Remember when Amber Portwood was evicted while in jail for allegedly lying about her income to qualify for low-income state subsidized housing? Well, the government of Indiana is reportedly furious that the Teen Mom trainwreck star conned them and they want their money back! Amber was renting a home subsidized by the state’s Rental Housing Tax Credit Program. A program that provides lower-income housing for those in need.

Amber under-estimated her income by about $270,000 to qualify for the program, claiming she made only $10k last year. Unfortunately, Amber earned a whopping $280,000. Sadly, I imagine most of it was spent on legal fees! Upon learning of her income discrepancy scam, the company she was renting from promptly evicted Amber.

And took the matter to court! Predictably Amber never even bothered to reply to the company’s lawsuit, which accused her of lying about her income. In response an Indian judge ruled in the company’s favor and according to TMZ, ordered Amber pay the company $673 within 30 days or face further legal action. Oh, Amber…