It’s about to get real for Mob Wives star Renee Graziano. Her ex, Junior Pagan, who was recently outed for wearing a wire during the VH1 taping of his ex wife’s reality show, may have to testify in a mob trial next month.

The New York Post reports that prosecutors are “reluctant” to have him testify, they’ve been using the information he’s provided to work out plea agreements. Junior has taped conversations with at least six notable mafiosos, including Renee’s dad. Since the news of Junior’s arrangement with the government leaked, he hasn’t been spotted on Staten Island, but can still be seen on the current second season airing on VH1.


In lighter news, Drita D’Avanzo tells OK magazine she doesn’t let her kids watch Jersey Shore. This was news worthy enough to devote an entire article to, and Drita even gets a little bit of a humblebrag in about how she’s friends with several Jersey Shore cast members, and has even introduced them to her kids; but they still can’t actually watch the MTV program.

“l’m friends with Pauly, I’m friends with Snooki, Vinny — I know his family; I’m close with his father — my mom knew his father for twenty years. He’s a close friend of mine, too. I know them, I talk to them, but my kids can’t watch the show. It’s so funny, my daughter has the privilege to be able to be able to talk to them or meet them, when other kids can’t, but she’s never seen the show.”

Drita thinks the show just isn’t appropriate:

“It’s not for kids. You’re going to have kids watching things they shouldn’t even be seeing at this age. They shouldn’t be seeing drunks and fist-fighting and sleeping [around] and everybody partying like they are. They aren’t at an age where they’re doing that, so you shouldn’t be 11 — watching it and experiencing it like that for the first time is awful.”

What’s unclear is whether or not Drita allows her kids to watch her own reality show, which has some very adult themes as well.

On tonight’s episode, Drita gets the news that her husband Lee is being transferred to a facility in Brooklyn and will be much closer to her. She doesn’t seem too enthused, but at least it’ll be an easier trip for the kids to make. Big Ang also gets Botox and it’s kinda traumatizing to watch.

Mob Wives airs tonight on VH1 at 8pm.