Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Shut Up and Burn

The gorgeous cast of Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2.
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Welcome back to our Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 6 recap, where several complicated dynamics are slowly becoming far better defined, for better or for worse. In this week’s episode, titled “Deserted Friendships,” Sara’s crush Akin departs, leaving his now-official girlfriend yearning for his next visit back to town. Meanwhile, Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are still sorting through their lives, as Brooks’ son celebrates another year of his. This all sounds fairly peaceful, yet, the drama remains. Here’s everything that just went down on RHODubai Season 2, Episode 6.

Shut up

Last week, the ladies lunched and locked horns in the desert. This week, their arguments continued. But now, Sara and Stanbury have entered the chat. To start, Sara begins guiding Brooks’ words, wanting her friend to remain calm under pressure.

This causes Stanbury to joke “What are you, like, the Brooks whisperer? You’ve got your hand up her ass and moving her mouth.” An exasperated Sara responds, saying “No, maybe I’ve had my hand up her heart, not her ass.” Disagreeing, Stanbury replies “Sara, you’re speaking for her. I would like you to let her speak for herself.”

“I don’t f*cking get it,” Sara claps back, asking “Why are you triggered every time I talk?” In response, Stanbury exclaims “Your humbo jumbo is f*cking ridiculous.” Sara then repeats Stanbury’s words, but uses them against her costar, saying that she’s the one who’s being “f*cking ridiculous.” And then a hysterical round of “shut up,” “no you shut up” ensues.

I’ll say it. This is the lighthearted kind of drama that the Real Housewives franchise needs. If you disagree, “shut up.”

Either way, Lesa, Sara, and Brooks excuse themselves from the table. “Was any comment made about Lesa’s home?” Brooks asks, bringing up a past conversation, where Sara might have hinted to Chanel that Lesa’s home life was struggling.

They return to the table, as Sara explains that Chanel’s twisted a few things around in this retelling. Overhearing them, now everyone starts talking about Lesa. Cue Taleen in a confessional, quipping that Brooks’ did this on purpose, to avoid any further heat from being tossed in her direction.

Family matters on Real Housewives of Dubai

Sergio Carrallo looking confused on RHODubai.
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Akin is leaving Dubai, and Lesa and Chanel are leaving their homes, for a coffee date. Over their drinks, they discuss Lesa’s home life, which is going well, although she’s busy AF. But then, she cries, saying that “a rainy day can come at any point in time.” So she needs to have financial independence, in case something does happen within her marriage.

Stanbury is still avoiding Sergio’s family. She also wants him to get some friends. Sergio’s family agrees with Stanbury, saying he needs his own time too. They are also not fully on board with him having a child. They don’t want him to rush things.

Chanel is launching Ayan Beauty, so her siblings are coming into town for the grand opening. After a sweet phone call with her sister, we’re transported over to Brooks’ biz, The Glass House. She gives her in-town mother a tour, as her son Adam brings up her ex, suggesting that he’s closer to his dad since his mom comes home far too late each night.

She’s not out partying though. She’s working. He understands, but now, she’s going to try and juggle things a little bit better.

As for Sara, she’s feeling the potential with Akin. She’s told her mother about him, but her mom is weary. Sara asks Akin if he sees a future here, and he says yes, but he wants them to be exclusive moving forward. So now, these giggly babies are exclusive.

Blended family matters

Caroline Stanbury in Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2.
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Stanbury wasn’t able to go with her daughter after all on her “University tour,” so the two meet up for lunch once Yasmine’s back in town. Over the table, Yasmine tells her mom that she’s not great at prioritizing her children over Sergio. Yasmine blames Sergio for this, saying that he came in the week after their dad left and that he’s overstepping, and it’s making her uneasy.

Stanbury gets it. But she also gets that blended families overall are a challenge.

Mourning and partying

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2
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Taleen’s dog Coco has died. The only girls who reached out to her on this were Stanbury, Chanel, and Lesa. She’s hurt that Brooks’ remained silent. At this point, they haven’t spoken in a week, Taleen reveals, even though she texted Brooks’ on her son’s birthday.

As for Brooks, her son’s birthday party has arrived. And so has Brooks’ ex, Adam’s dad. He didn’t pay for this party though. Brooks did because she’s a baddie.

Sara, Lesa, and their children arrive. Chanel could not attend though, because she had to go to the airport to pick up her family. Oh. Brooks’ PA invited Taleen, but Taleen never replied.

That’s because Taleen’s with Stanbury. Stanbury’s popped in with flowers to support her mourning friend. These two have been spending a lot of time together, and even Taleen’s husband jokes that at 5 am, he opened his eyes, and there was Stanbury, goofing around with Taleen in their home. Also, they have been posting about their antics, and guess who that has bothered?

The answer is Brooks. “Gutter meets gutter” she explains, adding “let her burn” to Sara.

Feeling like-minded it seems, Taleen’s “done chasing” Brooks. And Stanbury’s happy. Stanbury also notes that Brooks is always drunk and that Taleen is not funnier than her, because no one is funnier than Stanbury…

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