new bassinet.  Jordan is worried about how she will face this without her mother’s support.   After an emergency phone call from her mom, Tyler drives Jordan home.  Poor Tyler.  He wants to try to talk things over with his girlfriend’s mother, but he’s not allowed.  He drops off Jordan who enters into a surprise baby shower hosted by her mother.  That’s much better than I expected!  Of course, her friends bash Tyler’s looks and ethnicity.

After her mother talks too much junk about Tyler, his parents, and how the baby will not ever be staying with them, a tearful Jordan calls Tyler to come pick up her up from the shower.  Well, that’s much worse than I expected!  Jordan tells Tyler’s parents that her mother has threatened not to sign for her epidural if she moves in with Tyler after the birth.  She is upset and determined to get the crib Tyler purchased out of Kelly’s house.  They go on a stealth mission to recoup the crib before her mother gets home from work.

Once Kelly realizes the crib is gone, Jordan receives a nasty voicemail from her mother.  More than being upset that they have taken the crib, Kelly is even angrier that Tyler was in her home.  Poor Jordan confides in a friend that her mother would be acting the same even if they left the crib, so it’s worth trying to make this work with Tyler’s family.

Jordan is avoiding her mother’s calls and is focusing on her schoolwork.  She has finished her junior year course load and has a plan for her education.  Her friends are concerned about how much reliance she is putting on Tyler and his parents.  Later, Jordan gets an apologetic e-mail from her mother.  The two meet to discuss how to move forward with their relationship.  Jordan apologizes for hurting her mother, and Kelly wants to work things out with both Jordan and Tyler.

Kelly and Tyler have a discussion, and she extends the invitation for Tyler to come over whenever to see his son.  She just wants Jordan living at home.  Of course, Tyler’s parents are not thrilled to hear this news.  He relays to his dad that Jordan only moved in because Kelly threatened not to let Tyler see his son in her house.  Now that the situation has changed, Jordan will stay at home.  Both Tyler and his father are uncertain as to if Jordan’s mom will keep her word.

It’s Jordan’s due date, but as she’s had no contractions, she and her mother decide to make a belly cast.  Hmm… She also mentions how distant Tyler is being.  Her mom chalks that up to Tyler wanting his parents, girlfriend, and baby all under one roof.  He’s being selfish.  Sound familiar?

Later that afternoon, her water breaks and she is in labor.  After her epidural, Jordan has a reaction.  Tyler is a rock star in the delivery room, and soon baby Chase is born.  However, when it’s time for Tyler to spend the first night with Jordan and Chase, his mom says he must clean his room instead.  Jordan’s mother reminds her that it couldn’t be all Tyler’s mom’s decision.  Tyler arrives the next morning, and Jordan expresses her disdain for his absence the first night.  He admits that he felt unwanted and promises to do better.

Jordan is having a difficult time.  Her mom works nights, and her younger siblings are sleeping at night when she needs help.  Tyler is kind of MIA, and Jordan invites his parents to come see Chase.  While, they come to see the baby, they are not shy about voicing their disdain for her not moving in with them.  Jordan shocks Tyler’s parents with the revelation that he never calls, texts, or comes over to help with Chase.  His parents feebly offer up that maybe their son is angry about the living situation.

Tyler calls and says he’ll be over in five minutes…and he shows up five hours later. He wants to take Chase to his house, where he feels more comfortable.  However, Jordan points out that he has barely any experience with their baby, so why should she trust him to care for Chase?  He isn’t making any effort.  His “uncomfortable” excuse only applies to Jordan’s mom and her home…it doesn’t reach to explain why he seldom calls or texts to check on his son.

Jordan is basically on her own.  Tyler hasn’t been by to see Chase in weeks.  He calls to talk.  Jordan invites him to come over, and immediately the pair is arguing.  Tyler wants to see Chase, but Jordan reminds him that he is welcome to come over any time to see him, but right now Chase is asleep.  After some comments from her family, Tyler tells Jordan’s brothers to “Eff off.”  Not smart!  They chase Tyler to his car as Kelly follows to reign in her boys.  Jordan wants to file for sole custody as Tyler continues to make no efforts, and she will likely drop out of school.

Next week, Myranda must deal with her teen pregnancy as well as her drug addicted mother.

Just a little update on Jordan courtesy of wetpaint.com:  Her mother is white (I thought so!), so the race issue was played up more for cameras, and after a rough few months fighting over baby Chase, Jordan and Tyler are engaged.